Group Therapy: Your Collection Has To Go

Wednesday, January 15th

Stamps, magazines, shoes, hair: humans collect a lot of things. But what happens to these collections when humans start sharing space?

Producer Jeannine and her boyfriend Tom are taking the next great step in their relationship and moving iin together. When two humans start sharing a space, there are bound to be some things that are left behind or given away so that the shared space is more accomodating to both parties. But Jeannine is worried about one group of things in particular: her stuffed animal collection. She has several stuffed animals, each with their own name and story, that she adores very much. (She doesn't even want them in a stuffy box because they won't be able to breathe freely).

She's fairly confident that her stuffed animal collection won't be a problem, but what if it becomes one? What should she do?

Better yet, what are some things that YOUR signifigant other collects that you would like to get rid of?