Is He TOO Into Football?

Tuesday, September 5th

Are her boyfriend's college football antics too much? Or is she just not used to the Southern obsession?

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Owners understand but she just doesn't get it. They're married at one thing now to west Catholic. The college put all the or is this normal. We're gonna find some odd comfort in numbers for her because. She is experiencing college football. From the perspective of the girlfriend. Of an adult man. Who might regressed a little bit. If you would like to call up a little bit but if you would like to call out the man in your life. 4042630941. And let's give merited some comfort in numbers. I tell us how your weekend was married at. You might include concrete. And also I. Don't yeah. Did I knew do you like. I didn't it was going to be this far. Are you could never seen adults get their body pain with Paul and and. So who is he a fan of what what's his team. A guy. And I did he actually gives the game was in Clemson this weekend I did ego and they're the national champions Jen I know that is a fact a good unmanned impressed with your sporting knowledge thank you. I didn't go to the game on Saturday. We still got up like they have to go to the do you ready for this game it wouldn't. Even when things I think from a and like they did it again they get their spelling out on her Chad it. Where did they watch it was an house party was that a sport spiral where did they go to watch the game. He's got one guy. That's intense but he gets all the right answers your social media Jeff. Yet to show all your college buddies think yourself friends with online they're doing a program yeah I think so. I have 404263094. Line at Iowa where are looking for hard core of college football fans in it held Meredith understand this here are your knowledge around man. You're new to this whole college sports world is that day issue here you are you wondering if you should be scared to order if this is normal. The well adult male do you let. Just checked out to want to go home. Since the there is a little bit in tents. Like there you know the amount of money spent on it the preparation that goes into that. I mean if men thought about their relationships in this way of women would feel like a million bucks all the time. Is headed thing. It's if you have not bandits who you are so I've learned that. Hell gate yet and you really I mean use use seen Meredith and at home party. Then ten delegates up in Athens and now obviously it's a Clemson it's the UGA that Italians out there we d.s. Bus is an RVs because. More than my house press letter asked beautiful and build team grills and sound systems and TVs that are. People will go to its value as opposed time I thank you for common article Jerry gives you some comfort in numbers here at tech. Awesome broken so the that people who have these TVs out and are one to Britain because they don't have tickets to the game. So they tailgate at the stadium some people go to the game and the people who. Don't have tickets of the game watching the game on the TV on the side of a bus it's nicer than the TV I have in my home. Oh easily a yeah and the food I mean though they're the women they get into that cooking in the guys that get into the big green eggs in the smoking in the grayling and just the intensity. Of the whole college football culture is so great running around that's part of it in the suit obviously. Outfits the red pants with a global bounds all overall. Slide all the outlets that people go I mean that's just an amazing Argyle pants at Mercedes and a stadium this weekend we went after she Alabama game and I mean just top to bottom everybody decked out. 404263094. Women we open it up a little bit rather than just that women all out. They're guys you can just be a brag about your college football that's certainly not a because they're like I about your intensity that you should regulate hedge it wasn't illegal and you paint a tiger on my chest to. I just can't really do it 404 or T 6309. Far away and I let's not leave Meredith standing out there alone. Worried that her boyfriend this special you're not alone could tell her life. Fly your group is special to for a fourth through sixth grade 094. Lines and. Young star ready for a one. Owners can understand that when a grown man is painted head to toe. His favorite college football team colors. But some letter on his chest but we just heard Carlos Hernandez who want to know did you ever covered her boyfriend because the college football. Or is this totally normal we're trying to give her some comfort in numbers seriously love to hear from you for a 1463941. And about your extreme and college football fan them now. Meredith users Alice had just moved here from I'm assuming that no way. And she said well Steve was up at 7 AM this way painting that Clemson. Caught tighter box on his chest. To go to our house party he got ice down the veering time. And then yen twenty friends there and maintain and like the word Clemson on their and it's a house party she played. What level is this if I okay here her ready to be afraid to bring me what's going on. Donald how you like no other how are not incur. Well we got a lot starts battle. Or just sort of like how are they one or lack Berry College then came. When we live in apartment and let the door open airing. People want that we haven't had it messes up. So we won't want to want you and I are don't work. None of them. Are important sorry. I'm eager to us. In Italy at lone. Alabama I've chronic. And oh yeah. Are you went there are you one of those people that buy me out Bulldog red cars or black cars just so I always fascinated by the U. Do we see that. Click my tiny Alabama grandmother. Orange and gray. Alabama. Yeah at my hat into a big ball screen and I'd pointed out some barbecue top hat to what got all of it issued bottle of port yeah home. Clinton to Georgia and you had our share. That covered. The patriot band aid to Georgia. I can never opened. That. It's lucky barbecue sauce right like a hassle had a let it go on the chicken nuggets right before the game with only four nuggets before the money in our league and anything. Finish the whole train from by the end of the first half you don't. Ashley and thousands now. He. I have a girlfriend were at the handle when you add to her wedding I'm sure not all wet ink. And her hand then to email her alma or yen and work gritty and hired Georgia annual urban heat such. And then they went in after the game he didn't particularly AirTouch so we have the planned her wedding Ariel arm. To order a. It was a Smart and I'm Johnny. That's not uncommon and we got what we plan our wedding well last year Souza are two years ago that we are planning and we got such a lucky break because we just picked that day. We're glad October 22 and vote and that was the day well it turned out to be Georgia's bye week. So there were so many people including listeners of their show. Who when I told them that message me and were mad. Because they wanted to they were waiting for the scheduled to come out. To. Jockey for the Georgia are in the biweekly. Yeah you had RD litigious random party but just so lucky just treat him like you're hard coroner has and a hard core do you have any superstitions do you have any. Passion you paint your face this weekend. I will tell you this weekend I do I have these temporary tattoos that are Florida State Seminoles like RI chief Osceola. And in little circles are going your cheeks and I tore my house applicants and I never did find its I didn't Wear into the game but I would add. Could I have found and I spent. And create like probably 45 minutes looking all around my house for them and Mitt but I think we might blossom and may have that and then my husband always orders Big Ten network. Like this time of year to watch northwestern and make sure that we can watch northwestern UI and I would question about that hardcore dance. Whose urine and then Knowles biggest driver of the gators right. Yet that's the good old fashioned hate that's it instate rivalry I would say within ACC it's constant now. Okay and and then just a kick off the season against Alabama. This was intense so if you're darn decent clarification about. If you cancellations Alabama if your daughter's really wanted to be gators know ha. Just not an option you know I won't pay the application either have to pay for themselves had a stupid enough Smart tennis out of state tuition now that we live here. Near the fifth. And Lamar coliseum and sells well. You are at Mike and the wedding eighteen years again oh and she planned her wedding are round and also even though was not in Georgia and Alabama over in that play out together and. Right that they were doing their about the manager Scott did okay. George just got attached damn electric. Yeah. And so I rolled my guy to my daughter with eagle oh my god and it's netstat and I'm like you know so that where the wedding. Incredible thank you Sam ministers didn't who have stayed during a ceremony. Ridge thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before one and.