Hank Denson Reviews The Bachelorette: Week 4

Tuesday, June 20th

These guys are losing their MINDS.

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All I'm. You can hang Danson joins us summit doesn't end show for the bachelorette preview this is paying off. Very first season watching any bachelor or bachelorette. Haggis is travel on the disease internationally acclaimed world traveling comedian so. Who played. Right now he's died during a show in some fabulous part of the world what magnificent city or UN at this very minute hang Wallace. I'm in Myrtle Beach. Ladies and gentlemen with your name in lights. This yeah it's good things about the comedy. Club wouldn't. Out sounds great connection is really get from here emerald. If the first of all have you been warned before we get into this week's episode that next week is actually unites long are you ready for that. Yeah I'm ready to go. You're gonna Carlo I ate pasta and. Yeah let my wounds. Unlocked for me and them I want referred apologies are all hypocritical world let them know that they're not really liked it and who you are. This mold yet so bad I have ever seen in my life like illegal armed steady like I would like world our little. Add all that stuff we eat in backyards forest state any everybody who came to rent or. Go to Yale and be a little greatly. Confirm what expert actual big Google what they do I sound. Why. Google too look it was just too much to me Kennedy checked into the night. And be at what are you ever watch Whitney she looked liked seeing that are even less to do little altitude it is here. Jimmy too much information. Well they are not guys we're definitely backstabbing each other and gossip being. And be in little you know what's last night. This year it would probably the most about it learn a little right if you kids are ready. Pretty much you sedition. You should have worked or seeing her do great just. Ever had a little somebody ever lets you Biden we're about class and sidekick that part stool who RD Donald. Console battle women like I understand what will delay you'll do the Turks and later which let you each own girl. How many guy guys are left at this players are elated I was and still hold my. Silent until Obama and I have I have all of onto the live post tied to toward do that I know are going to be around. Girls were who are here soon. Object Lee might do the Colombian that the top of the list I would wish I remember that name I try to get a date my daughter she's checked generally only on main track and to the Colombian unit did Leo and Erica are you don't eat it actually on the. Or email Roy and everyone's hearts last night because dean told this touching story of losing his mom to breast came right in her courageous battle now she fought it when he was nine and beat it right back and he lost to when he was fifteen when he opened up about it and really teared up and she was she was right there with that they had this really special connection he's hot yea. Are you are. Being really young do yes. It's a most women really turned to look younger Jews in I mean right now a days. Grant spoke quite yet. I can't. Stay stay healthy and energetic do you sense around the house yeah there are bits and Brent how did a lot of debate admiral anyway. Sure. Either learned Peter what an air. I'm very complete Eric obese this week really faith so what is think appears wrap. So there's less light Fallujah Iraq. Can see that there isn't much that my Blackberry was the case. Eat I don't need a digital raptor days or neither like where that. I would like a lot of it at the lateral lake so don't do they're. Is it gonna encourage them please list in San next piece here. Yeah we don't need it and this is the world it would just allow it and it didn't they had to eat. And you know why it did they hear them say that's why a lot of dudes around. We need they'll correct it or lack okay this month after a I even doubt Obama spoke you we're glad Obama white what do you tell them right now. I'm stupid at stake here still spaghetti so this is that. If you have somebody like Milan and I had spoke to be giddy how will be like a more humble see your journal science. And I we're gonna make a list of your finalists Eric. The Columbia and the Colombian guy is Brian Eric bright aria Brian traditional blunt. Actually attending their black is seen. I would. Cultural everything yet they heir to the depth to do because begat that we talked about to get to go. OK. So those easier predictions I don't know next week at cant wait for it because Kenny and leave they go head ahead and there was some blood in the preview. Kenny get through congress. You gotta do you know what are clearly met Leo okay. I watch a lot of late night TV. Ancient world a late night TV show. Sort them out she's really kid mayor. Since our big states. Now I know they do that every season and then they'll be together for like six months and had a shot at it and seems DMZ shocker ratio in deems. Oh. Podesta I think I don't let's look at a way to register. You've got your toaster oven I'll think you're gonna say the do not just want to crate and barrel and evidently thank what do I. We will. See you in studio next week thanks for calling us from Myrtle Beach averages there they get here you've let's I thank you changed. We will post and online that'll be out and started ninth for wind and landed outcome if you relate to engage in our bachelorette breakdown discussions and make your predictions on who is gonna be last man standing with racial figure if you're a bright reds got to put your final four outs yeah.