He Tried So Hard That He Failed

Friday, August 19th


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Jeff Lindsay an all selling or all of our real quick at just try to remind you that tickets are on sell right now and they're going very fast. For brunch all night go to start ready for one it landed dot com. And get your tickets to brunch all night we would love to see you next Saturday. At terminal last. Period great live music via DJ we can't run through the at. Who's champagne cocktails. The prizes from Michael where's thinks it. Eyes celebrity cruise lines and Bryan Thomas. Yeah comrades with us out front for that's out of Saturday night. And you know who's going to be their Paula who get stock if lovely Paula and Jeff lovely at who she went Hannity wig doesn't. It's different types yeah I think they're good friends but the but he were tired man you worked really hard he you play in this this super great first eight. Involved high a case involved beautiful scenery apps top treatments that. Beautiful picture of where they heights new on and Graham was really nice and but he forgets her. Issues where in the conference. Is not prepared flip flops. No bugs reach epic now. All you know honor their legs should earn it. Just in. And he even there that you and prepare now and that's the direction we're going in. How did it for you worked so hard. And it went so yeah Brittany welcome to the jet engine choke on from Marietta. Yeah well he worked so hard Ellis about the date it he grand idea he had in his head. Tell us how when we're. Oh heart so we it was a blind date I met him at a parking lot of a Croker. And every very similar to that the girl that was on earlier because it. He said that you know we're going to be going for a little hike to go look at them. Great caves. And that OK and I know during that opened short like that. Big key ally thigh but it ended up being basically an uphill lie him that territory there and may have. Like rock claiming closed on me hand you it would not well prepared for that you brought no water that was kind of a public climbing area but it. I had no idea how to climb each and that really got to the top response he was like seven acute acumen to talk like Renee keep creeping back you know I'm. And sweating like crazy like all the tourists allowed no water. And when we got that pop. We thought it caves there were extremely slippery each. And then to go down that to go down about you either go back way to get of course like that. Lie if they have the metal fly very very law should be put to bring your own like burlap sacks gotten. And I didn't have any big and I thought maybe you would have brought in but he didn't. Sought the opportunity to sit on his lap which I didn't know that man I wasn't going to. You ought not Brittany meaning you didn't go this man. You benefit parking lot of his supermarket and you and you got in his car disease that I wanna take this and aids. After walking the line. And dig it out and now what makes you nervous sitting on his lap. I'd actually robbery am glad your life this is a neat I I think we need to change this conversation. To I am almost landed on dateline I hate out. They got the first minute of it. My date should be dateline episodes it's. There is what that show called like first 48 its way you know but there's ones where women are trick on today it's and and things went is that them. On the vine mountain. It's what every single story again superstars like a murder. Ryan in Calhoun please tell us yours and that's not start your day did answer to crime scene. I don't think so every off. Well you while life what we're what we're well first better there was so what susser socket com. Read it must therefore to have it at a what it take Utley and market started at worst. It seemed like they're basically you're going to be go to be five page at a club outward. Everything goes great for bidders you have there's turned out to be allergic to now. They're out there but it seats or better see it or toxic. So back and she could that did or she did yeah and actually you see it at all. And a case at least you didn't cause her face and Helen Wright for declining so that's. This year that she's done it on August or haven't received through so scrutinized. But out so much work relatively Kim was you know. I like airport operator overture to thirty year. Well to wake you machine east. She's more about her girly girl city typhoon. It just carpet we're still turn out the hole I was just not her thing and everything got measured appear or true. Well they push you orbit it negotiates and that was that ten years ago been married for about eight or so. Honest credit add to that Andrew Albert Brian was that your first they. Are very first day. So. And Netherlands its arms like a murder and had I don't know how it's gonna have her over the house. And then when they actually can we put the stars and I'm going to be your new event and a killer. Policy if you get a lot of calls on this 4047419400. He tried so hard. And he bailed so grade they Jessie Shen shell. Josh yeah.