Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity - August 15, 2016

Monday, August 15th


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Czar not before one time. During that gratitude he fresher uprooted a little bit of a different time today. Because. If you did not hear the news from a retirement if you have heard it and human. Think it was as an apologist for repeating it but our major cities. In the loop is our boss Tony today. I just share the very sad news that I Jenn hobby found out on Saturday. At her youngest daughter res. Has a cancerous mass. In her pelvic area its rate in her spine. And that really scary part is it's. Getting very dangerously close to important and mirrors them so I'm we have masks a Jen asked us to try to do is normally shows. Possible which I told her we would be able to do tomorrow but today I'm in it. And so we did it when it onto Monday morning rap battle while you're gone through this. But I did think it would be a good radiated view gravity fresh pretty. Beat guys I do you believe the positive energy has ripple effect. Gratitude is certainly positive energy and so maybe those ripples will reach. Jane in grant and Reese or at chill right now. Angles and so let's go around the room broker at first we'll start the JP. But it would be grateful for this Monday morning I'm grip. For my girlfriend Heidi CI she likes the pack a lot of things new weekend Mike like. Eighty wanna go to Nashville Tennessee and go. Hiking in Roberts falls and I'm like. I'm kind of I don't know and I went and I did it this weekend. And man I'm gonna dads do it was also much fine and I got there downtown Nashville and and and last and up and stale Lleyton. Grieve for her you look surprisingly good this morning horror at. I'm I'm so I'm grateful for the back to you made it in today after being in national weekend are yes yes our internal Alexa what are you grateful for. I just hope polished smile last massive solid and mentally and don't you. Kelly cheese woody got. I am really grateful for the girls I work with the soaring and housing market guy it's really important anybody that works in retail right now listening knows. How important a good solid team of people are and I girls. Mellon he. Lazy and now Cassandra and Caroline always back each other out mom help me out more on these things like this and I know that. You know on the New York election harder here at the station it's awesome it just step right no questions asked get stuff done and I'm just so so thankful for them. William in nude in what are you grateful for. I'm grateful for my daughter eight year old that element it's. I could imagine she's going to run down every prayer I had my body for our. Asomugha and I'm grateful to you and I'm grateful were on the radio station and you guys have no idea how awesome. You guys are. I do. Pretty aware that. How would you alliger got a William. Thank you guys that demanded producer David re grateful for. I'm really grateful for my car. I got it back beginning of the year effort and a wrecked and I wasn't too excited about it it because. I had particularly quickly but I think had enough or wreck that wasn't my fault and had to have a rental car and Elena had my car back I appreciated on a home. Got it stopped getting things right yeah honestly I just OK in Gainesville welcome to the channel. Give mining recount. Ray what are you grateful for. Well we have a local going hearing gain build toward that at any team at my leaders and after at sixteen. Check out you carcinoma. Now I don't and Hillary got a ball carrier and chuck. Congratulations. Yeah when it when you do just kept seeing right there Ole awesome congratulations. Mark indicator what are you grateful for. I'm grateful for Emory university in midtown and it lost them at a standard ultrasound. But covered up my child I would not go. Told German survived so did get an emergency C section. That's there are several screen which are and then it straight titles and he had a slew of medical mission very newly we got the deal where he spent three mindset at osu and then they're nick Q. And I'm grateful to both those hospitals that out either that. I went out a little bit. That's awesome which your son's name. Ayers and Mueller. What is it rinsed again slowly. There Aris and that's Mueller rouge. You alert is in fairness. Mueller a Mueller okay no I got it thanks mark. Thanks and amber in Woodstock what are you grateful for. Ungrateful. My kid and my husband will work Harry Potter you were dot I. And lighting broke out I pick I think they have a mob warrior might not turn out my I'm. That's that's awesome thing and you've heard on amber. I am grateful for. Some people here in town who stepped out and helped out. Jane in grant and Reese played there. And that there and vary from one. Are making this wedge to let's just show shall part me are.