Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity 11.07.16

Monday, November 7th


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The engine shop. Credit James fresh and fruity as how we start off every single Monday morning at 7 AM and aids. Just the attitude of gratitude it's it's that way too. Force yourself to think of something you're thankful or even if you have an a really sad day relieved that we gained lousy week ahead. Contentious few days coming out. That your there's always something to be thankful for and we invite you to be a part of it 40474198400. But we don't we start things off we've without our own and I'll start. I am grateful today that by eight dogs stadium Lilly. Are just cool cat because we had a last minute dogs sitting emergency over the weekend when Alex coworkers. Her little dog rocky. And the dogs that are canceled at the last minute and now and she's. Doing rocky. Rick that we've only had just rescued him a couple of weeks ago and Italians and Iraqi command of that and my dogs are so call that a great now. Those that they can bully and getting up on the line and now they were. Also eighty socially out stadium stands out the side. And then Lily and rocky would that grass though and it and rack he's so funny yeah I mean literally. Eight interest policy gets out of accolades he's like tattered white lilies phase in lilies like it doesn't easily. In cities just outward up side is who went on its so weird. And 848 challenging. It was yeah it was a doubt without analog so I was Austin though it is I find what you guys. I am grateful for Saturday and Sunday mornings because our oldest daughter Lauren has to call them mommy mornings I am usually gone in the morning and make it up and get ready for their game Monday through Friday. And so it's really fun on Friday nights when she says. Is tomorrow money morning and I get to say he and so it's just fun just being on home in the mornings and hang out Papademos. You sit out of the back Eddie Jones and Hulu and popping and smoke cigarettes out of favor. If Kathy and Laurence Ville what are you grateful for this morning. I'm no great reader radio station and it actually have a match. I had one ticket in the interim. Awesome. Congratulations. Yeah. My eleven year old daughter brittney and that Berry burst on our amber. I'll let ray lol first concert she's. Bragging rights for ever for that EC. Lady got a OK of course none of our brand and Bobby heard them. I'm the cool mom to get by political opinion they. He hit it's he is about the matter and that he is. So very excited I didn't angrier and yelled out. We're very bad but I liked. And turn on the island am and I. Don't congratulations way to which got a same. Pain and Emma. And in musicals. Ever ever got ya have fun tonight. We don't. Kenneth welcome to the jet intentionally grateful for. Good morning not. I'm grateful for life because I cheers down pat. Add brain surgery and I can very easily not spotlights which they said after surgery in the order surgery so I'm thankful that I'm really another day enabled him to do. You know I'd like. Did in tennis. That's amazing. In this surgeons fix whatever had to be fixed or idea you good to go out. I had a headache that turned into your brain bleed and luckily it was it was caught and the surgeon who has absolutely phenomenal. And I was able to recover. The last couple months faster then let the world and missions. The pilot wanted to move forward and reroute and our prayers. And everything else understand source for arts. As always there when I needed them and certainly that is a major this difficult situation there yet stay. I'm moving in the right direction and I just started working started driving again after the couple not so. And what hospital. I was at what Olson. Oss and that plagued them a shot. I would only that's going to get a really good job for me I was in the the rehab portion of the hospital it and definitely give them shout outs were you know I hope. How hard they work would mean and how they get you back democracy to settle on how to walk again I would do it again I had to learn how to. I'm certain speech therapy to work on my thoughts. So they looked completely but I'm definitely. Killed a lot faster and lot better than people thought. Really giving you talking to us today and awesome you sound great so I'll yeses and thank you for sharing that we witnessed an. And you gradually I know what you say congratulations. Nice worker. And he hundreds or did you keep moving. Key (%expletive) in great shape and welcome to gravity fresh fruity and please tell us about your little superhero. Rice and. And bank it takes your doll and he has I'm kicking duties. And I'll say it are they more on how functioning and that hit main concern is it took me to be. He had thirteen surgery and the lack T. And. He's been Terrell and he's just six years world. It Toby said and beat him back. He would regalia he let let them bother him live in adding you never can you say that we anywhere Aaron. We wrecked eighteen called teen impact. And in their organizations that are at the children that are chronically ill or they are terminally ill. In nineteen and let you know REP. And bright and we're actually just I I and he'd be mature coffee tea and. That's us and how cool. You did very excited. He would never be able to you and doing a that is dating him that teens feeling that he's able to date. That is so cool after twelve major surgeries and everything that he has been through. Now he's just plant the crops. He hit he supported and loved it. That is so awesome thank you for Thomas about price and that's. Sokol LA and I went and as a mom for you to see him so happy and playing out there on the field no matches fills you. You better get back to them than I ever on a eat it we we love it and he actually had it and we had a game. Saturday and explain that they're playing get B I am about to get the light is and I at the professional woman in her. You percent story. Anke he's grateful for you angry are bright and grateful for across the meg yeah. Still ahead this morning we just agenda. IA and keep the cost of gratitude in your head I'll pay me any big stuff like rice and and and it and it can be the smallest and we have tacos later. And she I'll still are.