Group Therapy: Sweetheart or Stalker?

Tuesday, February 11th

Is there a defineable line that separates puppy love and obsession?

It's okay for a man or woman to profess their love for someone else in 2020 isn't it? So when is the line crossed? Is it when a person is told to back off and doesn't? Didn't we used to call this persistancy?

One of our friends reached out to us recently in a similar situation. She's only a month out of long-term relationship and has a pretty "chummy" friend that she definitely has shared some sparks with, and he has told her on a few occasions that he is interested in being more than friends. She isn't completely against this idea, but also doesn't want to rush in to anything quite yet. Is there a nice way to get him to back off a little bit or should she sever their relationship before it gets more difficult?

Our friends come through with several different views on this one...

Welcome to Group Therapy.