Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity - May 16, 2016

Monday, May 16th


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Or one. Yeah who who who who. The idea is simple read if you force yourself to think of things. See Europe appreciated about bill you are thankful for you can change your mindset for the entire day Jen pointed this out it's so obvious. Negative thoughts are so much easier than positive John for what are. Reason human nature and Clinton's negativity creep and you can think about what's gone wrong and complain about things back. Just re train your brain to be great called. Change your whole perspective on the banks paying that called what's going on in Roswell this morning. We have our Mittal bought air space. Awesome. Arms the beauty product eyes and what grade are you doing and that grade guys I'm a year teacher isn't. It while she is mature voice or sixth grader what are. 4047419400. These are trying to review and share what you are grateful for on the radio what are the activities at middle school field days. There's all there's this thing shot play I don't alert. Is that fun activities that well what are only and digging penny at a flower. Merv. At the end of the year stuff right there. That's. Not in the cluster and we outside thrown watermelon. That's a good day there is no greater time and when the teacher says let's take class outside. When your seats outrage that Jeff what do you think before today I am thankful that my fiancee Kelly is getting on a plane this morning program there's not doing too well and it Emmett lives in New Mexico and I'm grateful that she has the opportunity go on spent some time whether. In case and in case it gets in that's worse instead of its better then I'm grateful that you have that opportunity you know moms out there are so. I'm grateful that the sad thing. It's special time together yet but it's and it's easy to think this is what strategy preference for he's all about you can easily be a very sad thing. But it say it's a good thing because they have the opportunity together for a while we're by yet. My gratitude to freshen treaty has to do with airlines as well I am grateful for the Delta Airlines flight attendants who were so helpful to us. This weekend with flying with little kids. And they gave Reese and more and their very first set of wings I can't wait to hear Sicily also went out about seriously. Flight attendants for Delta Airlines for any airline. Thank you for how hard you work every day I am grateful for him they would go out Evian tequila how you do and. K get Harry L. What's going on win in what are you grateful for that but it would Richard gratitude present Freddie. I have I'm Natalie had a five and January but today I have an hour drive but it's awesome because I get a look into the death and did Saturday. Why is your commute you must work near 75 in windy else. Don't apply to an hour. Now I've LA where Indy you know I live African and little are they added that. And I stopped in traffic and eighty back. Please tell us that you heard a great phone call we took last week about the person you thought low burn. Was just the slang way to save little burned. They hit yet. Well I got what they are that guy there. Was it was a globe learned that throughout Lil Wayne is from. Fifth. Grand dame Duluth what are you grateful for today. After five years but finally got engaged. This past week. Can. He's not a little less than enthusiastic about it or you just picking up. Yeah look at that I against. Now tell us how did it. I'm back now and then he had. You he couldn't he just got out randomly. Well you marry. Did you have any idea it was coming. Yeah I mean we bought a house and yeah I. You'd better of it yeah yeah. But I mean did you have any idea that it was coming this weekend. Now. That's awesome to Badgley. Says oh yeah thank you know when he wins the day. Are. Now. Most people. He's engaged you might think she's got to over next here and I here's my dress sincerity in the closet he is you can see my wedding binder I think. And my interest board he's going to be who's doing the Tom food at the service to. I did him in the show before and glamour you know do everything we are grateful. Always grateful for mom silence a mom again because she figured out how to look at her two young or without me on the phone I think the Vermont. That is being what stars claiming reverse and Gail. Path yes technology on our own and so proud again Gail could. I don't have calling people's hands by the first name that's big too when parents drive technology that's that's worthy of that. I will keep the conversation going on our FaceBook page even if you don't want to be a part of it I'm faced program the radio just think if some grateful putts today. Promise you it puts in a betterment think Jeff. Or one.