Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity July 25, 2016

Monday, July 25th


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Strike and slash. On star before I want this silly game but it's a great premise we college grad TV fresh and ready. And the idea is this on a Monday morning especially. You just think about what you're grateful for big about one good thing in your life because even if things are terrible that one good thing. In fact that time we take you have format. Pushes out. The negative. And it just changes your energies and you literally it in the right direction and make a this started because you in Cali do that and stickiness for each other's I wanna know what was on your sticking it this morning. I think I made reference to our weekends we have friends we spent the entire weekend with friends and I was completely stressed remember the last time that all the weird anxiety that goes Avant it's gone maybe it was full moon. But it kind of for the most part it's faded away and is able to have a mindless. Relax again weekend off. Borrow 0404. 74194. Budget you can do this on your own what we would love for you to share what you're grateful for we have guys borrow 4741. 9400 is our phone number gratitude. And equity at camp. So I am always saying about and we had a great family weekend my husband's not my kids are awesome all the tennis that I'm Monica superficial this morning on my parents fresh head and neck around and I've been grateful for having pulled pizza in the raid. So like I did a version is about. And tactic Pete's last night it was like in crest. Perfectly cut. Everybody in the game like yours I today I am grateful for your IP. In an awesome that's very act and just making license and it personable. I need a late night homemade pizza and that. And we had been late drinking those days that might have influenced my a lot of the pizza. But it could be the best thing I've ever ever ever had. It was so and here when he injured. List you know more creative I think it's neat now with some genius. I think there's a lot of cheese involves. A lot of hey Chelsea welcome to the jet engines. What are you grateful for and Griffin this morning. I'm taking my lack nursing school test tomorrow so long years. Stan congratulations. One thing heating oil. Are you ready all I was there all along are about studying. It for cramming an ad that. After he traveled congratulations and thank you for aperture and the chair Chelsea and here a man that in Alpharetta gratitude eat fresh and pretty. Are what are you grateful for. My boyfriend and Rick in my. Wife and so. I had every right. In the leg. I can't think that black hair it Elliot lake not Hitler I think mr. Herrera a ballet. Don't let them hear there. And you know it emotional and your attic and Richard he's. Meant to be. On. And air Sonia and Dallas Georgia. I am grateful. My job. Excellent. You. Donate little school teacher. And you go and back today and Joseph Cobb county and Atlanta public schools. Start to go back to game right. It. Are you middle school teacher. And they get off a little older it will probably. Awesome thank you so much hard work with packet. Important and you. Home of the killer drafts. Oh. I can't in Atlanta welcome to the Jack and. Yeah hey good morning guys yeah I'm grateful for the Japanese and so because he does make me that every morning no matter what happens before. President and. I think you guessed at myself or laugh and you have. How scary well thank you so much and notably general so he Camellia thirty bouts of or certainly. I appreciate back and thank you so much daily aimed at Buford welcome to the jet engines now. Or are they won't back into work every day and they can desperate and the schoolteacher. From that I really enjoy it is watching them on the everyday. Everyday thing. They said awesome and Haley you have to have. So much patience. Oh yeah yeah I'm not on its hourly parking go on and that. I mean all the time now I EP that I write is just. I love it that I'd do it at my job to me. That's incredible. Especially people like you make it make it. Us Sierra one of those rare breeds that really really likes children. And creams not bubbles. And here I'm not. Critical lining and the screaming just doesn't sound the same to her as it does everyone else around at bats and that's. And I enjoy content or they are that they're there every morning. Odds that day you gave me have a great dealer today sort of making us less. Its essence she's out on star and not before one.