Heather Set Up a Secret GoFundMe!

Thursday, March 24th


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I'm very intrigue and actually pretty excited jamming his. Schedule the woman named Heather who apparently emailed Jan and beg for some air time that. Secular she. It once called her son and I we get a lot of requests for a lot of different things that come in here that's on file right and this particular request Cayman and I read it and I agree again and then the queen and I think have to read this the third time that I threw at us like. Ways and she for real so got on the phone with Heather. And she told me her story yes come line yes and put out a message for her go find me page she wants to bring attention to ago funny pay tank. Which we've passed so and I are we insane right now as a general rule go find me pages annoys me. So that's that's the first level on points but we haven't even gotten started would you like to do me to my senior trip the wrong. Right now resentment some of so I try to Ireland to round. To me about what herb is. Ask a lot of questions. She's from a bad guys like. With there's no way I can bring you to the show what you on the radio because Jeff is going to go off on you and it's going to be uncomfortable for you he's likely going to hurt your frank. And she says it's okay. It's fine and I don't I can convince him and how and I don't think he can't and she said yes I can convince them I got just give me the chance it's not I don't hurt. Feelings because I state backs. But that's a misconception. Okay generally speaking people realize sometimes takes years they realize oh Jeffers right. He wasn't mean he's just stating that bring a cat that ever so just seen I'll. He or she pitches her idea she has been warned and she's ready and prepared now I have a question do you have a question because they don't much care about OK but I don't wanna hurt your feelings but I don't you buy in which he Salant. Or are you. Let her tell you 01 K about it and I think it will be self explanatory. Good morning. Heather. Mining. Hey Heather the gun. A grown grey RE IK. Are you ready for this couple will determine okay. I I think what we should you rate hasn't look at my watch and why don't we just give you like. 452 gun and start you don't wanna rush through this tells me. You know you don't rush it through the pitch and I give her please maker yeah all the time in the world okay Heather why should we be telling people daddy you're a fun place. At it and my first look at me so and I have a woman that works I mean. She is absolutely in fact that she is a really really good person that she has. He has no problem with her he. And while they're there they are uniquely bad change. It. Leg are they in bad shape. I and his two areas or are they in bad shape from and it has medically in bad shape or they like though with cavities and stuff. Yeah well it's more cosmetic clean batch wait and see he's not a lot that they're like we end our DC at the tournament. Green kind of sideways. Charlie and could be. It is straightened out we'll let it sit in one and it's it's really content except that there theory obvious some are saying. So yeah right out and seat when she is. Is what's going on there that she put a beautiful person. And collection and quite cool did not keep this so far more off the ground. Won't help our. It could really push her in her personal life as tight he can Allenby carded a level she wants to be. Okay so you wind people. Like Jenin. And listeners that the Japanese and to donate money to your coworker. So she can fix her bad knee. That. In part are bad because she used it smokes if she dated yourself. Wahl. Is there any need for that he repair. Beyond its cosmetic any pain and is there pain. No. I mean she never complains about it and meeting really don't give it. So she doesn't wait why. Now well she could narrow ruling and she never said anything bad about her teeth that you didn't know that I'm trying to get go and meet our I don't. So how are you gonna give them money. It kind of going to be like in a movie about them eat and what it bring into the and it means. And go to frying. Whole. You. And if you okay. Well let me sit manners and that's right let's start from the B yeah okay so I understand correctly what you're telling me you have a coworker who has bad he. As medically dead heat partially because it's her fault be issues smoker from many years she's a beautiful person she's a beautiful person. So you want it you go find me to expertise because you're good kind hearted person however this woman is never said anything about RT. Nor is she knows that you're doing the go find me. And you just wanna kind of show up to her desk Wednesday in hander checked. For 101000 box and when she goes what's this for you're gonna say if picture ugly grill Dolores. It. All I mean it or not I'm not it's not even torturing her and you know he. It's things. Which team they only reason is that. Our. I think. It really get into a beautiful relationship and go to that next level like I think. This is what we tied down. Like you. Yourself. Right and she hasn't even said. In her teeth bother. Her teeth bother you right. She doesn't mean I'm good how he knows that when people. I heard that their opinion and now account that. God bless ship all right Heather were gonna spend some more time we view. And your perfect self in a few minutes so. Hang on the line OK the phones are ring and so we're gonna answer the phones for a 47419400. Jane thank you for bringing this to the table. We'll have go have else is going to meet something you would tee off I want her but she still thinks I'm that you are being. Cool and I almost wanted to play out because I wanna be there which into the Jack we'll talk more about it in that. Had a cigarette. I can't wait and until we have a cloud around here we can just barrels. I mean. I've placed on every. You part of your life. NT off on this on this hill on the ratings. Is prepared to one point memories do you. Oh my god really. You know. Maria welcome in Asia. EO. So I think I agree that matter I think those things oh lead don't talk about that make ourselves seem a little bit lower is. Something. As a dirt around it would help put it she can't do it yourself. I am actually confident that this would do that woman this woman beat him meaning you prefer. Maria you're eager friend will be completely offended because her friends never said anything about having bad teeth. She's never said anything about it making her uncomfortable it's just Heather's opinion of her teeth. You got that email. I can empathize with that woman and it's only understand what it's like to have something that you want to accept that maybe you know companies funeral. And the fact that someone that you care about and it. Decides to make you feel better about yourself. That meeting if you can get. That marine it would be different things would be different if Heather's dad was like. I'd. We're tickled to Antonio cosmetic NS guy I'm an orthodontist. But it her dad was in orthodontist. In she's in she hold this woman has side instead. I don't know if you keep bothering you or not but if they do you might and is willing to do this for you for war as in Europe as well that's one thing which he's. Posting. Publicly. A fund raiser. As you hope you and me pay it was up one reasoner when there are people in the world who don't have food. Think it would be offensive if you're perfectly fine with the way that you look at perfectly fine with your teeth and it never mentioned it all but the co worker comes tunes it. Hey I raced all this money to help you fix your teeth. I'm would be what. Hey I've Kristen in Fayetteville. How are you. Doing it I didn't stay. I have lost you achieved and that my diabetes a lot actually try and all okay. That a theory it would be there in the body and that to me. Okay thank you I hate right. Because if you if it was something that was upsetting to you. You would tell your closest friends you would share that with family members. Who were in more of a position hope a coworker like what you just said he would tell your closest friends and family members. Maybe not Heather your coworker right.