Help! Birthday Drama

Thursday, May 31st


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I would get a jet engine just friendly number that needs your advice really quick she's is in this impossible situation. With her parents and she does not know what to do is to see if you can help her out here Kelly she's gonna read. Her notes last from face. She says that jet engines show friendly I need your help it's my son's first birthday on Saturday. North throwing a birthday party Ayman biding my parents but their divorce and my dad remarried his mistress as been seven years since all this is happening and a mom mom threw a fit when she found out that they were invited and said that it's disrespectful to have my dad and his wife. And the party I don't want drama on my son's first birthday party but I want in anyone who loves him to be there. What do I do fellow for. Kristen did. You need your help here if you've got some. Divorced parents of these navigated any of these waters and and it really well we can definitely use your advice here for a 14630941. And we're calling you Chris then. Hey Chris and welcome to jeopardize. And Albania. Thank you I don't let cern. While we haven't helped you yes so and Jones. Don't ever thank you that I and I can't thank yet and how I. All christened congratulations on making it to one years old I have always congratulations to the mom and dad survived the first year of your baby's life. And be a big celebration. Yeah I don't should be and I had little apparent thought I'd actually worked quite right now I went and how it I. There drummer as a little bit on trial and then he got quite Ian Oceanic. That I'm like oh my cash. Actually alternate either I would be important that they be our our great act could come into my arm and I think content back. Because I monster stretch and she can extend tonight eight former and went on the one hand. Saying that he had no right to be in my entire life that he because he chose to lead our family has to agree rights. Whom he checked even try to be in our lives. Now what's your what's your relationship with their dad's life. Carolla Courtney last seven years ago I was a little hollered and I didn't speak to impart our live about here and a past. But a sense and we are deeply encouraged to pack up at a greatly to pretend. I have a great equipment life. It seems like my mama just starting this drama. And my baby was born it was even worst what they couldn't cut out they could come. At a pretty bad at that deliberate. Move misses and this is so painful so just be clear your dad and your mom divorced because of his relationship with the woman he is now married to him. That's OK and so it's a painful reminder to your mom every single time this comes. Right and that's what she explained to think. And the sequence you've got my nutrition and my back everyday when she came by Catholic couple about a term that intersect while it. Yeah she cuts are saying how how disrespectful or what and how do your eye and by eight the American Edward RW. Q my home and it's our child replied yeah you want to collect our. Susie no and that's kind of pain and blaming everybody else for and sort of taking out the punishment on you know. Right in and that scene you know no matter what she always could be theory into. Ounce of America rules or she said yes. So here's the playing. Bad day it is. Tough is obviously the easy answer all Arab neighbors and insurgents and MI's raid Jennifer you've got the easy answer right. Yes I actually saw that my had been hairy I don't get a lot of carbon problem Donny com is where my daughters are okay and nobody out. So in your opinion mom just needs this out get job. Yet it's not about panic about the child or you don't have all the drama Alam. Between down there explain why am I eight the prairie. Air it can that you made the arguments. That's dead is the one who did dad's dead is the one who created this issue. Right by a stepping out on his marriage. So he's why should mom be punished. By having to be uncomfortable and her ranch house party. Isn't that the decision that may worry as they don't. Could you also make the argument that. A mom has got to find a place of forgiveness and let go low because her holding on to all that pain and anger is only hurting car. Could you also made the argument that yes Jesus preached forgiveness. But he also turned water into wine so maybe mom she just in front serve alcohol huh hot delay Karl Karl. The last everything you need is an exit booze and did I share Lanier and in what point would you like to make. I. Didn't and that Christian get it did happen to blunt okay it is an admin and he had. Credit that ended up odd or record it better at it tell her partner. No deterrent and Eric a lot of band. Even and has say. So Cheryl you're saying that the mom's gotta be the bigger person and letting go. Did it. And don't want water I. How can live with it but what about heart beat. It would apply. But did you know I detect letting them. It's got to be so so hard to do. You love your kids more than you love being mad about what they did press than I am determined to find somebody who is on your mom's side. I'm gonna wanna sign are you a 100% we'll start we've Kelly she last. Wow and so let's get on these phone lines we have rain out cleared out and we come back engage people. Who can argue this from the side. Chris since mom. And she I'll still are. Now the first bank of phone calls and we took prisoners a flood of phone calls. Every phone call saying your mom needs to suck it up and be. A bigger person and like James said trying to forgiveness paying a whatever that means in her hearts and hands you know do the aisles at the. I'm anger for somebody you're just hurting yourself. Because I listen doesn't know you're obviously moved on with his life he's happy they Columbia man's only hurting her. Janice Dean if you. Anger it's too little if you're mad at somebody. And they've moved done then it's isn't doing you any good but she didn't considering given that choice she didn't have pay option Payer option the issues for send this and it's like you're forcing some mighty. And then on our commitment that. They said forever to you and see and see this coming and now she's stuck in the situation so. I feel for your mom I really do well as media. Well here's our men here's my thought process your mom and dad words together they get married to your mom had no idea that this is coming when she said I do she got us forever which is probably why she says. I will be married to this man forever so that's a one mom walked out she's heartbroken and angry confused and she can't let it go 'cause she doesn't understand. Sun times like this on a first birthday party these memories of Chris Simms first birthday party when they were married so probably resurface. And then she's standing there. Thinking I should be with the use cell that was a promise I made team and I intended to keep it and you broke that promise to me. Like I. How do you make such a good and logical and and Smart decisions on other people's relationship. Yet you are just I'm walking train right yes well. Our dumpster fire there your own personal. Those feelings and those emotions on every surface and those men attorneys. Come back up in your mom's probably thinking and it should be about your kids and Damon if this happen and I can't help but feel this way. Came in LA and say your feel and what Kelly Jesus button down. Absolutely. Exact same thing happened to me. It's been about. Well it's been longer than them went your collar. But you conferred again. But he can't forget and exactly like Kelly just. EU are in a situation where you're actually there and his mistress with now who lives in you ain't about the first birthday at your child. Com and he should be sharing that with him not with him and his minister his talent why Tenet it's really it's just. Are hard to get Cooper I don't care how many years you still see that. But a question for you campaign Kelly tees at some point is that mistress become. The like that it's like the stepmother she ever lose that mistress title I didn't want to show my naps what is called the crown and oh I incessant. So this campaign it abdicated the throne for love and the woman that he advocated or was married at the time. It they have now been together for fifteen year. As a marriage. It does it does not matter I do not look at my ex husband's life as a stepmother to my children come on board I probably you talk about pitching and says it's my children. Were Q call her stepmother or mother. Their relationship with their dad as you know. It's not gonna see. I hope I can protect. I Elizabeth Payne games television. Pain and harm could there. Outside its oil and I think maybe even bad can be invited part is not good ministers out of. Our lives even an option and Chris is that even an option. So I can and my that aren't you even see that they should army eyeball uncomfortable but she is very close to my son. So it really hurt her feelings and act and that I don't I mean I guess it maybe I I really don't know how I'd feel about it. Here's the answer you just gives you said your pregnant right informants along at hand to tell your mom. And your step mom what did you get the first birthday party when he gets the delivery room in them locked them around and let them talk it out okay and then. A and I Kristen well more street. You're welcome for that Italy is now you may thank us and. So thank you so much kinda. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.