Gwen From Before Break

Monday, April 9th

Very seldom do people come face to face with the person that gave their content a bad review. But before Spring Break we met Gwen, who had quite a bit to say about one of out debate topics that morning. You have to listen to truley grasp her frustration. Also she's HILARIOUS!

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So are in 941. If you read a really bad the Yelp review about your own business to be tough to hear right parallel cringe where any well we Yelp review kind of it. Mark have a lets out front and who was really angry. About did you did you check out. I think it whizzes who did it. We didn't really. Enjoy a glam as much as we should have. Played good journey. Dissent so personally and Jeff can just I mean he's like water off and expect he just thinks it's so funny. Is side where it is hilarious and I like I. Yeah. We seem mad amnesty over and it might not be able to go to sleep her. It's the day you go like this is what's amusing. To people like this woman took time out of it here's what we are talking about. Okay can this happen it before we went and spring break if you heard it enjoy it again with us. If you didn't didn't hear it strapped in to kids and she goes off the rail and it's it's me it's a beautiful. Like like microscope on America because the world radio station were one of like. Ford does and radio stations in this city. No word look it it takes more energy. Taped to the NHL is to turn a radio station dinners they RS thing. So the fact that she picks up the phone calls as in she's demanded that we are having a completely random discussion. About whether or not you should eat the eggs at Easter Bunny hides any Easter Sunday. The dyed eggs she's imagine you eat those hard boiled eggs or do you not an it was a heated debate. But it was. It was what it was a conversation. The translation but she doesn't. She picks up the phone she lies did you mean incision has an opinion on whether or not she should be DAX and then we'd pick her up live on the air. In just that it's this is forming a slot three and a half minutes. And it is so much fun to go down this journey. Thirty year old sister rap game as we take a phone call from Wayne who doesn't like us landing in Duluth. Yet that did the Atlanta. Area. I actually on it and Harry frustrated with the agent. I didn't mean that talking about hard boiled egg believe you Google did not importance. I got a radio that I had that. Listen to you today here are some very highly and arms used. A radio talk about it like an even completely content is that. The law and I'm not happy with that I don't know why he doing that should be. I get on the radio back in my day you did you got on the radio and let them let you remotely music now on the at all related to carry people talk. And an art again this is part of what I. Aaron I wake up are they in the morning wake up there you. I'm not my alarm clock and then I'm waking up at people. Talking about eight it that they expect humbled by day and I don't like it. OK so wow are you sir I'm Hala OK so. So you're actually. Several. Black and you really are even a top army guys. Well I think grant I mean gorgeous it was just I guess really well both saying is that really set me to Google has it seems to be a matter of opinion. Please let metal. I think that a you can Google anything and basically at LYI. I'm I'm I like and intelligence you let people. You know would you want to let you know you should bunch you Google the virtual girlfriend or they are the Bellagio I. It's exactly I'm. Well then I came around and I. I hear he's. You meet here. I mean no priorities of that is asking you do you know I already said. Home. And that not a fan. And if they must. Yeah they can also ahead. We're friends. Now who. Aren't a lot of can I repeating everything we say. Eating out anyway OK okay. You're twelfth. Well mining is now a loser. And I need a win and Hulu desktop. Yeah. What is thinking. Happening hair. Doesn't mean he's not an Easter hers is now. Any apparent real live trolls from. Does this come a lot you like her real live scroll oh it and it could well I know as it stays that. You know I ain't that good. Maybe need maybe Glenn needs a juice box and now. This. I'm out proclaimed thank you for here comes the fact that is that there is that you're more of a gift and you realize just thank you. I'm thank you and I over the PGA guide acceptances up on that actually wanna hear. Am I think he works over there. Now. I know what now than just the question between me and yes that's all. Learned this good and it means is that solved. Threatened radio person. It's I can RA apart. You can hang up now. She said you can hang ups. Oh yeah. And I. And what what is yeah that is seeking that's exactly how it expects I mean going to behave. Why can't go cool like there's sequence nonevent. There was like veggie fund chicks that are I would not hanging out man today and she's a bad. Yeah. You know listen Smyrna. All right guys at lunch in the paint. Producer and yeah it's really she's an early punch doesn't have taken. Obama. We. Are true. I am aren't I not every aren't you don't. Eat. Let's just say yeah yeah I mean that I'll. Adriana in College Park welcome to the jet's engine June. Oh my god I am so glad I didn't I unit which are. See. I don't want to know governor me your actual article on who are out. I. Usually get ready to handle. That's what's so funny the whole thing to me is I get advice it really doesn't take any energy to not listen to us. Thank you. Out he didn't say that our country get get through maybe it was. Now how. You know I was Texan with the person. Who. Originally brought up the debate about the hard boiled or the ET eat yeah NEA is now that we're ahead is having a conversation with a and she said you know that this is why in the south they say Bashir and that's really all we can and it. I feel quickly they had been pent up for awhile test that's where I really love Glen and yummy totally honest I love her. I think she's awful you know I thought it I don't I love a good trolls on hand there's the other secular. This should be droll side there. They call it would stack Atlanta I'm glad. And then and then should go away let's share count and call. Oh my goodness what did I thought. Spring break I'm glad to be made me laugh at my out. We articulate. I bless her heart answers for us to say in the south things. You guys the eating too much during my target luck I'll sell my. Us and thank you well. It aims. You need to get the car I can't tell right they would eventually get out. Star in 941.