Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity - May 5, 2015

Thursday, May 5th


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Now starting may be forewarned. Move move move move move. So. Here's video on a couple of years ago as last year slash share my fiance and I started leaving each other notes in the morning. It started with the words today I'm grateful for it could be. Any thing it could be are held. It could be the health of our family members or Arafat could be great friends that we have but it can also be as simple as. The leftover pizza that's in the French and agony freedom for lunch. And it just keeps your mind turning. Soon. Be grateful and think positive thoughts it's so easy to think about what's going to be crappy about today. It seems more natural to be grumpy. It's weird right so blade coming up with something that you're grateful for thinking about positive thoughts and sort of forcing that into your day as a regular routine. Forcing that into. You're life makes you re train your brain to think more positive. 40474194. I'd try it out just come on the radio this for ten seconds fifteen seconds and yet today I am grateful for. Boom and you know laid out there you know what else is fun about this is I like hearing about what other people are grateful for mile and a trade makes me happy 30. So what are you grateful forge and what do you got today I am thankful for our awesome nanny because she loves on our little and get out of every time that I can't. She just loves on our little one Greece so much and am really special relationship and without it wouldn't be able to be here income or in even allowed to do so. Today I'm really thankful for our house and that's awesome and I let's see what am I grateful for today who's gonna be superficial. But today I am grateful for the fact that it's cigarette in my house. And five hours from right now we will have cheese dip in front he asks can help. Margarita maybe a cold beer and little bummed that it's chilly out could write that in a case in front of a Dennis what's out an elf. I hate doing bad they're grilled by you then we're awesome today Dennis is grateful for. Their grit my girlfriend we've been dating for almost. Nine months and she's changed my life actually wish and what ways. I'll lotion you need to religion and nice to be not very religious but I really opened me up to arm. Being nice Serbia better person and she's she's I mean all other things that I didn't former Russian family saw. I think I don't really know a lot of American customs and shut out really helped and she just she you can boo you you know revolutionize the way I think. That's our food ads on the Dennis and what's her name already. Ask. Stay here for days definite Stephanie welcome to the show how are you Stephanie I'm Ari today Stephanie is grateful for. Today it's my daughter's laughing at college and she got on Saturday and my son's first year college and they will be held and she. She graduated without any debt so. One on me easily done yeah I bet you thankful for that. Ha ha hey mom come hold twenty dollars booklet grateful for no good it doesn't graduation I waited they both go to college. And keep that you and G and he deferred. Very cool cancellations mom. Hey meg and a welcome to the jets and Jan surely grateful for today Megan. Today I am grateful for my husband and we've been married almost five years in July. And he led the most hardworking man I've ever met. That's cool with his autism. There Darren Darren thank you very wicked man named Darren is got a hot hey. Erica what are you thankful for. I am thankful that I get to be in the need to do my friend's daughter. That's. At school days and so cruel and Johnson. I have I I can't have it myself and Peter how are predominantly outside your whole. I'm cook saying that I it'd be there for my best friend and it's the definitely are all expect it. Very cool wonderful and she's thankful for YouTube. Hey Laura you can be our last call on today's edition Laura from Roswell when he got. I run really Ballmer profit out of Roswell and I was just given permission by Chela. We'll have a cable at their next event comes to pick. Does it refer to handle. That's cool do one until you're nonprofit. It's called escaped child project. And Aurilia as superheroes spread by K cool what are we gonna gain and what's the what was what is your non profit do what you are. We currently protect children at home from each other so called. So furniture that sits over achieving that it's over we get parents and caregiver instructions then restraint. To. To keep their kids safe. And how did you come out how did you come I do and that is that's that's I. You know honestly I can read a blog. I'm a woman who locked up. A child that way and it just schedule such a way. I changed my life. Do you guys remember Laura and I thank you for sharing your story that I am. It will continue these we'll keep taking these analyses voting their FaceBook page in and just take. And thirty seconds out here today. And be thankful for something and and you'll be surprised at how changes here. Absolutely entire matter because especially the start yesterday and we call a credit to be fresh and pretty and you can't say that without violence. It's starting may be forewarned.