He Tried WAY Too Hard: Part 1

Tuesday, February 21st

Like getting Flowers, chocolates, and perfume all on the first date? C'mon man. 


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The all local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook that goes timing just reminded the jam them a story she had a but a day that she went and with a guy agents tried to wave to hire. This dangerous now because we want guys to be romantic and we want them to try hard and listen I like that I didn't just search for the day so. It's just striking that balance. A little. Saying if these guys are trying too hard almost borders bordering dangerously tells them not to try and all well let's let's. It seemed puzzled dance some don't quite get the ball malware and word and I intend Bryant. Where I mean we're not fans we don't speak weird code gas but maybe just tell us straight away what you need cheated true. Hard just not too hard well let's give some examples OPEC 404. She's 630941. That's our phone number and we're specifically looking for. Women. To provide examples of where they guy just tried too hard. Yes 404263094. Line shot Danny. Listening just thought of that IQ and that awkward moment we like to celebrate awkward moments on our show and this is one Germany. I know how hard at all waiting for calls a command and you can start us off. It was a first date that I wasn't sure I should go on anyway. Someone you know convinced me to go on this sad dates on my phone this is back in my single days. And it was a first date and he came he showed up. Where is flowers. A huge bouquet of flowers. Which was a little cumbersome. So I have. God awful awful but it was like. Extra big. So then here's C hello OK so. The interaction of the hell alone is looking at still are I was an apartment times and you have to like go out to the main door to like let them ten so I'm at the main door like China opened the door and say hello which is like. This awkward side hug and they knew that is big the case we did you hit in the face of the flowers like it just makes for and I can awkward first help slow. Then I go until like do that hug with the other harmony has that heart shaped chocolates like the Russell Stover. No he does now in a box heart shaped chocolate eyes and I and I and date number one day number one this is not Valentine's Day I was this spring I think is the springtime. I didn't even know that these those camps sold out now kind of balance yes it is had pride and sitting in the records since 1980 gates did this past. Wait to douse standard Gary guys did a flurry. So there's that and then I realized that like inside the paper oh okay so this is as we're trying to say hello and him holding the apartment complex door and I got my keys kiss. My doors once we get back to my apartment and I am opening the door with these. Cumbersome things is still trying to save as congress hello I'm Mike Rachael Ray trying to cook a meal you know how urgent it really gets everything out of the free agencies and a harmful so that is an arm full of groceries. When I realize inside that can. Murder is so bad. I know he's not listening. Inside the paper of the flowers is Britney Spears perfume. With. Feel a little exe ample thinking of the Britney Spears perfume and probably came with the wow. He's. A big number one and they are. Curtain this. I know where there is no conversation before hand about rush. Britney Spears. Yeah it made me dig deep hole ahead and you'll learn. About the ice. What about the fact kids steal all bit. I think maybe it was like right parentage check out you saw weren't like. I it was it's a bold move to go heart shaped chocolates sign date number one. I'm but then they throw in some sense in some foliage. Tied for 0426309. Flow and don't wed Jan standout here all alone college issues. Well perhaps. 4042630941. If you have a guy who tried just a little too hard tonight. Played jams a lot of my data. These permanent friends smile on my fades but didn't. Note this thing and you know. You hear it. We're still might do the other night you have version did and that's the tonight we'll try to top that story a B government now. Star in 941.