Hank Denson Reviews The Bachelorette

Tuesday, May 23rd

Comedian and friend Hank Denson has never watched the Bachelorette... until now. He'll be joining us every week with his thoughts!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all the now. Now. The whole world yesterday riveted to add their television sets watching ABC. As you have such terrific defenses back. As his story you isn't made. And these first black it bachelorette this. Entertains. How many guys they bring their. He won enough 31 guys coming at chair what's her name vying for Rachel's ratings shown. She was one of the finalists with nick bile on last season of the bachelor and nick letter go. And America was heartbroken loved rates on I love her on season bachelor nick is an idiot. But it what's different is now she's the bachelor. So Rachel is is the first black bachelorette the cast as the most of first in the history of the bachelor or bachelorette yeah and I just wanted to let you know. That that truly unite and believe me but has nothing to do with the fact that I asked my friends hang dams in Iraq because then. Don't have a black and visit me black shadow. Why do what I needed to do was find somebody who has never before seen the bachelor active and that's a small that's a small. Florida it's been on for quite awhile is what does this third with a thirteen seems to me. As they seemed to cancel it. Is it makes us all look bad dad is dating Americans I guess in general it just suck it does look like Nolan who do don't have social skills have to you know I mean if you they dressed up like campaign win and doing some dumb. I'm really mean no one really tall this is why I love what I do is gravy and try to get series it looks it was done I did no such a big deal in the house Madonna had her hands stay ever had recorded when a political watched it was our we record run and and it's a remarkable. Also wanted. That now let's go big here. Lies lies she's 99 right what we needed no black women can do causes like that was I didn't notice saying why do we date white Spanish whatever what you see on TV is what happens. In my social why it is achieved white guy against Angola data lag and that is that tied with things I was like OK well that's why. I got I got him to again be ASEAN judging your parenting skills if your daughter is to figure. She can and can't date based on reality TV I'm. I really wanted to just delete my. Elbow and this is how you need to get a may have to get out of my mouth and let's watch it let's watch all these cells can mean. An update on the flicks the bachelorette we need to get deals so you get. Guidance because I just wanted to go I don't know why equivalent to us about he's cute he's Q number look at life. Are you afraid of Cuba. Come on need to know like I did get the bleaching. Show who stood out more than memorable moments of last night's episode here your first time watcher I. I was just praying he wasn't a radio DJ helpless. Yeah all Lee don't say his job resort and me out if it was set he was so radio no drug testing my. I had no drug tests and that all night when he did it I was like OK that's a good gimmick if you got something going off way to sell it that's good TV I didn't expect him to get this. Then messed me up sushi catch him see what happens here here's yeah it was the police cellmark to me in my sleep for us right. I think yeah. Fierce and explain what that would that catch phrase means. Lucas and done. I. Oh boy I. The player that ever again if. Bob boomed a 2017. Moved there days you know. I don't know if you've come. Like to do well the movie Hank. Paint when he was trying to get this little heart on the mold fifty. How does not going to be the next thing. Kill yourself could you please. President overall of the show do you think it's a stupid show. Yeah yeah she's gorgeous so she looks like. Led. Mike Tyson's ex wife listening. Robin Givens. And she's Smart she's Smart a lawyer right she's. And she's friendly chatty that's really good for equality most women that it did I got a degree in an illuminating each year because it gladly Cambridge and I didn't do the dude broke dies those Google. We bought the block ice yet of the but they don't need to break that's like the console would do you do it. More like bringing it and they don't have a good time she's excited about it which was as did TV. This with trying to. Notice. And use that. We do know what is the way. He goes in right away you can tell they had chemistry at first hot and wet my. I mean a whole bag today had that physical attraction and it is. How pummel miles when it looks moisture and kissed my yeah. Did your wife Serena yeah. Ya he went right in for the kids and it was not a tender one it was. I have open mouth open and they or and it asked is this first meeting. A lot of time. Perfect job. Yeah is that they think it's time diet now think that guy's gonna be around for Ohio. I was here at Columbia is make the tough against man consumer. For the breakdown I. And now they they do elimination every week. Up one person's nose they narrowed down I still have to get rid of like six or seven of her so minute it'll just narrow down overtime so some like doubled. It's like hills estate around waiting to. Zoomed in yes on the act couldn't do it somebody who I. I couldn't do it I would. I'll leave now you got your whole high assemble or your daughters watching your wife's watching Kerry get you commit for a couple more episodes on my youngest says some liquor and now. Where they get there at a liquor sponsor it is as if it was. OK fairly time with the wife Madonna was not yet amusing watch a show together aha I'm out of the car dash scene I don't do any of that in TV challenge stuffed in my daughter watches so this was a moment let's sit down and actually watch TV together to have some girls are so he's yeah. Girl talk just looking at one dollar the most in those final Sebastien light. Yeah he's cute he's announced a solid yeah I committee I'm Bernie yeah. We'll see you general bring about a white line next week from her from. Oh yeah Newsom stagnating get right on entertainer. I am opening brief and only a word any and it tweet durn it has its Twitter it being a second screen for bachelorette is makes it even more fun. Are when you're following hash tag along and you get people's commentary I'm feeling is that. Saying oh it's a thing and now you're and it Nigerian Hank paragon is okay let's go welcome the clown. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.