Heather's Ghost Hunting Reaction

Wednesday, April 20th


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She now. Fourth line. When Jen found him had there there's not too much to report he just needed a fresh start in Florida. Why are found a gal. I'm so glad you found him though. And he did say that he would reach out next time he's in that the Atlanta area so you've got that candidate just give a little more space but I would say. Death toll stay in touch them. He loves you yeah we're really do miss him. Well we are. Yeah I think everywhere and yeah. I think maybe just give him some space set to reach idea and if you don't hear from and a couple months maybe just shoot him another message and just tell him that this. He saw the message he's just to have it's a weird space safety go through something like that as Jen and I both now so. I just give a few months and if you don't hear from infiltrated reach out again. Okay well concede that they did that definitely is like two different version does the way I feel I mean she doesn't. Came particulate and Markel quality that it felt. You know back a while I get here I guess you're right that is the nature of it and I'm glad he's okay I'm Carrie he felt like he had to live so far away that I do understand. And disgraceful and no areas. Thank you thank you for thinking of us to to be a ghost hunting deeds and if you wanna be a part of our ghost town or so he did every Tuesday and Wednesday and the jet engine chip to shoot Jen and emailed Jan in star 941 Atlanta dot com. And she will get to work being the detective that kids.