Hank Denson Reviews the Bachelorette

Tuesday, May 30th

We're back with Hank for the second episode of the Bachelorette season!

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Thanks for making this wedge. Indigestion yes one start now before one I don't nobody can stand send coming in studio to break down. Everything that was last night's bachelorette. Thank you never seen the show before this season. It living up to expectations. And this was kind of good the last of the when I was last night this was the what's got me. Actually had to go get a jury wouldn't be. I mean you know. When is it. Are you are your. Is your family is your wife and your daughter these excited that you're sitting down when Smith left. Like I got prepared collectively go a little. Lotion. I feel is live with the details last night was intense IG and the way this season normally begins his ratios are bachelorette right yeah. And so all the guys get out of the limo and did she eliminate a bunch of them last week. Yes she's yeah eliminates some from the first stood up for first time meeting this person. That it was last week didn't they got a couple do right on the sixth and has disappeared. This only happened though and then they'll reappear in like episode four and you want a second I thought they were gonna. They start to focus on some of the characters. Like last night of course they had two bogeys on jamario there's a. Yeah well then all when he does get a good yeah. I found among the eighty. Okay. The good of the world in Florida yeah. Where unlike what can be reloaded didn't play good segue don't listen to this I'll. I. He showed up at that house so yeah. Yeah so no she showed up at the basketball game and did so they were I got a date or some thing now. There was combined agency split the guys in the employ best must limit Korean module. Abdul Jabbar OK send it so very demands won't answer he's there and all the dudes English don't heat. And she walks in particular all of what was his face like when he saw. We're dual. We're Gould. Yeah it's big. And not at all and and act like she's crazy US and all that they're getting bunnies then who is this. No it is. This status of of guys lying India and start swayed the denial and then it goes oh she's crazy yeah and then do it. It was bag of Lucy's article in the car missing and pulled up the text. Clinton she's got headaches that you last week brother Freddie content with tanks in her while he was in the house of you know he takes heard I was in the house and texts are right before around. He went to the main exit so there's no you can't deny that trade that I had her being criticized her and I know that's proof any judgmental mood for it truly is this I. Love guys took. Grill crazy with seeds has looked into Kim was like huh. Mother's soul Ahmad mother hop on my grandmother I'm not lying when you look at the camera. You start calling my home my grandmother. I believe you. Yeah yeah the new light there's no going back from that bowl was it was cool it was. It was intense man like he's out any other front runners from my sign anybody SEC really feeling I. The dual. They talked about again I anti life people talk my wife has a gas seems like if he had it is. How old they're just bond them money or whatever. This is my guess he wanted to get race I've never scissors US are well. All name oh right why did you come any air. Hugged his socks or until Wesley does not slow. But not on the do it again and now wobble. Yeah killer round he he won the job baby challenging had a challenge where you had dress abate diesels like. There's a lot of defense was showed up we had a baby and had and changed the baby. And then they had a rough with the baby included a baby and hold our fishermen had to vacuum with a baby didn't. While boom was dropping a baby in the water like the bottom of the mineral ridge would drown. Because they lose all the weight in the water he will probably. Not automatic. Then you grab that baby had a full Mobil's real classy last night op play at last night we have actually me on and it was really good it's because. Bachelorette will be freaked out and called the producers and asked if we know for I. And Bill Clinton ever OK for husband stuff now like to play soccer. Life and in my. When health insurance they. Secrets and merely cute it's every man in hired an insane Banda and everybody likes the bachelorette party line and watch and that's about Sanmina yeah reloading mean next year she's actually pretty soon. C and she's a lawyer energies the whole fashion patron wholesale Indiana Susan way isn't fair throughout the sort of thing yeah. More black axle line moralists and it. On initiative from Tyson when the basketball game. Can you buy next week's report he you have lake your top three front runners like who you think it's going to be. NATO and when we can follow along for the season guilty he can nail it. So what do you sucked. The deuce is key is the most I do a lot of deals that Nokia's and I got married than Mayer continues now and we don't kiss his. This thing analyzed weak isn't as low as a good so I know when you kiss then. Before talking and you're going to be glad woman for. We knew. I had thanks for the update yeah. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.