Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity - May 9, 2016

Monday, May 9th


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And Jen shall we go to. Hey Katie and Douglas bill you can start things off today. Katie is grateful for wise. I am grateful for my husband Hugh is because of my middle daughter are all seem. And he hedged them are urged firstly championship weekend. I also congratulate. West and the team. Jordan. Congratulations Georgia madness and which are residents and me and John and a great dad Josh. The calls that concept behind strategy pressure pretty is. If you start your day. By putting your mind in a state of gratitude. It could be transform it yet have a completely better day. 40474. Wine 9400. It can be baking. It can be small it can be significant because the only significant teach you. Doesn't matter as long as you think good odds you're gonna change the energy in your brain because John put this out last week it's so much easier to have negative on. For some reason human nature makes us. Go negative quicker and I don't know why edits but it just seems like a natural thing to think about the things you want to complain about things have gone wrong focus on who's not treating you well. So this helps you re train your brain to a more positive state of mind. If you start your day with it like we're doing today start your week with Ed. That sales pitch off and different direction. Today I am grateful for the dinner I had my chances Stanley last night. Because it was Mother's Day so we went out with Kelly's mom for dinner and they got some sad news over the weekend that tallies. Grandmother is not doing too well and they were all able to make plans to go out and see her she lives in New Mexico so today I'm grateful. That there are going to be able to go see her if it doesn't get better. There's going to be able to Garcia and spent some time there before she gets any worse so I'm I'm grateful for that thing. You sweetie and I'm grateful that they were all about her and all they really get together and and then make those plans. Hey lives in Dallas Georgia what's up. What I'm so happy. I love you all I'm so happy you're back. I love that I love. I'm a different lives. Off hey here and in. What do you got my first stage and by the way things. I'm thankful that I have a pot growers but I dropped my flat art. Oak. They saved your hair today. Yes I know that reveal. Jen you understand the important thing I get it I would be lost my curling iron flat iron. Yeah actions yeah I just ordered that one program on. Explain to me why you would need how or why you would need anything like into their kids just like smooth your hair out and get it where he needs to go out here and good hair and yet some are currently today aren't happy about it I'm sure looks great niece or color and I say yeah now you go girl fifth patriots in Smyrna. Hey good morning yeah fun yeah last year I believe you keep a year ago yeah. I'm so glad that you and that's art together. The us and answer almost 4047419400. Is a phone number if you went away and and that just tells what is thankful for what you got Korea. Yes yes I'm thankful for my view wonderful daughters. One at board yeah I'm here I have all I want a cut and I had very busy day yesterday out leading and doing laundry I'm thankful for them there there is. You have a very busy life we're we're. That same well has that floor and one half signing deadline a lot so. Yeah as then I look let's see he'd done to your girl and I feel like really you end up. You're going through a lot of the big thing that I'm going to yours so I feel like you're. Played so you definitely words can now use that banks pre thanks for Collins. 0:0 today I am grateful for my brother Mac. The younger brother who lives out in California and he and his wife Mary there are some. And he's always keep an F laughing he's always checking in on facetime and keeping up with are girls and yesterday I was especially grateful because he was the one who took the reins. And ordered the Mother's Day present from my mom. And make sure that it would make sure that it was gift wrapped in her letter word and he picked the perfect president and she absolutely loved it so. I am grateful for my awesome brother Matt. Hey Jessica welcome to the jet's engine so what do you read on fourth. I I am lucky guy. Thank you I am I am thankful that I normally eaten cost well my little as far as I have expressed bull. All out. And or some lesser degree before today that's awesome album. Hey Margaret forty grateful for today. Hey good morning. And today I'm grateful for my hat and that has worked out of date for our whole nine years together on this week he's going becoming her. And how they treat me with my stock market. Nine. You guys got a long distance marriage for nine years that's insane. Yes we have and it's been hard but it didn't work that. I when he's not tune in week makes her so grateful that. Let violently and. It's it's these kids out Margaret that was awesome hey Tammy you can wrap it up Tammy from particularly got. Every likewise ping gets four it can't count on 300 dollars I laurel park entry like five cents bottle night. Very cool science what are you raise the money for. Are for the American Cancer Society. Welcome Angela are your hard work that's a main. Thank you appreciate it we keep this going on FaceBook just go to our FaceBook page and it is just nine point sentenced the just turned your brain into a positive space instead of a negative spaces to easy to be negative granite city fresh entry into my favorite and we get an I in great. Gold for all these people call I'm gonna let you guys. So grateful that you're grateful for this I'm grateful I'm all the adrenaline Hendrick earlier be able. To be able. Gen John we just.