Hank Denson Reviews The Bachelorette

Tuesday, August 1st

Last night's 'Men Tell All' Episode couldn't have been more dramatic. 


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Star in 941. Actually an Intel all of that is on last night Rachel had to face all of her ex boyfriend. In the same room and they had to face each other terrible. I pity party rule of food and see their own pick me. Huge yeah okay. And I suited picked me all. All show on. All the guys out there for dissidents in his tell all adversary and our people. It's everybody in the final two are in the final two awesome there into. Three. To the final three or do you want to do it closed all me you got there really know why should this. Here than here Freddie. That's where he'll on the radio you can follow him at saint Vincent comedy as they. Now Jiang you watch from time to time by it. It's scheduled for red side is because they'll lay is this that's and why hasn't hesitated I mean I know you have kids that they she has kids who do gymnastics stupid stuff like that saw. Here later something a little little kid Lia a little Kenseth were written you know and I do know. Then again they had. It snakes ready low heat. I'm just like he staked it out here. I'm Lori Earl was up last nights like funny how much limited to your show it to you. And I was like OK you say you're for second I turn on turn it Red Hat off there was darkness now this is for grown out. They can't use flying weather talking about you are definitely getting out of bed and read financially well why do what we don't want to let those who argue. I'm not feelings at this house I was abut it was it was crazy Dan. Everybody there Ahmad do what they're doing DiMarco one Marko everybody goes he was the crown. He was thrown just every it was almost like this is my concern to get on another show again. As for me it was like. From the initial wobble. Gang up on Monday and gays I'm. I thought he was. I won't stand for me not talking good. You show. All anyone else and as they Joseph. There that you portrayal. Which I think in the top ten. Love and hip hop really. The way. And this way the women tell all I'll examine how can I. It is said caddie miss that we. Women or I will be my name and yeah yeah. They'd do this it. Is terrible Watson was as like come on man what do you guys do when you think you'd pay eight. That's solid as you guys sit around eating it picked mine and why didn't cross complainant. Now you have Rachel has changed our own light rates as much as I used to that was showing the clips and I'd like the whole thing about afraid and you guys watched Fred was hurt. I think Fred was hurt you heard me I had take ads that bilateral my wife and I are. I read I read it was a duel from Dallas he was the brother in Dallas that was the day care cute kid and she knew all her lying oh yeah. He's told I had across when you own. Life. And I think you change. He was crying models. Destined dude you weren't you gotta flip the dirty living room and ladies how tough. I don't. So yeah any quarter due to the pennies men don't. Anything to do that love you when you are rich or were so how far away is how long backed and he go you leave it shows he like he was out of daylight season and Edison wanted to do. Relied a dude you know too much about me geez I don't feel comfortable don't try to kiss me kiss him before peace I'll see you. Not to Mario de Mayo going to be the big topic in the next season I learned that I know I see him in Atlanta I'm sneaking them because I don't like his attitude. I have news is random. Just call in this say this is my girlfriend my. Dick I'm beyoncé is boyfriend. As beyoncé didn't. Physical proof she had she had text messages I Tex everybody I'm. You don't know this girl I know. Because they only call you when it's half past five that's got a site share. There. So. He is trying to kid she showed up this other girl the knee when he called his side Chad Brown have showed up on set when they were out there are playing basketball again as she walks out on the court. Hey remember me we are thrown around you. By I don't know you class married dual when he you can't. Dismiss it. Kansas tied. He's Julio he's throwing was sold more needed me light okay do you know horny dudes K like I tried to stay in my little Leino who I am. Well other do know corny do I do know dude has like. Yeah. Every agent every category the corny do that every in every group of guys as bad dude. Well as I write every every group of guys has. The guy that's gonna fall in love at every stop of the bar crawl oil every woman Melissa Leo they keep TNT is also be used to how why do. So. In every group of as the guy who'll do anything it. Did you get a ten bucks go get that you'd ever end and and then every dude group has slowed according to outlive everybody the mixed ahead. Elite everybody has to leave the oh yeah everybody has bad food that does. These guys are doing and which you know we do it's never too is saying never and I Shan national TV each any of fifty minutes of fame you never sit around and a big group and discuss your love life yeah. Lester you're out on after the same girl you don't know. Talk about that is why I'm not conscious entail not until you imagine but I excellent essay about this. It's so it was slew of mostly open produced by day awesome just head as she's off most of their feet. Of we're still a lotion did you. A closer. Just how. Uncomfortable that wasn't legal watch last night and they need to do with the guys how are they do an analysis on their race treatment. You got me. I doubt Tinder it. Massage feels so good. All those guys can make a TV show around any are any of the guys on the. That last night a potential new bachelor now now so what about saying I think dean and dean was lite he's the king he's the pretty candy faced with a lack I know he's the one in Los his mom had breast cancer time. That's kind of I'm heart strings story got a nice gear he was dressed nicely levels Ocala star and his name's dean is name is dean yeah. And and he speaks he's not scared to give the does he was like. He'll only talk about. Which we know you're dead and I had wings will slow herbal huh. Rich the top three guys laughing right thanks Rob Ryan Eric and the I'm never forget guarantees closest thing Australians. Yeah. Peter at Bryant Eric computer and did who's going home first and who's gonna you see the last man standing mom. And he is going home. Peters gone further than not gonna be there ready to me like we're not ready yet mayor dude TV can't make you and what's your prediction for him last grandstand I think Brian's million. Ryan's gonna get does Brian is the one she's so passionate about. Her mom's family and not happy about him and his family that's usually when you appeared as if it was very happy about evil. Mostly clear I had a kind O'Brien it was tanks fake. We'll find out next week they do nine next week answered a source of season may may give all totaled they wanna see me this week and a sound where's your show the Miriam square feet there. Hit that the strain they are weasel its biggest laggards into. Yeah. It's just now. Nickel back channels we heard. Marietta square theater I could sue 5300. Bull beginning thank you. I didn't shall make your network. Well yeah. It's just me and then I went way they are not complacency bad. Wow what nightmares Friday was cell only army in another dude and it's going to be cool I don't really. Com is Doug deedrick Flint socially good show this is you know they called me delaying we've known you know he'd had too much room. I usually do swearing in but how. Do you think it's go to Marion square about. Indeed should take its you know unfunny so let's go this before. You have no link to I Hanks that's a big Tammany sheriff really arrogant and mediocre. But I guess hey I'd say you. And we just.