Have You Ever Made Yourself A Hero? Part 1

Wednesday, February 8th

Have you ever masterminded a situation just so you could come out on top?

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. People they intentionally create drama and then they act like a hero because they're the ones that solve it. To have a do you know somebody that's done that that theory. That some people are floating is that Brandon and again that we call the big game rabbit. He did that. Don't know if that's somewhat so they're tough to Brad and found out about him he's not to us about his story of going to the super Bonn chancellor of the super ball but he got married on Saturday so he would've missed a couple of days of his honeymoon and go low. And it was the debate back of course we followed them all the way thrill. And he'd look he comes through the whole thing looking like a hero. Because he backed out time. Taking the Super Bowl trip at the last minute receiving a find. I JP's his voice mail appear it's his voicemail prior to Sunday morning that he left for just right so after going back and forth for an entire week. About whether or not he was gonna take the trip fit to Houston if if who was presented he. Said he was gonna go always aim and then he left as this message on Sunday morning. Page message that it bred. Don't call you bought all the holes up in my wedding and all that well they did what I am. In the car Sunday morning and I'm headed to the airport to do it all at 11 o'clock flight. Honolulu. Called a balk last night and told him I just couldn't do it that I was just gonna go with my wife. Didn't work on this god of this group gave the Eagles win this little item all of our way. Britain goal thank slugger helpful talking to black. Multiple people online suggested that he knew all along that he would not be going to Houston. But instead milked that storyline. That at the last minute he can make the decision to go to Honolulu and then BA hero. To everyone who knows him and his wife and now and to the people you share within the race. Now I think. A woman is capable of terror FF I just not sure that men pink sapphire had our phone number eight. I think we're pretty capable of that as well like I am glad my phone in my back pocket today it looked to my fiancee Heidi I'm like where's my phone I can't come unfold she's like. I don't feel like I was in my back pocket who like knows me and I'm like I. That was trek I just and stupid. I just don't think guys think that far ahead 4042630941. If I think over looking for is evidence if you. Have experienced this you know someone who does this is the conversations that were evolving ally people like oh yeah I work for somebody like that. We'll create some sort of mess at the work place right so that they can be the hero when they come in and clean it all up and make it great exactly one on block one of the examples online with somebody who will. Intentionally. Not turning in spreadsheets or budgets or something like that. Until the very last minute because then they've been waiting namely do this and and she's already at a time Michigan's running in at the last Manning is here it is I did it. I got it done. Let me look at me look at me look a mile gap of 40426309. Of 41. Star in 941.