Gus Gus Cat Song 09.12.16.mp3

Monday, September 12th


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In case you haven't heard it today and looked down. And no one noticed companies ought enhancing will cover you. The championship show star and 841 we are just a couple of minutes away from your chance to grab a new I phone seven. Will do that and about 807. At first. Jessica. Europe can't sung Wii issue is are coming true. Hey. Yeah I. I don't know I it it. I'd just get called us a couple of days ago and told us about her friend Adrian. And Adrian cat goddess who everybody calls Gus guts. And it is gusts guys is the finest. Three legged cat in all of Milledge. That background. You may. I. And yeah. And France for a my round how. It's you really want to use this song to invite her to be a bride's maid in your wedding does that gift on two levels. An attack are right so we're gonna call Adrienne. Ands. I play this song Ford as she have any idea. Why we are calling her this morning. She. Now. Something. We. I. And I didn't think I. I do think you need to give as good disclaimer rate out everywhere and listening on the radio. That you just gave to me off the where. Just so open pit Adrian sweeter. Yeah actually a little inpatient record sales and they cheat on Al deep pain medications. To say that. I mean yeah I think that this whole thing with them that trend. I. Thailand's collins' hands. A. She touched. Them. I. China. Age and extend from the Japanese show how are you don't. Are you out and a hug your feeling OK today. Yeah I'm still I am getting a little bit. Over an injury Friday. How to there how would you bust your ass literally. And how I didn't think about wet grass and let her at all and I just. Well straight out. How. The pilot not how long does it take a bus now Monday's deal mysterious. They pick fruit can take anywhere they want that you might. Get into it. All these years. I think it'd just bread I got you do it and doctor opinion on it they said it looked brand. They didn't really see anything bad they're hoping that only make out to hear about it you'll. Honestly. It. He bit of all I know we're not because they talk about your by. We call. And we have your friend Jessica on the line added Jessica. I Jessica. And I don't know are you are you familiar with our show and Ollie Adrian. I'm kinda just stuck and I feel like they are urban village well bad. And we don't get it we don't really get the Atlantic station without millet well I pretty much should be. I I can hear back on these books I helped. I while one of the things that we have finally become known for. Days. Songs about cats. The polar cap. Songs forecast the I am dedicated hats on how cats and really their intended for the cash. So you're Francesca called us sent told us all about your cat got us. And sandy and it would be great. If we could make a song. For and got us. So yeah. If it's all right we view we would like to play use this song. That we have created for your cat got circuit recon Gus Gus is I guess that's when his friend yeah and yeah he and I. Your sweet friend Jessica. So excited about cats and knew who they got. And so she wanted to ask you make it on as a gift to you and you can. And we did it to a Miranda Lambert song because he. I heard you guys are big Lambert fans. Here at the airs this on for guys guys from Jessica. You Adrian gas. Champion ginger. Its decision around. We know. Then maybe. When there's a risk. You see on T. My guess DNA. And so on. And since. Adrian. Lemons and yeah the end and you know. Now smile and and brand name. The east yeah. Adrian as the song for Gus Gus and also an invitation. To be Jessica's bridesmaid. Hold up. The crash and Jessica. These guys guys get to be here ringleader. It. Out in. My mind. Well I don't know that. And young star ready for a one.