Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity - August 8, 2016

Monday, August 8th


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Sir I guess it's just congestion out on star caddy for Y and now do you instantly. Wanna be and a betterment yet. State three seconds and they have something you are grateful for. Now I could be huge gigantic lake somebody in your life just conquered. Terrible disease rickety he. Leg the left over pizza and you've got your fridge you realize you're gonna have for lunch today you know it doesn't match. Thinking about something Europe grateful for it in Spain mover mr. That's proven by science people and we want to share with us are forced 74019400. Jack let's start with you when are you grateful for today I came games in the office yesterday. I mean. Law and. K I am apologetic. Antique white. Well with a sand finish isn't it strange how many thousands of shades of light their arm I'd lit our way to Home Depot and I picked up the little swatch things and it gives you get emerge in the way. Held about the lock on the one that was the closest. I mean it and I am grateful that it doesn't look terrible and how many trips are there not there's some on the on the on the little plastic. A sport thing that I just gotta scrape off. I use and get something and get that out other navigated agent I'm grateful that I did that there it is there's an odd sense of pride. You gonna let it off you are Home Depot tagline. It more doing. Saving Moore doing I don't think I can give us nine how about even idiots in Ithaca it's a Jennifer big kick their welcome to the shell. Ole. Jennifer welcome to gratitude he freshen Freddie. I am New Zealand. I have dot they didn't see. I call him nick has. Our daughter is it is back at the university at Georgia did. It turns out that bad junior PGA since summer. And she traveled all over. Stopped less. And kind of mid west. And we never got archer could shoot unlike 68 ER the pretty dead in. Actually opened on late last night and worse I didn't man. And augment our she did she in her beat Gordon Beck actually ball. Art I'm speaking out I got eight. I go back. And I'm not a huge sports fan that's awesome Jennifer hey Rebecca in Johns creek. We are great and yeah I'm I'm I want to. Thank you so much we view. Google her teen club VEL. I look in my head. Unit packed neatly to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Luck congratulations. How I act on it and it and what's your husband's name and L. Bella while happy anniversary to Rebecca and Phillip in lines tree. Like you guys and congratulations to you Jack I and you have a lighting coming deal. I do October 22 which is counting on how many days that seventy some. And it's on the list to talk about this week. It has played here about yeah we're stepping on the accelerator so there may have been an argument to yeah. Europe and that's. Strategy fresh fruity is not the time to talk about. At a race and a fight is where we are grateful DJ outlook welcome to the show. They keep me and the land and I are my very day at beat cleaning day and I have never gotten a public looked at them. I he's grateful. And aching that. And you're doing little cool and I'm getting tired I get all three of three and it any AA. For you know is this Bennett during jobs 30. Yeah I mean it is and it went to school or admit you're a average after I graduate and it. On very short had a huge can't bring it could until haven't been able UK. And that did back and Intel in the play and now I get you know talent that. I am. While congratulations to Rio and I. Thank you for a listening to the Jeffords and shows you start it is going there. Or that other thing I'm grateful are you guys and I do delay you do not your showed. And I come back Q I am morning radio he says imprint that guys not think that that morning I am grateful. Banning certain gear on my their opening group. How blog my luggage your commute. And Irene could mean or any. Minute. Well while Janet iron grateful for long commutes and great. Choices and thinks her. To. I received about I. Mar lean in Atlanta welcome to the jet engine journal. Howard you. And that attitude for a Monday morning. I know I. Because that. You noted that I I mean I'd need. A minute. And. I. It's our east have been listened to the jet engines that he's at all. You know did it and yes. I'll be. It. The only reason I believe you as you have kids on the manic that your line about it now thank you for saying them Arlene odds and you know I don't look at particularly. Air. I'm grateful for yeah Marley and yeah. And I didn't give you could be in integrity. And art expert. And I'm only a hundred permanent. Crazy on a cake you just Carla. Howell caught do you. Don't wrinkle. In school and doing. Hey let me ask that question I mean it is their any coffee left in the Starbucks who just made it all. Lee Ayers line and the low. Line XY and does and why it back you know and maybe. Ever in public but yeah. And I think it is is it. Congratulations. On the net and it makes me yet they haven't worked out meet. I. Austin thanks for. You get. Out. Marley is actually the second heaviest person I've ever heard. Thanks rightly. I started making this wedge to the chest congestion. OnStar not before one.