Hank Denson Reviews The Bachelorette Week 3

Tuesday, June 6th

Could "Whaabooom!" guy really be gone!?

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Want to. Back comedian thank you James and about to take a seat in studio to talk about. Last night's episode. The bachelorette a few weeks ago I call I doubt and I say that I. Have you ever watch episode of the bachelor of that tragedy is that one. We need to find somebody who has never watched one minute that she to be a part of the jets contention on Hanks as another. Well. Through three weeks and now you keep you didn't even if you were doing this again you still watch it when you yeah. The process of Monday's. Sure well away put on the way this works bachelor footage taken when you watch yet they assured name. Let's let's Tennessee is okay yeah. I really wanted you to that I thought the drama was come and and me and I want to be here and it. My eyes so. Why it what was the highlight of last night's. Adam Lee who keep this university you know what I. I'll when you talk about the best league. I I did do that it's down over and over again listen to our bureau pump and he had kids who. I'd be like hey Gil de but tomorrow okay negligence in the tomorrow Jack. Also your closest we're suspense story. This last night. Mean not be able to sleep. Houses are still. When their confront. Situation room. Are lying about. Look for is I'm. An answer right now it's. There have. I don't jump though it beat down. So why he only lasts last week just only Edgar. Northern girlfriend or girlfriend showed up where that a good game of basketball have. The issue of my way you do wind lets you know the whole me why you try the light meat. I only did he just aren't there who you will. On Hulu. There are many many in the mean time. Genetic rate that's and a and an engine and she had a text message from my from the week before right condit's shall stuff. Oh god love you boom boom right from I love you boo boo yeah solid than she was egg on his face tibbles is all the duke came out like you're like. Dutrow Morillon you know slice and a million Mario had a gun. These kids yeah. Still be funny is watching an episode of producing the bachelorette when I would have liked to seen a camera on his girlfriend. When the producer called her up and says hey we have an idea we'll fly you to LA they're going to be flying and a game of basketball. And we just want you to walk into the gym mother planned and just wave your boy. A whole demeanor was like I'll do any light the you have. Art in I'm wolf peaks here room in his life I don't even understand we have some magic that's crossing the outlines. Tomorrow you may you look there was a girl man speeding even. You know most of my dear and I would've flipped out I don't eat until just a quality you crazy he was like. Is that who is that why you lose. There. You. And he really wanted his fifteen minutes of fame to come value I get problematic he wanted to Genentech that but the best thing that happened Denmark's best thing that last night was while boom Lucas hadn't undergone. Ha let's discuss them so this. A I'm so glad they're gonna do an excellent falls and we shall enjoy the day at levels of obesity. Can't help but feel like it's. You weren't here I would have had a real shot I didn't know racial thing because you're too busy. Joke out of this experience. I'm going home. I think is his life. About the world. Dealings. World brother this is why do so not argue. This why do is just fight. Because when you start talking back and forth is the earlier you start making noise like this you know. Well so Lucas got booted or just decided it down because not only both doubled to that was it gets weird like can you talk until. I can see in her eyes like you dating in his days it's waste into dudes keep coming to you right talking about each other so she her. Or her problem was and they wouldn't let you judge. It got weird he says some about a season's over my I'd been eating a banana looking at me at night. And I'm like well. And it can't believe it you know like. An issue of like a banana duties it is eating you and I love IRA don't. And then the next thing you know it was a horrible thought that was like thank you for leaving did it at Ali air edit that isn't antennas and Andre giving Tennessee good loses life otherwise on the right delete or one to some medals wildlife area little does I watched as. Judy we have like you when you get up tomorrow morning to Heidi so obviously your fiance yeah rattled banana out of the kitchen in just stand over her and eat it. And make enough noise that she wakes up and fell off its. That's hurting the game you know this is art and letters if we do today we are. C winner elegant wouldn't argue that's why they have good since his judgment that reduces turner took Neanderthal men that are really neat. Oh. He's gone no more problem yes well he's going to be on TV he discovers he has rolled his ticket yeah going to be and everybody show. I don't really is to be a research Agassi and enabled dates in whereby geez he's in our life now. So now who now do we vote mandate he'll be here in Atlanta Acela now old theater wit and dancing guy. Yeah I'll take that check your. Of wobbled in the lead. Go to Ireland go hang it all out and look at a radio now while boom the Mac. I'll give any Atlanta's usually implies. This week that it any channel in the world there's some travelers and I did. Pay teachers more money is a beautiful thing so me and I mean I'm just I'm happy that I'm not working Monday turns out I do comedy for a living. Austin office was seizure you know at a show us now you please lets you know you've overcome these shores yeah. My sells this I do for example got myself to let them on the show would. That is not true I yeah okay it's kind of true. I am and I agency's jet in on the currently houses if is that do like he's the celebrity it may come in the name I've. Missed. Michael talk to his. Fans most. Now it's going to be uncomfortable I. Angela got unity for the I had London appreciation.