Hank Denson Reviews The Bachelorette

Wednesday, July 19th

The funniest Bachelorette review on radio is back!

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Bats there and now. First question and Savannah Ara Anderson Bannister news as well because she's a huge bachelor salmon first question. Why isn't this over yet I feel way can this has been going on well. They're both current and does not watch crime I feel very passionately about the fact that dean sustain an Ericsson have gone home dad. They're learning period let's see okay this way you edit which when his team any day. Babyface. OK got it see babyface had the and he has all the little weird tomorrow. That was it is all. Yeah I look so long. I had made it clear that anybody is playing a good. I think in the guns and energetic crazy wonderful son so let's share with you and I think everybody's. Really think I'm. An experience for. Enjoyed just. And then he has hit. It. All of ours at eight. He says he plays they Gagne is yeah real spirits windows he unplugged from the hole made three so he was very earthy crunchy. And you know he just you have to command his voice is irritate me souls are right but he had he but he did teller at my father's. Done he's date gone. And I saw these crazy ends weird middle taught. We haven't talked salmon like two years so this is his first time I think this is the president of the whole family have been together he has. Yeah so it was obviously. So used come back to his hometown going to my dad. We're going to be visiting him in house or he may hands moved into a cave in the woods nearby here and you were still there. He loses light weight we had a nice little hook up in unless the garden everything you know from Sara and there's more vigilance and then. My uncle it was odd but I wouldn't it a big dead. He really wanna do you look at you and me just don't want Youkilis in the drama. And Eric you today Erickson win it they're extremely drug dealers you know he's like he's he's. Our time July yell we get really good to streets. Show. Not catch it. It's always a Baltimore not the ultimately are good people my youth and that's what is showed both the water is room. You crazy like they sampled and probably cold snap you about it right over my head. You real good this that's what I am saying we didn't have a traditional home in Savannah waging out. Here again but I'm Greta. Zones to read right. I say that you're you're tied into a white girl named Savannah from Alpharetta who hula hoops all right it's by her eye for trying so you can't blame. There scribbled messages though but I pay attention to decide. So and they were drug dealers usually jinx it wasn't my youth they were street would like as he put it lightly street people. OK I got you we are a couple of cousins that did time. Don't know maybe he was just someone's socks and men antibodies and other. Little slots that destroy the family of tied it may be tied maybe every street corner tied him. I'm gonna break here these are neat guy and make. I believe it went to jail. Slow down so impressive about him making it out she fell in love with humiliated. All I see the lawyers like yeah. I think it was due and you made their. All slowed a bit of fallen look deeper at noon dean's got Eric celebs who else is left. Peter O'Brien pride and we know more about. I grant you want to live Brian likens Kinsler I. I keep wanting to advances is so cute and she seemed so happy is mother doesn't think so cute that we buy. I know I was feeling young at least she's honest a negotiated with this even hesitate zoo was like I'd only army sit down. I want to talk to so why do you. Like telemundo got to get rid. Why you have I don't know why he wants and he dates girls I love the Miami Heat get out silk BP Q why why why he. Lobbying you. I love moms like Andre posse was brought up just right in facing any dismount and I Gusmao apple TV I want to know oblivious of army's. Normally we'll. One of the most epic I. I think that the key to relationships. When you now how crazy them me as a dad brought you got a cousin that's deals and it is breaks it down a K can't I can't I feel your biggest beef with Brian is how much time she spent with them. No to watch bothered. She wanted to watch that was just like we pick your bothered by him because have how much she likes him. Well let's if she likes to build let everybody barrels let me get I'm got. OK so duels they go hang around what to do love you'll see my watch we will kids do not how. Get a date yeah. Thank you Greg my my dad Tiger Woods drives my dad nuts because that has nothing to do with his golf ability but has he was the fact that he's an interment. No matter how poorly he's doing he can even be their leg it's selling hot dogs it doesn't matter the cameras focus on him. Am yeah how far he's Fonda it might as late let all the guys here and I don't my dad about LeBron suicide is another team. So but I mean I thought that would just out of the sports analogy boom CNN today but I. I just think it's important to you for and led the wise thing and I'm like you know I don't like cattle. And I know the pick my poison my mom and my wife don't get along that well. That's why we don't go to Massachusetts. It's like you know the JS UT beat dads family may you don't know cause. Most women and not come into a situation where you date you know and we may be a drug dealer or you can begin and how. House Dennis lol we would the whole thing and the dad made some big important crucial state fairs up. Is Brian so you're tied for number one Ryan still number one dollar of his well. Wow my take your bag guy and when we've what's next week so next week is I think she likes Tennessee State they have a right. Love to sign some really explained hangs his first season we explain Hank went to the Tony Blair MacDonald seriously and I'm happy Saturday. There's three people left and she spends an entire day with sand and that at and as the day goes well she is do you wanna spend the night in the Santa CC with me and then basically. Then. They get to do whatever they ride and the cameras really there and I use only most of the time they spend the night was calls them sound snapped a cardiac and they don't see each other again and sell the rose ceremony. That's the gay. Hey rates are. What happens if you like it's like my fantasies we would basically involve NT go pizza and shoot lower. And and Mac and she's been with pat downs and Brian still shaken had GO shaken and that you can leave lady I. Here compared to my fancy suite is the Krispy Kreme dobbs though. I think are all night yeah. He keep it close on men known now. On any. Appreciate healthy but finally you gonna hang Dave and everything Higginson comedy. Would have phased votes that set all of the same mother loves me DNA DNA Nestle in someone I don't know just put a day and the I appreciate jag bag yeah. Conversation continues league championship on. Search side netting 41 Atlanta.