He Had ONE Job

Friday, September 29th

How did your man totally blow it on his ONLY job?

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Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and. I you had to warn you gave him. One shop. And people. JP. Had any incidents. Luckily he would save. One shot. And I'd tell him. Venturi about it that's comforting numbers plus the guys do this. We'll take your phone calls for a 42630941. Tells all about the one job he gave him man and how he dropped the ball Alexis in Carter's tale he had one job what was. All right then how waters aren't. Like pinch project I think from my daughter's preschool Christmas pulling almost. All the technical and I have to take it didn't. So you build the whole thing and he sent the kid to school leaving the tragedy dominance it. Who 100%. This great and like a Christmas tree shape with the right spirit stringing them that things. But the rain. How live to Iraq. All know in did you who did you get home first or did you get home first. So it would back at it was and what did you get home and see it just sitting there. I know I need to kind of a new light of day it hurt and they get cold feet. To. He had engine it had won just. Mali in Roswell he had one job. Just one. Yes let me refresh area actual. Ballot red storm come and commandeered. He knows talent as well maybe in high schools salad let's go to something. But maybe I lure away in Stockbridge he had one job. And then I can't wait a there can. I mean I am. And eat out there. So they've already rehearsed the dance and he forgot to executed or he completely forgot to teach anyone and tell anyone about the dance. To jump around. Great. So did you get out there and a song started is doing the dance on your own. While nobody joined. As well no we would do you like and I didn't check that out. He did it come up in Iraq or did it look like when my. And I'm going to bring it like a great luck and at all period. Whole. Wedding day. And I Amy and Atlanta he had one job just one jab. At old husband forgot you and I feel like I hate it. I had her at eight. So monsoon nobody showed up to your thirtieth. As they would like it and I are playing at the architecture support see I was buried me. It's not there at like boot. So did you forty year old friend and a whole bunch of her friends there. Our old friend. Friend and I'm like where am I better strap it up and there's flying Haiti. Everybody else. Also play. Arnold. Telling I didn't need any and make and telling me that. Our party boat. And act really hectic activity. I tend to forget. Yeah. Why are you Susan joint party so there are people bad error. Sally she walked into our restaurant expecting a bunch of people real surprise. It was just her best friends this season I was looking around like. Well my parents and these people. I swirls were 26309. At four line he had won their job who. The rest of your drunk I was told anyway and JB almost root out royally. Which is related to his wedding less than a month away. And. Young star already forewarned. You gave him mouth the one job. And he's screwed up inspired by JP. Who almost dropped the ball on the one thing he was in charge of for his wedding weekend. For making him feel better because there's comfort in numbers will hear his story into a couple more phone calls. It's less than a month away can you believe. I I don't it's four weeks from tomorrow right can't. JP is getting married to his fiancee hi ED. And Khamenei is the most buttoned down she used to be an event planner Ernie she's the plan weddings are both polls okay. So she's 400 events planned in her lifetime most likely. So she's got this. Wedding planning campaign. Down she's crossed the t.'s. She's doubting the eyes she's just you know decorate them making the decorations ordering the ones that you can't make that. Making a sketch of the room in the where everybody's brother tables really over the dead she is. I. And JP. And one jabbed a honeymoon. And he was nervous when their hurricanes were blowing through my peers and nervous to so many islands tragically. Affected by do you dodged that bullet and the island you're going to map that affected. By. You almost. Wreaked Havoc and your wedding. We can win once while the yeah there's there's a lot that goes into planning honeymoon where he wanted to go. Hotels. If you want all inclusive well options lot of things that word. A little bit beyond my capacity. You you distribute U double hearsay no way you work we did future. For a year hardest working man and right now. Works best when he's focused on one task at a time. Your to do this guy clo to your list and says. Produce these commercials and you're home you're laser focused and that if something happens sometimes and distraction of then you'd like it don't matter. Yet stuff laser focused yet so there's a lot of moving parts and it comes to Huntington and JP almost got a big one. We were gonna go from. And landed in Nassau. And that's all my books are there when wives and bird trying to go to another island and island hop from. Nassau to Ireland called looser yet. Did swim there if you want to take a ferry takes five hours. And I kind of didn't. But in airplanes from NASA to lose throughout and we would have been stranded on Nassau when we have three days to spend in a loser. And kick in across the channel or Mandel poor middle so. Heidi this whole time like I can't wait to go from one island since next I'm so excited. And did you tell us. But my forehead and said well should at a VA because. I didn't do them so you tiptoe backers are the room and I can't wait either could be. I try somebody for five hours trying to find a way to get from. One island to the next and I couldn't do it I couldn't do it. From two whatever. And then I needed it I was I was lucky that she's able to do Heidi ended up doing yeah. Hotels. Like a working at a Eminem factor in this say hey what letter user I'm X like this. Carrying in Norcross. Did JT some comfort in numbers and. I'm. All he had to do you have one job but aren't. You my wedding. Gary. Now. How do you how so how do you showed two hours they two way. And Gary L and wait it out but it has told Ed. He had time. To get old and I can hear and or eat. And it yeah well. An independent and it's their right at the top lap at. And Eric. And you're under that age. I want to show about I would rather have showed up at that wedding and I am wedding wearing a bath robe and slippers. And the two hours two hours lane is on at that point you think of any ranch in Asia not here I am being he'd do he'd say he's got his past parties on his way somewhere so I had to put the wrong address in the GPS yeah note. Now minority dad. I last called comfort in numbers so I let JP you know he's at the only man who just add one jab Heather and Calhoun. Well I'll wait a special all wore it out and I don't need nearly twelve people. That had. At ridge and I look now or deny them up earlier and make sure you record. Didn't get it reported that it's gone. Can't ever. It's live on in your heart. I know I'm alleged man looking at it you know what happens. You haven't living here with us so well and I think you've had record on video and you're like leaning in and then you realize. The times I'd take him every usually it's like your dog do something silly senator a word Sarah and I know quick that's feeling he fell right when he realized that. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.