Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity - June 14, 2016

Tuesday, June 14th


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Are making this wedge into the Japanese yen shall to turn me aren't you. We'll. Soon. The idea is simply this you. Hi I expressed gratitude. Early in the morning. And that it hasn't. Negative thoughts are easy. Especially at times is what's wrong with the world buys it so much paid. Quiet there. Some people fighting on my FaceBook page but if you force yourself. To find something to be thankful for its heavy favorite to be small it would be. Leftovers in the fridge. I'll ask me. They can be simple things but if you force yourself to be grateful and thankful. It can really change your perspective I'm fine I'm doing it more often on my way into work have been making it my routine. Just when I'm in the car bombing elf like thinking about what am I grateful for today right you and your fiance Cali write it down on sticky note for each other that's a great practice. And we're gonna start to show with it each week on the job and tension so Billy is gonna keep this up today hey Billy and Noonan what's going on. We are giving credit to eating fresh and fruity let's change our mood today okay. I thank god at the one thing all I think IIIR. And our. Act. L alt. Know their attic oh wait. Ought to always upbeat. Even went elk are good at what it. Why is it always. I really want that. You we're thankful for you I'm my own parents and things that. I. I. That doesn't really yeah. A agent do you honestly think you to the interns have yet doing manual labor here in the studio. I do I wanna say thank you to our interns who you are. Diligently organizing our studio I just wanna say I am really grateful for all of you guys that are worked with every day Jeff. David Marino Donna Kelley this team is incredible and handling something like yesterday is not easy it's now we sign a form that you all found the right words to do it and I'm just really thankful to be surrounded by U. As a my Brothers and sisters and I just feel really blessed to work here so thank you. 4047419400. I'm thankful for. Perfect Michelle and the Q is on the night she can add to gratitude refreshing fruity. And all. Right. Give it but he thinks we are today. I think are pretty high tree yet general. I am Orleans. Untapped. Me out my. Daughter came out and it came back here. Me and my other within 24 hours cannot at transgender. And this community is now. Mean. Double the amount. Tripled the eighth day suddenly it hit hard. Horrible scene money. You all around him do you all have friends and family still in Orlando winner Al okay. Are. You for acting and we have right friends. Who lock people and that what part to take it for me I'm backed. Making sure that that hasn't and all that. And that's the nature of me are Ali Spain. That in the gay nightclub Ambac that LG BTQ I eight. Community is forefront and that we're talking about it news. Accepting help my young children. I happened to be Napa high that they are into the crowd and being credits such as small talent. They have let and they evening. Responses. That's not a fan I'm thankful then for their support I am thankful to at radical mom. That's right hey Sam incoming what are you thankful for. My quietly. About every month but Allen. And prepared I'll act well in. Whose fault was it. I didn't. Actually like and I'd like higher. Cotton Bowl. You're okay and he's OKC can be thankful for that CO. I am. And I bet I am actually able to get it back at my card. The. Hope it is it is made that you Collins and no problem in act where the newbie and I say that right. I knew be a welcome to the projection of. I actually grateful sport. May have been an odd and unpredictability. Circling having your past. But it the silver lining is that he gets its home like Eagles and I have to go back or. Wow well. You are thankful for his paternity leave. Yeah outright mean it definitely not expected by. Outward it's like well. And you don't want that that's exactly wide credit trying to freshen pretty as this week we now when you have and you think here you know everything's blah and things are on. Well you can always find something. Back invoke upsetting but to be four right you can always find something. In here if you're going to job that you have to object to exactly right after your favorite job but at least you're getting a paycheck every right every two weeks at new via thank you in and congratulations on you baby thanks for prime in the silver lining and being a part of gratitude he freshen fruity. Are making this glitch and it just shows a certain age girl and.