Hank Denson Reviews The Bachelorette

Wednesday, June 28th

Comedian Hank Denson hilariously reviews part 2 of this week's double episode. 


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The bachelorette it was a special week it's who did two episodes back to back. Disease men's ice for the love of racial Lindsay. Oh my intention is here he is a comedian buddy who gives a speech funny as fast that radio on the radio. And you can do that here in the second. I'm real quick if you RA caffeine addicts know that from two to five. Today it's buy one get one free ads are about and that is not a plug that that sounds like an assortment commercialism bank. That's just us understanding. That everybody hits a slump. Everybody has a friends and your role on the Starbucks at 2 o'clock this afternoon all of their iced espresso drinks. I don't get on free so get shelf Exxon or you just keep keep industries a half but depending how the day's cal and yeah. Many that wanted to show my chances does a rough is real too. Yes it's everyday at minerals Larry okay. Is it it's now through July site that lists clients. Thanks for coming into mornings and around. Cool million on the U gadget or some people Mendes could go. As you're watching these episodes are you just a tiny little bit finalist Rachel now the bachelorette. See the little too chatty forming in I mean I admire. I liked my wife is listening to my wife is everything in me. Eyes is she's she's not minds is Democrats. She's just not I like cheeks with freckles and Lexus and pay a species have to look for you not to look for me she's. Athletic background you loaned. She's not it's just who until like it show me you love me you know and that's robbing it now I just. Show you. Let him here it is we. Thank you saw me three days euros a shoddy and I. Enjoyed a meal ladies Jenna. Since I assure you I love you when a data showed Friday and then Luciano. Oh yeah harassment doesn't do you have. Have those what happened last night because. I falsely too early I didn't I didn't make it rest is god give it a good athlete when you can't budgeted. They could do about it once they could do was show in new. It was thirty minutes I did find out why they head Syria on this phase yeah million cut I saw leave dorm leave Garnett was. We exchanged leave. It was just weird because if I was her what does that emotional because and to be duels are arguing back and forth about. Out unit and nothing important is that change in order relationship forming my day was some woman like to see her idol for me was seeing here is making the scenarios. Where they're actually fighting over her in mud into those that sold I don't need your fight after that you know I was leading guy who started the fight semi is. I'll stay. Here a smooth eight world Jimmie losing cousin the mouse like in the bleeped out. So terribly. Will this one. I mean just explain. She's a. It leaves out the gift of Jesus loves you David Lee started when there's more believes I don't know. Let it fly and all. Take down a little. On the flip chip and didn't you once respond to a hate email that you've got we gave Jesus loves you know I said I'm gonna pray for you to have more joy in. That's a lot of people are hastily they lied and pray over you. Every off the lowest lows funny I don't know what they Arafat was the bad trance or final or whatever please. I think deadlines are good at everything was he was making Katie physical. Everybody knows he is physical because the wrestler he was slim and and in the mud so. You'll Mikey he's threatening knee is aggressive. And let that die hold. I'm glad I don't call me aggressive and Endesa trigger word you're aggressive towards me and I do like as much Kamal. And they cut the grass food you can take me laugh with bad do an idea of the Urals lieutenant if you. On and so yeah you gonna be Hank cannot fight height isn't Haller. Do you know problem was it was just it was towards bickered back and forth she was on the helicopter Watson night was still talk to. Would meet and it triggered on to the next date will and she got rid of two guys asked. Went out to date she loses all its got rid of will on the date she got rid of the Cheney as he was crying about his daughter and and I think he should use that as a trick. I'm right here he's she's sent him home she's been the home peace at. Absolutely. Poll do you many say keep it wants it. The light it's good luck at all. Sure go. Let's have kids and that's not a problem we have face armed we have. Snatch and we have all kinds of I keep in touch my children I'm away for weeks and I'm far so I didn't understand while. Linda my daughter named Luke warm yeah I mean there's too much joining in your voice when you say you know if we caves that you love when you hit with a hopeful or mullah. Kids. And this it was just so much he need to go 'cause he wasn't hurt and he should have played dead immediately. It right he should've said you know I really love you wanna be was view. And I miss my daughter so let's wrap this up. Why are we doing this stop playing your game awards are Rachel are. Unwed daughter is comes first and fifth are and. Body slam. So why he's stranded people of and relies aluminum and my doubt on bond p.s after. How is your front runner during the Colombians in he's didn't embrace all right did you averaged. Did she may. The house was aired live here but he made it to do to get T okay. She made up for a cause he did it mean I'm not that she gave them rules. Okay cool what magazine if you feel it. There are gone maybe for day to day basis and there I. I'm easy Louisville will got the boot yesterday and I ball he can. And balding black guy. It was corny and dating this thing I'm OK with either football players that northwestern football player still in northwest of football player so okay what he's got to do so I. He said he don't think black with. How do you say that ma'am I figured well black what they need you never yeah. Especially we are on the show about. Needing a Blackwell OK. Whom as a black girls liked that. So he would like of agro chemical light medium heat on the licensing like I did the same thing and I had time to an abrupt. Real fortunate going I don't Massa vowels. Yankee candle factory rely. I can't smell anything. What are. Iranians say they give previous for two weeks from now what are we looking towards its next weekend since it it's it's amiss episode next hour. I have to answer he gave him look like he gets they have he has all of the sudden like he's like down down to maybe tool. Loan agencies and addressed armor rolls almost close of the final roll stuff so I so this is gonna the overnights right. I diary well not that I wanted to meet the BM because when you meet him do you realize how messed up people. Yeah my mom momma won't leads you and maybe. Adult here and really impact this is may we may do fairly that's when you learn the most about one. Now we could do everything. I did a mess thanks for the next two weeks you can follow Muller social media have our own human being around have you seen I don't know how to do sales in the city belong to hang its comedy Twitter. As Graham on it is I thank you didn't think comedy I bag tag they do. Fresh. Did you envision shall Carnegie or want.