Graduation Boobs: Great Gift or Too Early?

Wednesday, May 25th


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He's a local call sere and local Shia. What a concept or 8047419. Her current eighty or more. I have a friend he's given her daughters and plastic surgery for graduation. You heard about this. Because a couple of years ago it was quite controversial I don't think it's as controversial as it used to be but now I have a friend who's actually doing okay. Yeah I feel about it can't do what sort of plastic surgery she's getting breast augmentation. For high school graduation positioned eighteen. She's a woman. She can do it she can make this decision. I just to Niger about it as again and I don't really know how to feel about it because. Fish I don't think it would be my choice. But I also. Know. I did I get the struggle so you are having a hard time. Let you because you don't feel it's right for you or your doubters because. At that it at age eighteen yes. But you also respect and if I'm good words in my house that maybe you loss of respect. You are friends ability to make a decision for her adult selfish she's eighteen and her mom to make that decision for. Her. Right well and I noticed a complete getting a little bit conflicted about plastic surgery because on one hand it's like. I feel. What did you love their bodies and we should celebrate women's bodies no matter what they look like can you shouldn't have to augment them to fit some sort of ideal. But then another flip side on the other shoulder I can hear my own voice saying. Governor and I yourself and you can afford it and you wanna feel good. Then do so. I have you know very close friends and family members that have had plastic surgery and they feel better about themselves on like you know what who judge why they did that your. Do poisoning judgment on that I just feels a little bit. It's more strange when it's such a young woman at age 1819 even yourself at that time arguing even capable of making. That's her life altering decision and. Did it make you. And judge or question in your friend. And her judgment. Thirty you know when I answer that may be a little bag but that's why I need some help for 047419. To 400 if you have a strong opinion about this I'd love to hear. Both sides kiss I feel like I've got one voice talking on one shoulder and the different voice talking the other shall pay Ashley welcome to the jet engine champ. Why what's shoulder of jams are you on that. I actually articulate. As it basically peaking at the moment that it by educational that the world hurt that the appearing. You can't hit the idol the court. Yeah I feel I tell you but you're totally voicing. And saying exactly what I was thinking it's former education right she's becoming Smart gradually going off into the world. But here's let me. Play devil's advocate on behalf of any other shoulder actually engine tank. Yes it is saying that. Is allowing her to take an extreme to Alter physical appearance. But. Is it significantly different than. A hair color change. Yeah it's significantly different topic. Of fine arts and putting yourself underserved in anesthesia. And they don't last forever so that means you're gonna have to do a couple of brands of wet what I'm saying is they cheat you guys the argument you're making news she is putting. Appearance above education. And my eyes are. My education by being able to physically altered her body when it in order to like. Feel better with what society's standard OK would it be like to drink why did you not. Put that money towards something that will further her education and make sure that over and I. I faculty. But if they have enough money mean it was she's got a full right scholarship actually Smart girl out. And pay out of Savannah welcome to the champ. What do. So what do you think's advantage you have an opinion on this either way. How should I feel like. You but I do. You know the girl who's just been in place for forty years of her life. Where she had to know you can major in college to the stall tactic over the. I think that she's eighteen now it should be able to do whatever should. You know every mother daughter relationship is different. Oh. It says her mother apparently being out on whatever it is certainly I would probably never do it from my daughter. And I'm me in my opinion and make it different than you and the decision. The go to the election we'll. Hey I hear that kid she is an adult. Hey Ricky welcome to the show. Eric in Smyrna area. Yeah. Iron and yet to be able which is popular culture and their. I didn't like about their analog out you know you weeks. Cheap. Think her body before her body his background. Has spent five years is currently finishing in the I didn't say I want to yeah. So you've really it's more of an age thing. I think it shouldn't. Well like I and it colors that initiative I. Bowling is that it will accept that they all achieved and talk you know I think that definitely have a. Which your opinion be different issues getting it is her college graduation instead of her high school graduation. All of you know over ten feet they'll be going into that she. Who are not her personality. Her group are not hurt future now that you're. And you have the body has says don't wanna say it doesn't that's her decision not bad. If we keep the calls from an enemy runs Iranians are 4047419400. James got somebody and one shoulder saying that it is wrong. It's not for I don't. Yeah this man the other shoulders I think it's her body of her family if they wanna do more power to him and in many different yeah. This when she's on installing a plus it is also.