Hank Denson Reviews The Bachelorette

Tuesday, August 8th

It's the final review! Last night was the finale and Hank thinks Rachel made the wrong choice. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. The thinning hair on the bachelor reds and re still made her final decision. In her final rose last night there was a proposal. Average size basement stayed up late. Antibodies mean you hang Vinson is in Syria for these funny as bachelorette review on the radio. My first question for Hank and that was me doing the finger snap well let's. Did you make all the way to the end yeah I was sick to my stomach I got tired of him unless you know yeah. Smooth. Food they didn't have played they could just the ball. The whole town relative. This is terrain is you just too much love for you and it's bear on. It was big ally. Look at this mask. I was like I cannot wait to get your perspective especially on the whole Peter's thinking that's the buzz today on rounds that's already. They want or would soundly was lied please go to Hollywood I'll let Chris shot a couple. The only rational person yeah. I've ever been on the Palestinians who would you bear. Made a Mary you have that is good. I don't even know you like that his makeup I honestly when I Jamaica upping your mama in the deal took so james' theory and that those that labs Rachel the married her second choice second choice seeing. Yeah second best and I. Cleaner our personal well Brian little idea she buried her. Her lust but she took a cleaner upper leg it's flip this house it was. That's us but Dell to do with key sooner or not it was no re though. Oh my gosh you know being late for you guys Kim Jimmy Kimmel last night pointed out how noisy Brian's kisses are. There are you ready to cigarettes now. Out this cancer in the history of the it's like he's slumping barometer is something. No he's not scared among. I didn't give the did you governing like breed it is brilliant day kiss his true professional to be our suite moist. It isn't. So what do you think am double break up with Peter he's not that's who she really Juan that's who she really wanted. And you always want you can't. So that probably made her want and even more Dag that Dow. Let's column about it there appeared like data aired because I give it does do is say it is so if I understand this correctly so she breaks out with Peter Wright Indiana say it because he's like I'm not ready to commit I'm just learning and I'm a mortgage when he fires and attacked. Eight at him and say mom mom told you apple. Until June we're ready guys vowed to press and my baby OK so he's working this morning. For hours at a time he goes on. And says it again this is she moves on. To Brian that this is our pre recorded right which means Brian her now fiance is why she's seeing. He can be second fiddle yeah yeah watching all this season a year ago down his reality show I wanna watch it's called Brian watching the bachelor again. And it's a camera on him realizing that he number two per totally in mid listener always really carefully right here when she says yes because he gets down when he proposes a taste in my boy when things. I'd be mom. Around Mars where. It's amendment on this thing he says time here as soon in this moment she qualifies eighteen. Now that Peters out of the picture yeah. Let's get dad divorce started what do you rate waiting qualified to rain here in this moments yeah. Ends about zero when it came with only came out and played a fit over Broadway hey dude I wanna so here's a good thing. Seconds feel good he can't. Question I just what are you gonna do with your Monday night sci. And it's all old dark is a new post from me on multiples are from Netflix. Okay that now. Chief. And I have been lost convince us that and my two day you go like are you little high. So it took every obviously does that sound Amy and our Jason Bateman and now. Senator Marco does it lie about it. Aides here are doing this. Love that do single can you please give everybody a warning about that other Netflix or you watch what the hell would has changed my life. Lying to them whining my breath smells like Zoolander right now because yeah. And I union has bars inside but does Mike was my girls I like my stomach. I don't think what is is like you jazz it takes everything that you food. Is in it takes away. So now what are you leaning just like berries and nuts and see me air war I mean from there is yourself I had told listeners vote there. Like I tell. Like gun for you average emerald easterly trend I mean my fifth Susan mcginnis the you get CNN's don't know watch I don't mind it. Becker. Thank you for your dedication to the everybody has so much variety guys this article me every morning. I don't know I know duo but I think John less bad than good energy in Delaware controller Sarah yeah. Like you guys they're good family either means I'm a part of my own now this is it like I'm. You think that this is not pleasant weekend we head hasn't been really an army told. Learn some ideals picked the week's issue about the amount and an international earnings press next year all on the bachelor Amman next Alyssa. Apparently that's it starts in January. In DC I took effect. Hey dense and Tommy thank you Hank thank you guys here are some. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion Shenzhen one star not before one and it.