Haters On Helium

Tuesday, August 8th

What better way to read our negative feedback than with helium?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Young old now. Sometimes people like to give their feedback contact in can show sometimes it's not the prettiest thing after thing. We like to address those comments cannot we like to do eggs on helium which we will do here. I. I pray after eight. When you give us feedback on his Evans and so really it has helped us truly and when it comes from my heart we really did take it seriously take out feedback series and and sometimes yeah it's very constructive sometimes it's positive. We love it when you guys are cracking up and share that with us but sometimes it's a really really negative. What do we do fat it is yeah. I think that's. I you let me bring this note was left by and did you all on our FaceBook page she listens to morning in Marietta I Daniel. Lily I am radio equivalent of the first slice of bread and a loaf everybody has hit there but they get cash rate by Ian for. Hey stats I don't. And sometimes I think comments aren't about the most doesn't seem to have strong opinions about just one of us Sarah. Then shaven. Let's just love note for me. I've tried to really gained they shall and I December arsenic. But Jane Abby is so boring. And Jen how do you as a spice she'd be flower fact. Gone. Yeah and the why weren't spies. But inaccurate that's why it's an canceled JP thanks. How are just got a little salty. Yeah okay. And we certainly can't leave out Jack here's a few words from time yes true listens indicator notices just. Makes a lot of analogies that I related to food. Gets really needs to sat me meaning they're related from a guy who looks like every before picture ever taken. Hi all. People are terrible. Okay. Macy and has your brain. I'm okay frying in a little video can bring it I can't continue to ring on so make sure their listeners feel glove as well also he decided he shared his thoughts some. They did his trial and here is that if brain eating zombies attacked your entire cast in I mean when you listeners to hear crap share would be totally safe and I'm. And finally embrace Dolan Alpharetta does not like one of the staples of our show like really really does not. Like I can't stop desk Lacey you can't sign he's about his place denies using a guy named filled with broken glass a home. Will it really don't see the experience. I was little pain and wow well. As your brain does that kind of feel like when he eat ice cream too fast. I can't green feet freeze feeling. I'm Soledad just had to work through the tunnel vision in this tough holes I thought Obama. I'd give any feedback for IC UK and I'm leaving them one of our FaceBook pages or I just created a seraw high account there. Yeah they're listening as it's not about that earlier all feedback can come through are so Iraq account now. Thanks for making this way it's. On star not before one.