Have You Ever Made Yourself a Hero Part 2.mp3

Wednesday, February 8th

Have you ever masterminded a situation just so you could come out on top?

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NHL all star. I really care for me airwaves you know people that intentionally create drama. So that they can be the hero when they resolve it. This keyboard claiming big deal Brad was doing a big deal brands big game crack head. Harry's big Guilford say it. They blame Brad I was making a lot of deliberation happening and I've. Some viewers aim at big game Brad was doing that that he created this whole thing around receivables that he could look like a hero when he didn't go. I'm scratching my head going to be really do now. We did get some messages on line of a workplace drama this intentionally stirred up and then resolved. Welcome to the show there's going to be a tough story to top welcome to the show chase this might be our first and last column at the top and they chase. I. So you have experience with somebody. Pretending to be a hero. Just for attention. Yeah and so it was about 67 years ago. I was with this girl. And we didn't get everybody years issues always remain oust Ed. I had a dog that I loved the K. It was Tony it will doctrine. And I don't relate to eight years already. And so she always let the eagle. Okay and I can't yell there about early eat he's gonna run out he's got to get out there you know by car and I'm going to be devastated. And I don't want it to happen at. So primarily in Bombay club became a couple of them worked negate open. Encoding nowhere to be there. Actually a fighter at all. I you know I am I'm a separate out flyers and posters you know. Everywhere I could get out I had the break it would girl if she won't even apologized. She just so we're but she didn't do it I'm like well could have done it. You'll I personally the house. You know like it's the break up. NN you know so antibodies. Rosy outlook implore everybody to look where every night and so about three weeks later. This a girl that I know they'll lose like you know together around the corner. She called me up she's like eight. I was trying to round to date and and I saw a dog that looked just like you Tug at the park. And I would like evident this year that we get I think it only. You know do you want to make sure it Italy Sweden we dug that I was pretty out so course Yarwood down there Ed there was it was county. And had a delayed it. Yeah that's right pot. So I didn't know you know that can remove the consulate girl. We became pretty good riddance. And about a year ago. So about a year ago she decides that usually had to tell respond story. Did that affect the barriers that she did not like my ex girlfriend. Edition you wanted to try to startling it would meet so she came and stole my dog. Down and hit it et yes US chief stole my dog into her parents out. Or appear to have three weeks or whatever and I would become so distraught but I would break up what my girlfriend and whoever had my dog I would need. You know in Chile Colorado went in and it didn't happen that way. She just told it was finally I get it at two precious. And good China avocado like. No. That is not cool. Since that I don't that is in everything breezy woman. What did you what is your response windshield when she told you this. I mean I slipped out of order or not and I haven't talked to assess. I apologize I'm like text and everything like that idea ignored it like did I it you know. Bet like you know critical regularly totally different I know it yet but the issue could be in an asylum somewhere. And now that he has. And though my ear of lies is she had to come up with some until her parents to you. Riley her parents are captured dogs for two weeks that they had to have a whole other story she had to maintain Matt you're just hold this Dachshund. Burr Ed let's call it Cody I don't know make it up. While all that is nuts. So yeah so I believe she ever confessed cities they shot they worked for a couple years. Do you have. We never we never got together so. You do you feel any need to reach out and call. The girl that you broke up where. I mean it's been so long you know she's learning that you mayor is now a kid so does seem like it much weight. Okay you know what could have been. Now did it. For her own sanity you need to tell her don't you. Write. It what's proper etiquette in this case or is it still bugs her like I didn't do that. Yeah lately. Croatia we got a great person sentenced Ali. On the Mike assets and see Tina. Wouldn't. My thanks to the cartoons. Yeah problem. That's that is nuts I think. That he needs to call the X the dump for the wrong reason. And cleared up in just saying hey look and you move down I would have read and ask him what his situation was. I move down and you move down but when I broke W five years ago. Like. It wasn't for the reason you thought oh my alone and that. I don't know it depends on if she needs closure with it or not it's not about closure it's an apology for I'm pretty significant accusation. Maybe. CB nice yeah. Zabian submit or maybe I'm all alone. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James got one star not before one and it.