Gratitudy Fresh & Fruity

Monday, July 18th


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There's Jesse James show. There are far more. If you're brave thing to be thankful for a first thing on Monday morning. 1005000. About this anxiety. Or even put on hand here that you're gonna have a pocket put the money and it would replenish all that spending over the weekend you activity went out to elated and I am pretty much in your basket target I think that. I did that a couple weekends ago where but he but he died buddy of mine and round at a winner and others. This little bar currently. No money inner but we ended up eating like two dinners because you just like to advertisers. And umpire. That if you went and announced that world. Be any aren't. I wanted to part of gratitude he freshen fruity. 40474194. Budget it's a terribly selling game we know that. But in opposite happening just a little bit and that's the goal waived receiver from Yemen read. Email and that we received. This year. And I use a woman's name she wanted to remain anonymous. But she just wanted to now that we have made an impression on her win is that gratitude segment and yes she had some family stuff happen over the past few week years. That's. Caused her to have a lot of anger plan negativity about it not good stuff. And as I'm sure was it a mom and you know kind of taking care of the whole family it was Fiona kind of blocked. And a couple months ago issues us and our show and we brought out keep moving forward and we keep brought out always be grateful and she's like you know what it. Amenities that. Ominous start. Changed my attitude she started that day so she says that he now let us know. That despite all that stuff going on her life she was able to adjust your attitude a little bit and that slight adjustment is made her feel her that's incredible thanks anonymous mom anonymous bomb. Jen what you grateful for. Today I am grateful for my mom and dad specifically their relationship with our daughters. His day. Go from being adults to being legally and still Lee and laying funny games and making up silly stuff and just. It's so fun to see my parents. Pretty choked up. One way. Just because it's so sweet so funds my parents turn into their own little inner child when they play with markets now. It makes me smile inside and out to see my parents and their joy and hanging out with markets sent thanks mom and. Yet another mama on the there's let's Sarah Lisa. I'm Lisa highly Seth Curry and Larry are you grateful for what today. I don't think comic because it's Monday morning after having him all it is just making my views. Hysterical is cracking me up with his story. How old's your son. He'll beat her in September. Three aides and it's funny things he's saying green. Where to alert I yeah. Let's use that same. Kellen and a great life and. Thank you thanks for the top. And Maria got a that you're grateful for this week I've grateful my alarm clock. So that you adds that I have to explain. Okay so our pulled them in the round here side of the floor with you guys and then the afternoon shows on the home to connect. That the Mac. So on and create so am mile arms are erred in seen my phone right now he hates me. But I am grateful I am grateful that you're such utility players you're going to be here but time it's a lot of caffeine for sale on any of world health while we have put a timeline and finding some help on the morning June we promised by the end of this year. I. Caving in Alpharetta log in Asia. Karl good morning this Monday morning what are you grateful for. Well and now. Of mine I. Mean. It out about. On the major. And I'm hoping. That night. And on the back. I'm Mike Utley call well. But you did now you're getting now aren't aren't art again. That is the worst feeling on the planet is it your card guy. In the middle of an intersection. And a red eyes. And Lieberman and it is and your panic like. And into it you know. It's a new person. Elizabeth in Gainsville what do you grateful for this Monday morning. Well I. Taken my church teachings. That. Coming ball he. And I eat diet to get myself out or pragmatic he obviously I am back ahead it spending her holidays. To come up from Atlanta bill is and help me get my. That is good friends. In that. Vehicle entrance. And Matt Cain paddy. And at. And I am grateful for people like Elizabeth who have 45 minute commute because that means. You're trapped in your car with nothing but listen. We hope you choose the fifth and that's our gratitude to eat fresh and fruity works you have to do teams be thankful for something you can hop on the show and do it or you can do yourself. If you brag about somebody in honor FaceBook page I'm grateful that today was my wife Nancy county's first day and age out. In exact hours. She's working with the Robin Meade over morning express yes and and we actually this morning that it wasn't like it was an outlay funds now and. Ahead this morning which effigy and please iPad app. Because we got a lot member I was worried that like as we achieved in the off everything you're going to be grumpy about it again lining. And show. Daughter for a one.