Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity Part 2 - August 15, 2016

Monday, August 15th


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Making this wedge to let's just show shall our nation are. Ought to start out around two. Strategy fresh and pretty off. Saying thank you to everybody listening to the show ends I've reached running on social media and Colin. We've been there. Positive. Encouraging. Reaction I don't know if Jenna granderson are listening but they did listen it's 7 o'clock when when we. Media announcement at and youngest daughter's. An Eggleston right now and the wage and puts it is. She is starting. Her. And journey to beat cancer. She found an advantage is cancers I'm grateful for. Everybody listening this year today who's who's been reaching out and that's number one and then number two I have to tell you that it midnight on Saturday I sort of making phone calls. And I got a hold of everybody we got I mean within twelve hour every single person that I reached out to. Who all has a different area of expertise. And it different. Way that they can help and Ingram and Reese every single one of them reached out. Back to me and and rock which they were doing to. You're connected with Jennings Bryant and help them as air. Reese as their own child so the fact that I have friends like that. Jennifer and Andersen Alan Anderson and I'd team crow with a rally foundation and though you go to win in France foundation. And the fact that I call all of you friends and the U are so well and you. Held my other friends so quickly. Means the world means. Maxwell and butthead. And what he taped but he grateful sorted and Maxwell. I can't I call 18 on until. Not my family and not in any early on the other hand it. That train out there you Maxwell. Well you're old enough to started some money and pay for that roof. That they get to work Maxwell. Taylor. Wentworth schooled eager to Maxwell. Yeah well on some things for Collins everybody at Sutton at the jet engine issues and I. Did they buy. A the uniforms. And calling Douglas bell welcome to the shallow. How do you rate we're doing kind of a special edition of gratitude he freshen thirty right now because we're trying to put some. Positive energy and the world's in this ripples it over to its recent articles and Jenny grant. That woody out. They're definitely not where my heart definitely gotten right now they need anything acting each couple met in my bet what I'm vertical climb right well sports my supply thirteen mark has breached my allies and my child. Them it's been a long road but it it's finally got an all in place and I'm very grateful for it. How old is your child and and what's that what's the name. See who she just turned eight ear about in her name it's here. Awesome well thank you for calm in the call and congratulations on the sobriety now that's challenge. And you think about it and again my heart my prayers go out out in man then I'm trying inform every day saints you. Welcome back. Loral Loral Loral. The rally in Atlanta London and Asia. Thank you. I did on an advance that bank of my job that actually they are there a direct job Intel gave Atlanta got a cure I and it's just bad really special on there and collecting the other words like bitch out your every day and they did air corps and I didn't. I love my job and I'm very blessed that it. Here's the problem that I have we've children's health care plan erratic. Here's Maggie if I was a sick kid. Like I and down the hall from where. Reese's. There's a room it's called the team room and there's like piano a prom kids. Right there's round so if I'm a sick kid and I go to Chela. I might actually faked getting sick again to go back there in just hang out if it's. If it's nicer than any house that I ever grew up and Everett. Share and Nellie Brinkley during league games not games in hitter and every deep debt make bad habit it's. And just enjoy it out there doc. What raged they top out at the what are the chances of my late fate of follow and there I can get them. Tony and fortunately Beckett he began in an odd Italy will streaky at all. Make that aren't well yeah that you leave a wet spot on the Florida semi go visit jam that's when and if the banks. And when last call. I can't either love him in the shadow. All Marion Rae Kyra you. And I did I looked recording. I am grateful for their miracle and they happen every day Adam my nephew is in me first year and a half. At the camp victory and that started a lit eighteen months and he is now nine years. While congratulations to him that's rate. And not a lot of miracles I was told by the senate has never having kids and I have a happy healthy picture. I'm looking gradually which are six shows name. That only. Whether it's a warmer time. In the good economy oh awesome well I'd give me god forest. Absolutely and I thank you lied when last month Katie and aggregate glass column. That's morning's Polly here. Great salt water shelter and health care. At a lucky hit. My camera there are 33 weeks went. Cardiac pet hair back and I don't like going through bank. And you re set everything even their their daughter and. And sure bet that. That here I applaud that tackles that's wonder all. Yeah it is an article doctors and everybody scared I'm scared help house that the children's. It's wonderful. But I think it without aren't pretty light and every idea. You know it. This is touching. They pay you for the call Katie. Yeah yeah yeah. Are making this wedge to the Jessie.