Handicap Spot Justice

Thursday, November 30th

Jeff is on a mission for justice, but we never expected someone in the same room to be the bad guy!

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shelf all the now. That seller has that being a four irons handicapped parking spaces you are a citizen that vigilante. On people miss using that. Is it just bugs me when somebody. Holes in your handicap parking space and doesn't have the proper identification for it because it this good justification is generally good I'll only be an arm and it. But what is the one many hearing there is wherein a journal Mara woman's. Drives IA who has her elderly parent in the car or their Charlie uses a wheelchair or they themselves. Aren't fully able bodied for anyone of a million reasons and they got a sir the parking lot and maybe even decide not to go. That store easier in the spot just from that and it's illegal. I'm winded easily it's not only illegal but it's rude to Bryant and it is my is often as I can only to share this lying this or I will confront people. And I have come up with the ultimate. If you see somebody pull into a pardons but they don't have any identification. You say excuse Maine. You are just part there without putting your match out you're your tag or whatever so. They take it a lot in this parking lot so I don't want you to get in trouble so go ahead and now. We thank. And then if they say oh I'm just gonna be your firm minute then you know they don't have attack and then you can elect dining chain myself to their car. I got a hippie and there's a redwood while you have said this for a long time this is one of those things that you feel passionately about so. I've been meaning to tell you this Black Friday story for a couple of days heard this through a friend that. They actually go and use their aunts. Handicapped parking sticker out Black Friday now. And in exchange they give their aunt gift cards that she can use for the holidays narrow down literally go rent out. Her handicap sticker on busy shopping days so she's. She truly is disable bright and she has a legit or wheelchair. Situation right and says she's got the badge on her car. And so they will go rented out for holiday shopping. Why do you look so guilty allergies then. Have you ever dominance. Calorie I. It's oxy I am and I'm not gonna Hyundai dealer can imagine cause last. Do Kelly my mom's mom and drove his gold stays lagging owls are some and eyes glaze a love drag him. Wagon around and met and had him pardon stagger and I. The fact is though. When you borrowed her car gas and energy and hugs and dazzling man LE island I would intentionally borrow it on days and you are going to be busy I haven't done this. In light years and years and years but how old man Manny Lang and give it did anything. Had a sticker east he's got on our plates is they gonna cover got a sticker on the win now nobody else can admit that's right. Nobody else and in Kelly I'm really sorry I admit to do and the last time you did this mom. Oh man. Men. Minds in them first German to eliminate years ago. He hit that seven. And then our side and remember they only ties of friendship deal breaker for you this if you feel so passionately about that nobody you're gonna have to have some sort of redemption a kind. On now. As I mean did they may slash tag there right now. You know snap fares and a walk to the end of the bargain not the only guy won Portland liked. For a technical and perhaps. Star in 941. People are guilty. This is telling Jeff about somebody I learned that on Black Friday goes to borrow his pants can catch stickers we empire. And that disabled parking spot. Her and they trade his aunt for gift cards over the holidays and so she's basically renting and she basically handicap ranks her. And shout her handicap access to worsen any is Purdue and it. This is a hot button for just dollars I don't know why but it's rising naps when people park in handicap parking lot. In one of our own family members admitted to doing a decade ago yeah she is sorry. I'm not I am sorry. Yeah borrow her tab that you do is Joseph grandma's car yemenite driven now on my yes she's got handicaps are on. Cars are parked where on Victoria and Marron. Welcome to confessional. Good contact. Tell us about your sayings that. I'd like a dollar per port at the moment I. Write him letters. Aren't we buy what everybody. Together. That's a big lot is a bit of your your mom was involved in this transaction experience. Yeah all all out of your mind you there's. It went my I am I did have a driver. All three and. At a loose. Yeah and your mom went on to this idea. Maybe nobody out and admit this just LA. Dorian Marron and let Tony indicator now. The Tony welcome to confession. China has allowed. No say yes I used to do it odd that my mother at laggard. In I unit report year while all of that how they get Tibet target us. All of our years. Teen. Today but cover every College Park inside that's known Joseph trying to find. Apart on camp says yeah which is clearly import Ford disabled citizens. Understand. Would you smarter not harder. Adriana and their River Dell welcome to confession. Yeah. So. Only deliberately talking with it and then she. Yeah I'm in shock right now right here came in your cousin goes we've view right. We should probably be at the club on the and when you buy and I'm. Glad I am. Here's isn't so bad being geared for him. This is unreal there's more. It's nonstop while now angels have and cardinal sure know nobody nobody should us Ashley. Try and definitely use my grandfather's handicapped parking sticker. Prop forty years of college. Yeah yeah. It emotionally because you had a handicap parking bigger you don't have to pay for parking and parking likes 600 Allen with a list. After you have just unearthed a real issue. And be disappointed and every one. I know there's going to be a lot of people in wheelchairs and having to cut to a punishing. Yeah yeah. Eric came out I don't hold back father dollar. Yard major slave for Kelly Clarkson to lose everything about you as bugs me and him. Erica and alana. If yeah I figure Atlantic ethnic Arabic it and it is I like him about the Pitt and Angelina Olympic. It. How do you feel right now are you okay. If I need to be comfortably Kelly okay well we never knew that. Kelly Clarkson as Hemingway. I'll know all your engineer has now they'll answering Carly aren't carrying slogans oh please say is please say what would get me fired. Yeah people who are caught off my cat cats multiple cars there and at that special man. And people won't pull out and part the next and it still works pretty even get back and that it is radiant. Onslaught. Kelly would you say whoever telling him don't know. Peña. It. So. Consider that any lean so you shouldn't have done it. OK. I'm going eight. Should have never had any but. We're all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.