He Sleeps With A Teddy Bear 2

Wednesday, September 21st


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Most tell you not eat or lol yeah. My mind is well. Phones are lit up is everybody now saying Allison runaway no. I Alison give us a reached out quick recap of your situation. Sure I think he's dating again recently and basically like 95% sure Turkey still. Mostly switch that's got to Maliki expecting animal. And I'm just not really saying that you Lowell hasn't told me our pain. And Italy and the exciting Crimean aren't the only tried (%expletive) talk to him about it caller. Had to deal breaker. Yeah. Did you ever touched his monkey. And the actual and you can. You can. Use so. Says that this is you're on the radio this is funny and I just assumed. The phones blow up with people going run from this we are now. Am yeah I don't know why you might not have been more wrong my head is. Low. Alley. How old is your sister. Exactly I hadn't seen 24 hour right and what's her story. A lover and a bad but she closely with a blank he. And her boyfriend at K let's say it. I exchanged that Allison I ignorant talking to her about it and being up front about it and I think it is more common then than we now. You know win you get to double digits in age slate. Ten and eleven and twelve and definitely by teenager it's no longer a blank. It's I know it's always going to be the blank because here's what you need to understand about these things to have you been dragged everywhere. They've had every cough every runny nose. Event every bit of like. French Fries and milk shakes and all kinds and so I mean we have to wash she's very. To wash her Lovie once a week because it gets so growth of these things. If you have hung on to. Our cousin for 24 years blank he is a Petri dish yes sponge of. There's not enough hot seat and target to watch it. And what is it with her boyfriend say about it. Really all that but you know. I am pretty straight and then hang out overnight she's back at length in his leg that didn't hear it but thank you at the I at all. I assume he's under aged him right. And he'd actually will not like go to their eyeballs in and she is super hot I was gonna say. Residents say hey it's an aggregate as Mikey ask and I had to spend an editor girl's house amendment twenty that were passed a he had a bag full of stuffed animal right you knocked him around this is my Rottweiler gore and he's likely to rip your leg out in the middle of the night. It and to reinsert the yeah tech doesn't work around a third. And get a crutch. Actually me wanted to show. Hey dad. And I'm looking at 830 year old rule and he wouldn't if I'm wrong. Only more underlying EC and I'm not tired. Well not that day and how he'll what is the underlying issues are. I don't know. The heat. Schmidt is he is not maybe. I don't I don't know what is he art that. I'd hit a cool normal thirty year home and it's not honestly that they are all I'm. Thank you so I'm gonna pack. And Alice. How long have you Indy. And about lung ailments I thank you that's within the window where. Though the conversation he had I guess that whole other topic for another day. He had Ronald Paramount making sure didn't get at least. Can learn about it let's make any. And ask him about it. And in the end he loves hockey that much talk about it. And anger. You may get an etc. I don't think they. You made and valuable. And that would be solid. And I'm yeah. Zealots appreciate it won't beat you expect that I borrow for seven. On many varieties. You ought to get a last last minute comment NN has taken after Tuesday that it doesn't. Like my group and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.