Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity - May 23, 2016

Monday, May 23rd


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She now. Or one. This is where we need you to be a part of this show rate now 4047419400. Today. I am grateful for. And then it's all you. Gratitude being fresh and Freddie is what we college if you start your day with the dose of gratitude and really does change your perspective on. The rest of your day the rest of your wheat that's why we started on Mondays on the Jeff contention out. And if you don't believe it's just try it the phone number 4047419400. If you would like to do a publicly airing incoming you to be the first call today what he got. I mean painful ways the last week of school I don't have to drive from. How mean she dictator anymore. All rights and polite grateful summer and a tank must be a great school. It but I am race where it is still. Now will you still listen to the jet's engines show even though you won't have your long commute across. Yes yes fact I have the app and I was yeah he's got time it's just thirty seconds away from my back I'll play a. Perfect and I will try to move a little slower afraid thank you very much. What are you grateful for today can and there today I am grateful for massage therapist Greg if because I cashed in my Mother's Day gift yesterday my cousin got knee deep tissue massage for Mother's Day and password and a and Greg. Did a great job I'm feeling so much better like I am grateful for him and and for the time that Texas and just sort of decompress. Take Eilat and at Norcross there's going to be a common theme today at bank. What are you grateful for Kayla. It is a lot. And you are you a parent her teacher and teacher and we'll bring you into what look radiant heat are right. How you feel about this pitcher and he's. And thought he had an egg okay. What's more knowing at the end of the schoolyard kids are the parents think. I'll really OK because they're just antsy and they're ready to be done. I. Or quite a lot. Yeah they can't focus anymore I remember feeling that way just be like okay couple art hey. Hayworth cigarette is going to be off topic for just 12 but we're thinking about. Opening the phones maybe tomorrow or Wednesday to teachers who have been begged him by parents. Tech past decades does that ever happen you if we do that would would we get phone calls. Okay good opener and a scheduled thanks Kayla today am thankful for you out in the party's vision can pay anjouan stone mountain what are you grateful for. I'm crippled Miami lied down big older I'm. Bad management but solid and ultimate battle. Like. That's awesome. Very cool thank you Andrea thanks Andrea we keep the conversation going on face but it's as simple as that. He's grateful for his in laws which what do you got today I'm act one I'm actually grateful for health. Like. As she -- be able to wait every game you know an opponent deal with anything a lot of people in the world. Who are so I thought that this this weekend I had a little bit of a scratchy throat and a Marino was. Fighting has springtime summertime cold yet still there and it stops. But it bestsellers and yet Veoh is that he can be thankful for Al. That's when we're up to pick some debate that some small. And in and be grateful for it it'll change the tone of your entire day we call the credit he fresher food that you don't he asked to do you do it and they just. Shall.