Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity 11.14.16

Monday, November 14th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. On starting. Line I've read. Which are grateful for and it could be big. It'd be small. It has to be something positive to take up space in your brain they don't have to deal with whatever then that negative. One play today I'm grateful for all of you guys I love I'm nor. And it's because of the people that we put us in order. He. Let's which I I sign and put all the guys on the list just goes is first and it can't have because then you won't talk to me. On Tuesday. Suggestions and so grateful for you guys and all of your hard work and live and work with you every single day. Hey Kara in Dallas. Pretty grateful. My he has been turned the last six months as and then Florida Panhandle and and failing that an end. I became acting a mom. And taking care of my handicap uncle luck fourteen year my mom and brother has stepped up. And has made it so that I can continue to go to work everyday. And they had taken on my son and my uncle. And they had made it felt that I am not struggling with trying to find a baby and a lot of work and support my family now. That's awesome and they come out and now without them I wouldn't have been able to go to work. And I don't know I would support let it play out. That's great way to to start the day and be appreciative Haley shut in Brookhaven. I am. Oh so very grateful for my two beautiful about it and I and there are AM I can't lingual support I mean come on defend it and people in this world who just want to low. Love each other back yes amen. And that's the most grateful that you can be even have right now. That's awesome he should thank you so much. Hey here and in Chatsworth. Yeah. It would original court today. When I. An apparent in. The ad attacking end of the week and you know a lot he was injured earlier they're greatly lots. Thank goodness he survived everything will be thinking about her and her family. Yeah and what is that people injured and several people kill everybody great and then of course what's his name. My name is Alan. It will be thinking about today basic iron in there and thank you. If you gonna be a part of gravity fresh in fruity 404741. And 9400. It's so who is simple. I JP Kelly chief and many of anything their grave before we got JP yes. My girlfriend gave me nuts she gave me this nut trail mix things that she made by hand. And I've got on the big thing of it today if you want them. JP's not available in its. That was my main you know. That. Suzanne and Logan L log and the dividend. Good morning I am I want are honest people. My son drops. 700 dollars at a store parking lot as the that we can't and wonderful woman about a thing as saying they weren't a lot of trouble to make sure that he got it back she actually just. I found that playing in the parking lot. I'm like who decides that he just cashes a check or something and it out of its market. Yes I mean good god what it blocks right that you don't like to the bank yet DeVon Korea 100 dollar bail ING element pretty much one at a time. And especially when you are a lot of trouble to get that money back to him and so we're real thankful our safety. I'm curious now if you just buying seven. 100 dollar bills floating around the parking lot how do you even start to find the person who owns that. Well he did go back to the door is they didn't want to turn again and at first they tell them that. And she met the comment or been sounded out a talent like out there but she just left her plan number she didn't believe anybody should Lester back now. And I reject back later and then he was able to contact turned it back. That's really cool and good karma coming her way. You. Must there must be the name Susan Page editor if all of these elements. And Alexa and Taylor Rick at what are you grateful for today. I'm and my heart and and I'm I. I'm out yeah I. Think I'd be yeah. And ma in isolation. You know I wish her husband's name. Congratulations Alexa and Isaac and another wreck. Star in 941. That.