He Sleeps With A Teddy Bear 3

Wednesday, September 21st


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And so star in 941. I think we might be damned difficult yet. We just figured call from Allison. Who has a boyfriend. Just a couple months thirty years old this man. Sleeps with grace after months. But he didn't tell her about it he was sneaking the monkey on there weekend trip in his backpack he was hiding it under his nightstand. And she's like I actually think he waits for me to falsely and then he gets the stuff he went up that. Tricia now welcome back to this you know words are yet that you could be the last. We the final vote on this for a match. We know high note you don't put in my immediate thirty year adults need in my about it and if they're meant dynamic it at that in that they don't hide it. I thank you. I gotta. Lose and he recently worried about about. General Matty. At. Odds. Weird how it's okay not. A on the island by ourselves respect and it was gone in a stranger to grant her. As well. That now on and not right there you know what I would be ill. Gospel or she should probably dot buying you know maybe they've done a thing or I wouldn't Uday and put an end at different by under something and see you get our act. Lol yeah yeah. Yeah and one thing you do now wanna do is play with and into your man's monkeys is as dolls are coming up next please. I've got to move on to give him and he did that I'm not doing part. Why did you do right attempts among teachers and Baghdad misery there. If he's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. To just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.