Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity 10.17.16

Monday, October 17th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. Justin Jan shell hole. Strategy fresh and pretty as a ridiculous name and hopefully makes you smile and start your week with an NC grad. And it really does change your mood if you. Every day. I sort of doing it on the way to work on parity in the car on the way to work and I. I think of one thing I'm grateful for and there are so many once in your mind up to that the list gets longer and longer and longer because it. Sometimes on a Monday morning. When you get a speeding ticket I can be a little bit difficult to dip but. You know are you have things. And it just frustrating you served it. At the beginning of the practice it can be difficult you had just one thing to come up with once you start getting it becomes a regular annual list longer and longer earning just become. More grateful for everyone in your life Amanda you can start us off on this Monday morning. I plan the attack on an eight I got me to grant you. May you rich and happy. On we act. Actually on our way to Florida and. That's not love your check in the mail yeah. And Lee and Amanda I am grateful that you are taking your honeymoon. I got married last week and verses three and yeah. Yeah yeah so you are not driving into a hurricane I'm happy. And actually we're not a Hamas as. We were a little Larry and. And we're out like that that Taylor how it works out car treatment but everything worked out birthday that weekend with birthday. And even at this Barack. Everything is great out. It is that they. A lot of and he. Awesome congratulations. Yeah I've carefully. I hey Greg welcome to the Japanese and Chatham. Hey good morning and what are you grateful for this Monday morning. I'm grateful for my wife Jamie who you know on time this morning so the action yet on the car appointments left on the floor putting in the work and the. All Leo what agreements. Or ornament. I. And she saved you from being in late. We Oz and honor them out ranks drag a Sandra welcome into dozens and show. People it'll. L eight chairman. Our hosts who we. As we what are their names. I'm thankful for your walking. Thank. You for the Al what are you critical history. So many things we were on the phone with our oncologists all weekend long and I was just so grateful she was the one on call. Because we get to talk directly to recent doctor and we have some concerns about and she. Just a wonderful she's got a daughter who's one years old herself that she's very understanding of age that error handling in addition to her diagnosis and so. I I feel like we're best friends now are we were on the final ones this week and she called back to check honors just really caring and loving and I'm I'm really so grateful for her I'm grateful for greet neighbors we have such awesome neighbors and mistreatment so much fun. I'm doing different things that and and now on the front porches and and you know being new babies and I don't know we just had a great neighborhood on body weekend. Our tells I tell my numbers for all 47419400. You can come in with something as significant. As. Having a great oncologist available to you because that's something that Janice thankful for or you can remain a way that something as. Insignificant is mine and mine are that chocolate chip cookies and Goldberg's deli and those could I swear to god they almighty came out. I'm they're just picking up bagels in the morning and I hear from the front of those are. I okay so explain how big are they are getting violent homicides day old aunts and falling and size. You'll only need one. Chocolate chip cookies they're chunky chocolate and it is a little to no chunky chocolate and chunky they're off kind of gui and the best. But real Todd Goldberg ya can't mix them in with the oatmeal raisin army UK is. Yeah mix nothing will ruin your Sunday. And they get about the chocolate chip cookie bottom ranked as the man heaven are roll around mile 11 am in Utah but now eleven man and added the oatmeal raisin. Acronym that direction and I'm grateful for the chocolate ones. 4047419400. That's a phone number back and he welcomed the Japanese and show gratitude he threatened pretty. Hi I'm thankful for my. They know their Brothers served in the Marine Corps. It's a Russell three Brothers tell them thank you so much for their service. Aimed Ito and what what are their names. Many are yeah and in Jakarta and awesome they'll tell them cranked. Andy you never meet a Ray Emery. And she I'll still are.