Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 12th


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Does before long and thanks for waking up when Jeff again. We hit ten. Amazing experience. That some bombs program. At the four seasons and a one of the premiere. Hotels in town. With one of the finest restaurants in town what are the finest spies in town and we're gonna about when mom for a weekend of the list. Total relaxation. It's Mother's Day stay patient. And we all that your mom you're awesome because we got videos from all of you all week long telling us. And I are on some moms in your life ends these these and just really deserves such luxuries day at the four seasons in Atlanta. We qualified people all week long to give away five qualifying prizes. They all got a hundred dollar gift cards made he is active fire from others they brunch at the force you yes brunch at the four seasons is on point I swear I'm gonna say hide of the grand prize winner went second but we just gonna play this one more time. Just to see if you're nineteen month old daughter was using bad words out. OK Kelly you are a profanity expert. You give a listen to this and tell us what you think about the little girl you call eight. And Atari seek out music I listen. Before I was a mom I used to think we were really busy people get to big demanding careers. These social and guys won't. And I was busy he didn't know Internet is accounted for and and being a month. The first national the second one main you think a little bit the third islands and Javier girls at a time. Mr. and gaming rooms that. And quite demanding and filthy at the age if you applaud that. We'll. Julio log into the Gemma Jones shall. Hi a used submitted her video for our mothers they can test. Yes sir I didn't re nominating. My mom damage amounts of Los Angeles. Let's see I think some other and that and. He went back to school and you should really demand for my brother and I make sure we had and a good school ice and make sure that we water. Believe anything you really protected us and got me cool hand you say going into earned you know hygiene and college what's the big deal for me. Awesome and your mom deserves some time to just such ill rates. Oh my god he had no idea. I can you think of the last time your mom just took a week and offer itself. It probably dating several years actually. They've been quoted yeah. All right we'll touted a look at her calendar if she's gonna have the weekend here coming out. To go to the four seasons. In midtown and am oh wonderful. Perfect weekend. Tampering and luxury. And thinking about nothing except herself. And there in your future. Oh my god I know I hate it. So let them think I'm never in any leads that she did there it felt my. I'm so happy for you and your mom Julius she is the points you. Have a fabulous weekend day dinner I'm Margot pampering treatments at the foresee Rick. She's gonna feel like an A list celebrity after this weekend's. Thank you all told two and let me make kit didn't think it would. I you know nasty just thank your thank you monthly volume thanks for your mind Saturday. I don't you know it's democratic. And an and I mean I'm saying that south crucially be issued its bringing gas with Terry do you wanna get and that's it's. I am really hoping that ain't gonna go implement your monitor. And vertigo epic. Lee says that I Julianne hang on the line we'll get all the details need to get from me and congratulations to you and your awesome mom for that. There's this weekend. Thank you so much time thinking it's Julia and thank you to the four seasons. Yes thank you so much the four seasons are being a part of this when I do this every single year because moms are awesome four seasons is awesome. Again a major play yet they still have a couple of seats available for the iPad is French. All right have a great Mother's Day weekend Heather branch walking in here with a wad of cash she's gonna give it to somebody at twelve when he this afternoon your next chance to win. Jet engines 100000 dollar birthday but at another again. Do you. Yeah he's being. He had two big demeaning careers that it could be social or isn't guys won't back now and I was busy enough. Star in 941.