He Sleeps With A Teddy Bear 1

Wednesday, September 21st


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. You need somebody fall head over heels forum. You don't see their lines snapped you don't scenic you can get any. Being at that stage. On May be there's a few things you can't get past. We have the Jeff contention a listener. And I have my I have an innocent youth named Allison. I know there Alison welcome to go. India are on an agreement to. Allison your. Issue is that your boyfriend. Who is aged thirty sleeps where they stuffed animal. Yeah and and that thing is like he has any current rate and all meet. And get from these kinda how it from me so we re dating pretty recently. Dan and Matt in mutual friends. And think they're lying really loud. You know it's gotten. I'm be considered together and than spending that kind of trying to get there I just. Has noted that stepped on Q that he keeps her going at eight and and then late. We went away for the weekend good. In his back and it's not something that he'd take me about like I that the Animal Planet. They keep on it I have it. Right on the seat in chance is. Is it didn't. Alain is it in bed really don't. I don't play and I go to sleep I actually get something that he really grabs. Went back and actually you is it something that you'd like to hang around. And you're too embarrassed to ask him about it. Yes and it seemed good until nineteen trying to hide them but like I mean it's like that worn out simply get. Can create and edit something that you sleep less. And I think you are thinking about it it seems like the weird H court. And that is it strange to me that he doesn't want to dot com and I'm gonna go there and I would think it would take a funny. You know we got about this fact that he voluntary about it in this really. Strange yeah and pray. I was gonna say the fact that he's embarrassed about it is what is strange here. And you know I mean that the Maliki and one pitch. Talk about their lack adopt Whitney and it seemed like a weird. Saying that he still it's supposed to have them all and it makes me indirectly other things that out and that he does in round one at. Come and Allen stayed in the. Why don't you why don't you just ask his mom about it when she comes down to the basement are for you that's cookies blue. Kevin. Yeah I think something that he definitely means the slick way that isn't something you think you get asked or. With happy I don't know breaker. No I very independent they have managed you've craved and he's thirty years old but still sort of the animal is to say. I don't know I had to start thinking about me and it would really. Andre and I don't know he actually ended at that and because I hate sorry let me you can. I don't I know why it bothers you is it we heard. Yeah I mean it and they and I don't want to you know I don't believe they ate it doesn't believe me out it is strange to me. Powell I don't know ten overreacting. About it day. I hand yet does that funds lit up which means there's either a million people with this problem there's a million people on the year ago I've. Eureka. Would Williams. Him about it yet you never know Matt and I. I want courage and like that I hit them and act it. Out and it. A weirdo or it has important. He criteria that regardless of the sentimental value. Doesn't it is it still we hear the sleeping when it. Look at content leaping they yet. Live from being in Cary Grant let's have this Dallas and creature that you. And it won't be better seconds. Or. Having a lot of and having a bad. Well yeah. There are Lovie. Yeah I know Lauren have a Levy yeah I mean she's 10% he's a him Tamara under tomorrow. Camera and an enclosed. In Seattle the Seattle Havoc on its camera Asia. Sure you very might want to get my opinion on that. It sounds so weird and I know. I'm at my life eleven years ago he had bears. And her bed yet bears looked broiler. And he has an emotional attachment to them then and now after eleven years there. Completely at a Howell. Say it was a national academic and her grandmother gave him a car and you are extremely attached to her grandmother. Though it is weird. I think yeah yeah I don't for the bottom line a lot of really attach any animal. Then maybe it can be easier to remove them at least from the bed you know. Yeah I your bare and yeah. It definitely. Yeah yeah yeah. About what. I have a hard I'm real I'm real. He said I have a lot of pain I'm right. Bump bump it. I camera cause backed off and on memory and Ambac Ron Paul Kagan. Thank you Dan and actually got him the number of bothered him. Only as they aren't that UN team weirder team month. I have it at the well let. Me get together at ears it's not at all. A pillow. Below is very different from a stuffed monkey. Law went out there. Think I'm. Over. The guardian everybody. Do you. You well. We need more of phone calls actually thank you we need more phone calls on this for a force and power lines 94 there is zero chance. I it falls are in support. Of this stuff month Alison did you hang on for a few minutes. I called Alice in boyfriend's. Thirty years old sleeps with a stuffed animal and apparently all of his. Florida. And jump star ready for a one.