Hank Denson Reviews The Bachelorette

Tuesday, June 27th

Comedian Hank Denson joins us again for another hilarious review of last night's episode of The Bachelorette.

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It's like two nights special weaken the fact Flores. Think meaning Denton joins us in studio because this is the funniest bachelor view here. They're a bit on the radio yeah I had known it was it was emotional last that I cried a little bit. And I didn't. As saps the you cry when you realize there is too nice this week not a poet a unit me and I just came home from her resells like all right let's get within. I might they could have made the one last night that the rumored to drag Jackson in out here. Ain't he had so it was a lot of drama don't they Specter announced last night you know what I said watch it last night that Hank called it because last week when you Ron says he said. Prince but that's hello in yeah. He's the front runner and O'Brien. O'Brien right yeah. On Ryan if that. See all the time loves him I'm a big reason why we don't kisses let's. They are not married well. I'll give me your. Hold my hand lady we're very. Well right is that we have here's my question now is right now Brian the Colombian looks like the front runner all. And Ronnie in the dean Peter and air okay. So we're similar and I am OK would you why he's so excited right now doesn't my clerk favorites. How. On this and that ordered is now. Good eyes are Savannah who's entering forest this summer is a bachelor watcher Jane you watch it's much yeah and good habit to look at drab affair is. Dizzying normally. Set you up to think one person the front runner. And then they did it take it turn out the end so the fact that everybody thinks that Brian in the Colombian is the guy does that mean he's probably not going to be that guy be there. Sadness going down the wrong path some federal I don't think so focus on the task feces and he just kind of see the connection wedge. The main Paris and and police I was a front runner and then they ended up being in like the tops your top three precinct connection seriously or connection with finger quotes I. On both. Clinton Marion is always kiss and he gets the dates the kid says. Everything they jumped off a bill that they Devin you line waited nudity rule we die. Out of here. I don't think my stomach hurts I'm well one. Happy I'm I think we're gonna get to the bottom of this. Cheney leave seeing. Let me ask you gotta Clint alien movie it day hey it's out there. Primary source I was here about. What do you. OK I don't believe there will be off the lead several cowboy movies than this week would put something in him. Doubles is something to them okay. And play well I'm glad we're gonna it's about a minute Emma my thing was eighty current. Lie. Yeah he guys right here is just boot. Yeah goodbye each used to seeing it keeps me nice cry when they did. Awesome it's even better than in the girls' track is so funny late in the limousine pulling away. In the interview and immediately after before leaving Dei and the amount you know. Ryan about dozens and I think. Assets you all got him to leave the paired. Like if if it's. Hard to watch. Is because. I know guys don't you admit like guys don't marry like. You mean like I want to my colleagues to wait to get married you out pressured do and I'm Mary and I got a championship ring okay. I was like in the finals if I okay needs meaning you or something is failing me like all you don't well lose my leg so no I didn't. I got a jumper they did their why everything's fallen apart you know and I mean if what these guys a way to engineered to have. How much do says he lumped her with all of them. My left eye now that though that's a link you've known her for it and I'm one and I. I will be worried about mom battle will be Marmol made. Think she said Newman just pitch which he said. I don't want to catch this proceeding kids. He kissed Jack the dude has. God that was so awkwardly and that was the worst day I have ever seen him when he's easily itself a pat on his face he looks like woody. And another and on online rain that. Lowered its own compass in him. Reach her to yeah. Yeah. I think he'll swim and the. You okay. Much I do. You tell them. There when you day in our OK I. Momma likes Elizabeth I'm a woman in the human being so when I'm day in you gonna have to be like you know I don't like at all. Because I'm only like I'm not gonna be around you weigh in deceit did you give me a signed like. I'm throwing my Dyson there you like nope you crap out certain immediately acknowledged because I'm not gonna waste anymore time these dunes like so little. All I'm thinking invited to sign a made me sick. You get to. A make guys look bad 'cause this is not how duels operate I don't like OK I got friends in these categories I got one friend he's a kiss. Oh my we go somewhere and he's single and not a single wing in place two minutes he's at the bark she's consumption. Dan is the dancer he's to a decent day of the PPX longer he's dancing what are always leave when her. This is my other boy you buy he's all into his girlfriend so when he's good dude women want how. Laughs and army and try to be faithful do you she's a bad this. I know I really love jacket and or will watch and he's duels operate more like a new tools are black. I just say that's chassis guys the whole thirsty for the like give me all my. My attention because there admitted talking like who will own coupon you know Brian is kidney didn't. Like they did you know what happened of the dam so bad for duke got how tough. And DC gay. She gave the rolls. Yeah. Soul you'll get hot so would mean we make an out and we go to the rose ceremony you'd like last night with Pat Brown black in him. So what's gonna happen tonight why is it to net deficit what are we won't weary and find out where to find out does the mess between Kenny in Nam leave act 'cause today metals week bill wrestler would love your mistakes is what all has got to be a fight was cloudy some might slipped orchard on. Data and ladies but no dividends are generally and it. That as well it's a good cheer they cry and she cries that Stanley and how well. I hate somebody gets arrested oh he I hope that he I had both get sent home when they showed me working now. Lightly I don't push over you're on the effort he is a little smaller do indeed you remember kitty was slim and everybody in the mud yeah. So itemized I scared he cannot do so now leads by armed beliefs. Aren't true. About how well the ordinary. Out of the pickle biffle. Popeye used in this bit edgy thing out get out. Tiger you don't you didn't walk down like you saw in the may fight them the same homeway. The next clip is so you've got blood on his face like. Certainly good to have you back tomorrow. Tomorrow. Lots and lots of thank you actually have data created. I'll give me my mind yet you can't hang dance and we'll recap tonight's episode. Tomorrow. At this time on the jet engines show. Star in 941.