Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity September 26, 2016

Monday, September 26th


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We've given you and fun selling 94 line. The idea is that taking a little bit of time. In the morning. QB and patiently grateful. Enforces negative thoughts out there it reminds you what you have even if you're kind of in it and it crappy place and it throws good energy. That philosophy. And if you forced yourself to do it and retraining your ranked getting into a new routine I actually try to do it now on my drive into work. Hey Simon farm by myself I'm trying I just try to think of one day on my way and just it's a new routine does this start today in a cripple. Our telephone number is 4047419400. If you wanna share what you're grateful for I'm. The radio we opened the radio for you every morning every Monday morning at this time. 40474194. And welcome to the jet engine now. I thought they attacked the morning because they get important key guys even longer than me I'm only deal. Not that that that's a great attitude I thought about. I think it's probably an unpopular attitude but it could grate on each. He ill. We had nineteen of the permanent they're going to escalate out ivory Clark whose solid car. And I am I don't. I well thank you guys so much for the same what are your name's. My continued and. Christine and I thank you for listening to the jet engine issue we appreciate you guys make the switch. Now. I Jennifer welcome Jeff Keppinger aria. I a lot of it can. Add something that's something to be grateful for it. Hey give me a long time would be great and not be negative about them. A live in a serious car accident every week to get a double. My car. Ever and. It didn't let thirty at the called art. And Elaine. It didn't water. And when I came here I kicked the door and rescue people were there and they helped me. Get out. Met while it is. All I have. Like Brett okay. Wow you are truly lucky to be alive used it. Oh yeah I kind I really would like why. Why act I lawyer really. I don't know why am at the error and I asked about why but I'm gonna find out why. Do you remember the accident do you remember how it happened. I read map we let them know really hurt me area of the mountains and. I don't live underground like I heard an. And my deep yet and it. I'll I didn't Nortel and went to catch it and I just went straight out. It's. Just so terrifying. No I wouldn't shock hit it wasn't here at what at our and then I couldn't are and should be. Terms of when you're here today it tells the story ends. To be on your notes your next part of your journey because actually I know it's going to be so much more meaningful. And maybe it would have banned because you've got a second chance. I had. Got gotten I want something from me about. All of this contest you won you wind. Up ten version you and gratitude of the day and a half mile per amid. I'm here. I'm here. Pay anything or edit a. Wow awesome thank you for that reminders. App makes you feel grateful for being able as deep breath. Are you guys very grateful for a what are you grateful for anything that I would think about on the way to work today and you retain and today is. I'm think I'm grateful for doctors because I was thinking about. Be tremendous risk that they take in their faction that day dedicates so many years of education. Day. Spent so much money on getting nation and so much time just be able to start being able to practice. And the risk that states especially surgeons are people diving in to other humans bodies to. And you know although the insurance they take on all of the risk that they tape. Just hope someone else live longer or to hope someone else and save lives. Mean at wake up every day and do it just thinking about one book every game that I don't think you can do is just tremendous. Competence and risky and dedication and bravery. Every single day that I can't imagine doing so today I'm grateful for doctors thinks he'd take on. And that's why I'm now award winning news and the actors and Smart thing for me. Actually the next. A part of it on. Quick outs in the net and it isn't an emotional fortitude that. One last gratitude repression recalled were the day. Leila welcome to the Japanese and I hold what are you grateful for today Avaya. Can't wait for holiday list and game show. He made early I was glad I don't want a bit of bad feeling again that kind of definite change channels that he had yeah. Just made us happy today thank you lay out how old area. Oral. Nine years oh yeah. Beg you so much for listening. He. And the economic debt and listening to a hoot and she's back to back. And him. If I that's our credit city fresh and pretty alerts. Our telephone number 4047419400. Hold onto written. Cause any kind of share which are grateful for and you can also I send us a message and social media he composed and our basement page. Just an inside job. A what is mine today. I think I you know what I am grateful I went for run over the weekend and I remember thinking. And happy that I am able to be but I'm happy that I am able to use my legs move in and it's somewhat active in the. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.