The Halloween Joke Dumpster Fire

Friday, October 27th

Her parents thought the pregnancy was a joke and said a whole lot about her boyfriend...

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Okay turn enough. And Justin Jan show all of now. So daddy is what we're calling her and she knows that the jet engines show love. Loves awkward. We celebrate the possibly awkward moments fleiss. And she knows we like a good dumpster fire CU and she thinks that hers is pretty epic so she wants to share with us hey daddy. Saying yeah I definitely got a better prepared or you. Though the negative bacteria. You know let them earlier this entrepreneur parties can. They say this is you don't think you and you know it's Halloween approaching. And I know that I have to shop and so now I just about 85 entitlement a pregnant belly bomb you know it proved to hold. The whole ugly saying yeah. And I'm excited muscle helped yeah. Hole beautifully. In congress amber what she Matt was in the exaggerated. Ugly big boobs. Back and it was like the whole Jack Jack it would have been decorate it completely push and I thought they'd be. On. Paul and Kobe I think maybe you'd. And slightly panicked at what. Don't do not in the belly everything and you know there like our heart attack on me you know. How lean that which are going are you know. And then I just. You know what to do with the fact that a lot of back and I'm like oh my god we can't speculate. They guide you and I would be the worst thing on the world like to get pregnant I don't know undertaking. All and it yeah. And even like print book about it began and we let them. Tell them. So it's amazing the whole pregnancy belly thing wasn't an announcement they just thought it was a joke. You need. I. And I didn't saying being carried out I didn't know. How to play yet. So yeah Iran face Simon dammit and I calcium shot well I'm using it would be funny and they got high and then when US home this weekend you'd be able to go and remember what I say that funny picture world as well and it's coming True Blue. And they get all. Mean yeah it did earlier in the hunt around but the backfire was. It's go linked guide that sad thank god there's only 8000 leisure dating a loser. I don't know it is yeah it is saying that today. Nia they did actually say that oh my god. Either lose their what do you eighteen like to thank god like they were like you can pick up. Did you know that did you know before this happened that they didn't care for him. I had no idea and I always well I hope you have not soldier boyfriend Dennis have you know. No okay these are pregnant yet but I doubt about it is now I'd say they don't really understand that put pressure. You've got to tell him right now now. Lola I'm going home this weekend to say that she's having a baby now I mean I don't know how to handle it's you can't tell him my parents figure Alou are no way he's got a none of that situation as confident. Had he daddy he yeah for about eighteen years so does she have did. If she had to free its Al her parents Nancy pre tells him to go into man. And within with a plan like we're gonna make you look like a stallion. OK you know well here is this tiny remaining and what I'm saying is. Wait if leg in a bank no way to have a day so he obviously wasn't the casting Shia. Yeah. What are we Connor and daddy okay. And do okay. This is great I mean it's terrible but this is here's the thing. If you go home this weekend and you say hey guess what and you get in that brain like an ultrasound or something I declared a bit late Carter. Had a little T shirt that says in Yemen going to be number one gram fire something where we do. What if their response is always this part of the joke. He's this figure you keeping the joke going from the passing shot and now your boyfriend knows. If there is a precursor. CU could tell your parents before in the leg foods showed up about losing her yeah. I think you have to preempt them. She has to make it very well. I think there. What's your kids I would protect his feelings from how they really feel about them. You gotta go to one or the other because if not. Something that was my. I'm gonna be like if I could come on now and I go. A. Maybe they won't notice can you avoid them and for Tony Harris. Olelo you'd be busy. They don't think it'll go out right now. Phones are ringing I don't know this is advice coming in but if you give us three minutes ago through these phone calls we might. Have some wine. Who can really need any Ali by thanking you know it could help you out. This is. I needed Lenny tonight is as I can get because I am yeah I'm expecting a. All right hold on person were calling that he sees you as you just to make sure I understand this Jenn yeah. She'd is pregnant by her boyfriend yes and and is picking out her Halloween Kasten and sees a fake pregnant woman asked him underbelly of big boobs and whatever and face times her parents. I guess what is a joke. Guess why it and they go. It's just Halloween we know you have pregnant Ewing get pregnant by that loser that would ruin your whole life. Now. While you scared us we would once you have a baby with that loser not knowing the issue really is pregnant. I'm fat loser because she's planning and telling them this weekend and they had no yet because she probably wasn't. What is it three months be free tell people and yes exactly who they can always Kelly it's very appropriate. Iron to hide every phone lines and and rain out if you try to get through the world for. 263094. When I think she has to go to her parents so low first and tell them that fateful. Friday. Blew. It up and getting young star forward. I just jump in and contention this morning and we are contrary Debbie. She is expected to be with her boyfriend of the year and was just look to for Halloween costumes and tone of his big pregnancy ones to put it on. And face time prepare. It's we don't know that she's pregnant. Well it was just like seeing joking around with them and they see this big huge pregnancy belly and days sort of jumping in front of her announcement and they don't well