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Friday, October 7th


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Making the switch to the justice. Yeah. We have jingle jam tickets going on sale at 10 o'clock Saturday. You don't need it owed you know meet these members I ain't plumber anything. You do is get online started before when it landed dot com get tickets James bay. Putin acts ambassadors and rain on December or. You can be. It's going to be a great show we'd love to see their genealogy and to get on sale this morning Tony. I had Benson is a friend of mine who's helped out the jet engines show a couple of times he's going to be an comedy show that I'm doing. Saturday night so funny and effort god I'd forget I. Forgot that we recorded all of its comedy he did when he came to the teachers now all of. How was our teachers only happy hour and heading to. As a stay at comedy routine imparted thirteen it's pay teachers more and it went crazy viral of millions of people have seen. Well it's Friday morning there's a lot of excitement in the world with hurricane Matt you and sometimes. You just need to relax. That's the point of this here's a little bit of Hank dance and when he was part of our teachers Al all of and a couple months ago and the Japanese and. Regular dad about volunteer to go this app role to Georgia aquarium and got crazy you don't have man. Hey I'll let you know right now if you thought you notice the pocket. Love my wife I had some free time you looked like you need to go to school and I'm like I'll go to school you might use chaperone aquarium of the like that's something I don't wanna do. People's kids. Let's not only get five other yeah beside my own right who would know the mold them okay. I've done that it bobbled and I'm not who would you. All right it's like David I think it's an aquarium until they get you ready pitcher right now so what have. Does that give him a hockey affluence. To want to play. This school and then all hell breaks loose what little weicker cried the whole time like we are living legend both on the big black. Anywhere in downtown Georgia company to stop crying and I. People what they put. But yeah. Like 7000 dictated itself. And equipment over everything. Usually it's out of jail last Robinson. I would assume that the riveted submitted at the apple flop. You get up. Look the way David will be. Bond float my thoughts about like all the time she's the one of the lady that this is the leader that any day. I know what. So yeah yeah yeah. He got them the rib he. And at the the full write the area. You bear the thought he may have spoke here. Now let's have a and muscled body don't know what. I grabbed let's let this little conflict I don't care about you here do you think these people will think I'm crazy at that. Happens it off a boat with a sharp today and open. This human bomb. It's not it dot com. Like that pop out that it. Did it in the white methodical and I don't I really. That we bold something she's both felt that he got the almost looked at that's where adults remotely but I'll go wolf we've done. And I would go blow it up next day. What bothered me now is here for the there's been a party that currently. According Jonathan what's in this for. Just because of what he'll. Make a lot that's right she's like make a bunch of them would be late for school. Believe in Citigroup board had be achieved this. With ready with another really scared to come on. To my house Watson into the school buddies and the bad state troopers dvi. DeSoto. It's loud I put my. I would not myself with crimes being you know what do you do. What do you pick me. And don't look like the when we don't know what to say what you. But Peter rubio enough to let. It's great but not reach you that flattened. Out and jump start any follow our.