Thursday, March 1st


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And she I'll star. Helicopter mom. That is day you want me in this move. Be that example that they have his leg. Daughter son goes off to college. And mom rolls up every two weeks to do laundry and tidy up the dorm or the apart man's. Debbie helicopter mom. Helicopter moms are the ones that. Physically even hover over their young children. And all give them any freedom real attack in just now. Actually become an extension of the chat they do everything for them and then it sort of creates these this. You know the idea is there's a generation of kids they can't do anything for themselves because their moms and. Always done everything for that so visited twenty year old having his or her state cut. I her mom that's a hell out that's the helicopter mom OK so I've heard that phrase and I understand what it is my question for you were. Is. Our helicoptered adds a thing or is this purely a mom. Well I know there's at least one N helicopter pad there like his eyewitness helicoptered add. Maybe easy unicorn. I give only I've ever heard the phrase helicopter mom and I don't know what made me think of it the other day but I'm like I tied. Maybe is it because dads are supposed to be more productive work and they go over the line. Although one nice I definitely went way over the line and so we're at that park. And witnessed this whole thing as my kids are playing and I'm kind of standing near the mom. And the dad is hovering over the kid on the playground at this not too crazy right because we're always. Don't protect our kids other ram on a plane insurance after but to witness this whole scene going down where. It became clear of with some of the conversation that the kid was going to be left with the grandparents and a baby sitter and the parents were leading. But may I think they were may be going for an overnight but Kansas like a Saturday partly be pentagon for an overnight just the two parents and leaving. Grandparents are there in the babysitters there. And I sort of overhears this conversation between baby sitter and mom. About this separation anxiety that their kid is gonna feel and a I don't know they look like he is maybe five years old and whatever dad's running around. After him at the park or whatever and them. The moms like he makes it so much worse. Talking about her husband. Because he over does it. With the kid on leave and I'm like OK buddy word gimmick Goebel we're going to be back in all of like makes this big production out yeah. And it was just like you could tell his hovering and was making the whole separation. Ten times worse than it would have been if he just was like this would be less of a deal about it. Where is mom saying it away where she thought it was cute or was she saying in a way like oh my god this is so annoying so annoying way yes or she's saying it's the babysitters babysitters trying to be like. Pulling the kid away like oak. It. Like at. And that's like what are you gonna be okay and then they sit down at this picnic table to have lunch and the dad sits. Right on top of the kid basically on the little bench and he's like cutting his peanut butter and jelly and she you know is Piaf PB and hovering over him I'm true I was at one Powell that is a helicopter. Right there like over the top. And I could just held a moms like let's get out of here and go have. Parred nine starters vacation or whatever that is that is like. Really really on top of ominous ram parents or their like witnessing the whole thing hang up hearing over the I was like such a little creep herself buying comment. They Santa because I thought. So a couple of questions wind and I from what you're saying I'm guessing that the leaving your child is similar to I'm when they fall down and skin Ernie. If you don't make a big deal out of it and it doesn't hurt that much. But if you run over and you don't. And yeah. Yeah it loses then yeah accused topic of the clues for us if you make a huge production out of something like his dad was doing about leading. Then it's going to be a huge deal over the kid rather than me Mike. And other I think we'll see all I wonder. I I am curious they and question number two would be if he is. A rare unicorn and being helicoptered ad like that because. Are there more of them. B I T the only one because that woman. If there's a chance she's listening would probably proudly call up ago. Almighty god I'm the cool parent time. I went back line I led the Qaeda go next door to play with the neighbor kid and watch him out the window. My husband puts flares in the road out traffic and and guys here's a security guard to walk for thirty yards a guy that women with if there's other helicopter dad I that women would be. Overjoyed it. How did come out all right let's try it. