Having iPhone 6 Battery Issues?

Monday, December 12th


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Blair doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Attorneys on when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting next week or blind. Jeanne. Alley. Christina and and I thank you guys. So much from their predator calls here in just a second I I just complains. About my iPhone hitting 30% battery left in the and shutting off. I was wondering if as phrase here posing thing in the phone lines are lit up. You wanna join a support crew for 047419400. We'll talk about this match. We've got one late gratitude. Little schoolteacher and adult actually. Or break. Out that fitness and the grip of the last week. After. Hey real quick before we get into this iPhone discussion. I hear a second what did teachers really wants for holiday gifts from the students. I'm. Requesting an adult I'm grateful for her that might make it into me let the matter what it is. Mostly I what are your more superficial co workers. Lines only in the gallery is an edge when gift cards and act. The reason I'm asking is I just have to be around a teacher who was. As excited as as you are Mallory about the winner break you know coming out and and having time off for Christmas and went out. And stated. The only thing that she doesn't like about it is being inundated with apple team to do it at the apple technology. But a bit like the apple pencil. Well yes. Yeah that. That I don't like that. How many years and teach him. But what I say here are OK she's regularly when he says that maybe. I had bags Mallory threw the break eighty year old into my. Alley welcomed this. Hello there and. And shut off at forty cheaper and literally every time I get 43% at that match that's the kind of chart here and UI and six. But I have been making a bit but really you I plan and then the normal I've won the normal I. Don't win that yeah that's the cynics. Jan thinks this is that thing the same thing happens to me in the only way let's make sure in the same club reality the only way to fix it. And that is the plug it came in and out pops back out immediately and then you look at and it says like 30% battery and you're like go to hell. T I am uniquely thank you my is my problem with mine is that it drops to 32%. Within minutes. Having not. Those from a 100%. And then I minutes later a look at its thirty it was Christina and and a studio. I. Felt like you're on C. It. EU. He called the apple beat all. Her own. They are owned and it where it actually when he present. I had no idea. Shea welcome to the channel. I RE AL same issue. Now he needs you along with some more and I have been told by the apple records that back. It is that result had been you update that they get a couple months again I don't. Yes that the battery is dying much quicker. I didn't initiate calls that I'm. Look at 5254%. And it won't immediately diet and chocolate didn't it pop right back. What about what's infuriating about it though which would drive me insane is that ops backed up. Odd that where it says in its charges as 39%. Or whatever. It echoes in chuck stopped Asia a crap around battery. Pay attention battery so that you came back on it with like 1% and you find that like I gotta pay more attention my battery is you know external things there are or whenever. Just shows you how reliant we are on phones and I'd like. I campaign. Works for Apple's speak directly to his Evans sol. Days this year. I was actually very simple armed couple weeks ago apple issued a model that quite a recall whether it's incomprehensible O. So it's well known issue where you know the eclectic. So into what looked great on the website I don't know the back well I had an eagle little armed trumpet the I didn't know I am quite an. The patriot including personal number. And you know intellectual opponent on that end your own while exactly like that what about Bob. Yeah apparently when apple first came out an interesting day thought it was very small batch. And add headlines now that apples and it as it looks a lot bigger and a lot worse than before. Is that they basically said that there was. Battery components exposed to controlled Indian air back. OK a lot of dissident before being assembled into battery packs that he thought it was a small. Batch of it looks like it's huge. Soon got a so go to the apple website and or your serial number. And when you put that information in there and tell you if you're eligible and what you do you take your phone into the Apple Store and they. Bigger part of the apples are pretty quick but it's short that he had to iCloud and back now so that. Sort of cull out the next hole let's get into sort well. I'd let you in the abstract and in. You Samsung people to concede that I had seen his I don't happen at. All. I. So it. All right right and yeah before you give me all that attitude just now I can still to add on that plane. Star in 941.