Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity - July 5, 2016

Tuesday, July 5th


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Are making this wedge. Today Jeff is Jeff shell apparently aren't. You move. Gratitude and he's fresh and fruity as what we caught its ridiculous name we know it's. Can't really makes you smile yes. And I bet that's the whole attitude of gratitude fresh and pretty to change your mood so easy to let negative thoughts creeping year ahead. If you think out of gratitude of course is one of those negative that sent to make room for it it's a good thing. It's especially to start the week is seeking can't think about complaining. Shark analogous and human tendency to go towards complaining but. We start with that is to be fresh and pretty we think about lowering grateful for. And then he just. Just. Appear in general minded today is so easy. My family is in town it is fourth of July weekend and fourth of July week and I love nothing more than this week hanging over my parents. Railing out being at the lay hot sun delicious food great friends and it's also today is actually my dad's birthday. So I'm specifically. Grateful for my dad but generally. Grateful for just having family around. And that time together yet here Gradison expression pretty should be the lyrics of a country's pitch good and I think that's absolutely. Pays Samantha in cantonment. I mean thank fox for much different view aren't just don't want all the help meaning that each refrigerator yesterday it was cold. And happy and they did a great job and I'm just so grateful and thankful for him. You gotta do work right. Aren't they had to put in to work at that I came thank army and wonderful. Yeah yeah and raise those kids and feed them and make them strong strapping young man. In order for them to not help you move heavy things when I mean your elders that's that's got a. And two boys don't take crush gallons of milk and with 124 hours as teenage. Yes yes and it. That's awesome thanks for consonant we appreciate it. And Matt's got a gratitude be fresh and fruity. People are related and only an hour. Four figure oh god. There are a lot of things mostly sticking it in the year. That's not pass happy birthdays today actually ever thank today is actually moderate that's great and happy birthday and thank you for celebrate with the jet engine channel ever hit you guys and what's your son's name. It's funny it's been over seven years old cola happy birthday to you and thank you and who capitalism it is. I've got one about our very outspoken and opinion needed a three nature Lauren very grateful that we may have to have action timely vote them I can tell that what do you collar. An opinion dated. Outspoken three nature three need to add a tag or new term for three or look easy and terrible teased her hat in the and you get three teenagers. And I'm really appreciative of this week to spend time with our girls Lauren and race. But I wanna say specifically Lauren because she keeps to hide my toes and she's cracking me up this week like when she said to me. Literally yesterday she goes mommy if you do not behavior this game is. Over all out and a like Oliver playing with her little people over the cards against humanity. Hey meg and welcome to the jet engines. It's fresh and need. It today I am grateful for. I'm crippled or. Her single mothers that I'd come on Mac school to change my. Good for Yale. That's awesome so what do you get your degree and. Accounting actually works and an accountant Akamai dot currently. I actually get it dickering card. Well and technical attention and thought this very grateful. You may and that's awesome and I know that that's got to be a ton of hard work. So. Today I'm grateful for you've been single mom and making life better meet your kids like that that's awesome. I making the switch to that yes yes yes yeah our nation and.