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star not before one and the his helicopter dad I just want of I'm really hammering at the park and would not let go. When he and his lever supposed to leave the kid with the grandparents the babies that are and so I we just wondering is that a unicorn helicoptered out or will women call out their helicopter dad. Husbands and significant others. Alexander. You had served time note up dead myself you get are now back well. Yeah yeah. So in what ways do you helicopter pop yeah. Basically you know when kids arrive two boys right to happen three and out so they're crazy. At three teenagers all the way and whether running around getting crazy here and you know getting hurt I'm trying to protect them so I'm like oh don't you know climbed on the stereo I don't want you to our break your head itself climb on the jet skeeter the follow up investor paid McGrath. You know some always like covered over China protect them and keep them from killing themselves. Now we're at what is your wife doing all this is happening this year the boys will be boys type of mom. Obama singled out okay well there might be different meek is an age that they aren't as I'm right fairly decent innings Alexander. Yep I'm right there with you on the two and a half year old I mean just fearless and their constantly hurting themselves are feeling that well real age like it's on has okayed a helicopter diseases trying to. Urbana hospital trip. Yeah and it's if you're a single parent at that time then I think you're just doing odd as just man demand that zone deep definitely I think he has his U yeah and trying to keep the mark around the collar maybe Alexander Davida survival. And I Kelly in Gainesville. Now my gosh oh my dad as a helicopter Korean parent I'll ask you. Yet that he's got an island and absorb a late and eat it though that whenever kid has gotten. Big issue united ticket epileptic and when we get ready for the hospital and had eaters and what have hurt my dad the one I have to be in the rail with Saddam and then he decade on the roll up like you know I know more than ER doctor all its. In theory that also bigger anyway. Do you know that he's like that like dizzy Ed note yeah okay. Yes totally totally at the lake on I like you that we're all Arquette yeah every bullet you talk to doctor Libby GD that well. I do a lot about it anything really do you all right and probably by car he like got into the canyon like total patriarchate O'Leary. What is your husband think of this at all. The and the and a hitter or an accident that at all yeah. You know. We don't want you to get grounded. Well I know right. Thank you took it's I'll say it doesn't happen the Jews like yeah and Xavier has to follow up question. Accent and all that I am the year I was not I was not prepared for that. A cliche and then when he. I had semi I had Danny and with Ollie and at keeper helicoptered out my eight year old is gonna cargo you got caught our dad high note. When Aaron if you would go aren't and let go eat what to write dear he could. Down beside the bed. Next to her bag could use rich and I will allow article floor action when we regard. And only got the part he's right there are lying around her and like she got to where did you step on her and uncle. I'm it should come out and Ichiro. Has he ever stop Jersey still do and it. Now you can that you don't want to hear is he had backstop I'll look at it and say yeah I will let her go oh. It will Aaron Paul. Why won't I won't be long now. I think it's funny that the kid is doing you call a god that stat that I had. Have tortured out her name. Maryland the thank you for listening Sara Elizabeth. Simon he lit and every morning on the way it all eyes now are you think it's bad NASA Elizabeth ladies are dating. Yeah. That I'm. And today I was already picked out a prom dress. And that's the ankle stiffen the old Arnold back right did you I Jane I'm sorry in Marietta pay. I hate and Maryanne I know we have around two boys and a girl three items that I had and we have a helicopter grand. Wu is their primary caretaker you know after school. Hitler to recent comment was that we needed to remove the wrote hello. Because. The senators were coming out could poke somebody B rating. Still I will say that is no worsening feel like poke on your arm kind of phase kneeling down by all went on danger is dangerous. A dangerous thing late and a big anyway he's gone to urging him. I'm busy air because they're gonna ever gonna battle against standby had a downturn downs Rotella know what got you that. I get out there our fitness that you're gonna relax again. Home at all without pillows had been removed from the camera around and an icon that because there shouting at. You just come down. He took them away they regained. That's awesome definition of helicopter dad thank Eric thank you dad thank you for the college and I Terry's and the grain today. Hello. I'm. Crazy helicopter that. Arsenal are nineteen and he went into the air force last year. And I keep telling me and my husband like. When you don't you Connelly told holing one out commonly called me a little while we're. Opening up you know you have to drop the not the knot before the hotel. Finally got a man. But the bite you coming in each airport before you go to basic you'll probably get much done like yeah that. Deal could. Is it isn't it it's it's the air force version of dropping your grandkids so. A couple of. I. It could get much. The cost when he did call tone I would bet a cameraman has I don't want to get out just talked to being a little. Prime assembly meeting. It was just. Star in 941.