what did you think not you're not pregnant and that laser boyfriend that you have. And shoot a little time to go home this weekend tell her parents that they aren't really expecting a baby but there's so it was a joke that insults the boyfriend. And. Though I didn't actually use the word loser that I hear that right to have either they actually call your boyfriend a loser. Yet they actual. Okay well I think we've decided on and I know you didn't cause for advice he has collars because of our level of Auburn in this is this win some sort of awkward trophies and congrats on that. An M victims low iron you're locked him in jail time. And so here's the thing. We've we've agreed in the group present agreed you either have to tell the parents or tell the boyfriend that you can't. Take both of them and blinds. Because then there's too much chance that you get burned. I'm not telling one of and so the debate is. Who do you tell. He till the parent letters already tell the boyfriend firsts ten boyfriend my friends think you're a loser heads out let's go. Break in Atlanta and we who's she towel. Not terrible track critic and then they kept us out of there and it together and now. They have if I would say that about what is this I'm. In the situation acts. There we get our act. But wouldn't it be better. Is. He just didn't know. Ever. Does he does find out. And that hat on her part so you agree with that in some way. And that's gonna play out hit mine in their relations. Hi Brett immaturity is no place on this Russian. Marianne. He would not be the first man that I am sentenced. In largely yet still I don't think it's. David deal as they I think she had to count on Croatia about him. Real there's a way I really don't. There is only actually OK let's hear Cali yeah. You say Abkhazia so graceful within our personal communication. Let's hear how you set out this morning Kelly might have some experience with dating losers yeah. Actually I have never remember pregnant but if I found myself in that situation while dating said lose our I would have to say to him my love my parents have. Really been impressed with my lineup so far and all we are about to drop a bomb. I'm on them and you're not their favorite person A says they don't know though really view and no real news here. Hold on playing the role of your boyfriend on hang food June. You know they don't went down really charming and I got drowned Lima stemming because they've hated everyone else that I dated once. No and the UK notes Russell can you don't go for a bad that day no I don't 'cause they never say gee you know use elude all. And they did I'll Iowa. I would protect your feelings are you worried by putting you and the most amazing spot like this bright light that just signs trust. Facility okay and longevity. OK let's go to your parents have centrist won't be awkward all of a point out the face time you guys had three days ago where they call the illusion of. She could give us about. Now she could edit tab at. I think you can do that had he entered garlic and like camera guy that any need their grandpa I had premium and not parent. That aren't they weren't thrilled to die by. That not reality it's a great job. And it's going to be there and have them play into the and this that they candidate. So you tell you say don't ever say a word to the boyfriend. Go to the parents. Exactly and never really inadvertently you say it's aimed at earns. And I let you need the Pollard iCloud that Ali you're ranked it. Becky that. A media. About. If you actually have to tell her EM. Talent on the right track you know soccer Italy and sort of like I I would say don't tell him at all because you can never take that back. My daughter dated a guy in high school. Cool that I had some concerns about how much. And I told her and she went told aunts and he told his parents and I would addiction happier that they would have it's highly exaggerated like got a but that was always there always get your parents come loser it was always always there. Yeah and into your hands and you have. Oh loans and aid at all if you never called him a loser and you they would have broken up in four weeks. Now able markets where it's out. And if we do this or in my life my wife outlook while we men and white pin. They like me and so I came out until we got him when he married and mother in law are crying. Like. And I'm. You know it and I couldn't see him sneak and all my life there were a new ideas. And Ian here and works welcomed their own culture and different country. I there. Aren't my mother and one did you. I'm home record when men and women have been written if you look competent and right. True you you're gonna like in the memo it dramatically tear through. Finally my mother Marleau need to Columbus to here and basically to. Even be a jerk you know you're never gonna. You gotta gotta say we've got a bit of beating that team. I'd rather play my got paid instead of into the very imitator. Thanks Marcus his personal experience right there she hi hey you know god damn mean what is true. Pairings in your mom says to cry me. Can you please again I know you weren't comfort vice we're sorry that we just three and that ocean. No I mean they gave me a lot and think about it that. Big at. I. There's still more advice coming and we are running out of time Jean and Buford says don't even bring the boyfriend. Just go home to see your parents along first. And crazy though and this is shuttle has been an adult in saving up your parents can you please promise because in this town on Monday just let us know how went especially her mom cries. Yeah why should I cry because then absolutely you guys. I'll. Sunday's paper and I write about it be out about it alerted. I have signed are ruining your parents arrive this week and congratulations and maybe. I'll think yeah okay and he. Always. Our lack. Ernie legs feelings about her. Part of me feels so bad. Because she didn't. I've called for advice but we'll open it up on FaceBook FaceBook dot com Jeff can change. Your regular some input. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.