Gorilla Shooting Controversy

Tuesday, May 31st


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Sort of person in the throws away more bananas than you actually eat. Proud. Divisions gel mornings and. Everywhere you go everybody's talking about the Cincinnati zoo an incident over the weekend where four year old boy was found his way into. The gorilla enclosure. And the gorilla was killed by the zoo officials and everyone. There's a lot of controversy. Behind us you guys I don't understand with the controversies about really don't get. Because there's human life at risk right. He saved the human life and not animal life is headed tragic situation absolutely. Hands down. Tragic horrible terrible abortion have been able to get an heir parent should've not electing to get an Arabic in that event what other option you. Which you don't know that that the human life was you don't know that the human voice was going to die. That's the argument the experts are saying he likely would have no impact. There according to let there I can says they're saying. Can play that day in Ireland to the team. Well personally in your debt child he go to the water was. Are watching your debt because you look at this place on this animal you know about gross debt is and that's something you don't wanna see is so retro trust these animals I've seen a gorilla of the big threats like this wouldn't picture of Coca regular coconut drink Coca takes a hatchet to open it up to the discretion like a marshmallow. Now there's a huge psychological Shelby your question everybody's asking why didn't they do that would you do if someone came to youth and outbid the researchers are probably did research on guerrillas bloody good doctors working on them when they had tried collage of all of a sudden. They don't look starts coming you would notice say the dart into the bottom what would you do in Syria which bowed his head he should dissing golf is bottom. What do you think what happened you would wanna see what would happen so obviously the decision this decision made was the only decision you have given life and yet they're all like everyone. Hey al-Qaeda in Alpharetta what's up. Clean not 100 aren't great. Yeah Connor. About that yeah. Possible couldn't reconcile that. Means your PC. We are captured him at the time saved their lives in the race and then yeah. And it happened on display britney's parents and children department C but at the end. Game your PC. You know not. Let out awhile so why automatic. I. Didn't kill an animal. That is already seen on its own and by the way were already on the board of an inch and that we started. Defending guard and defend against that and because there are millions of children. But not a value human life over an animal life. Hey cam and happens welcome to the show. I'd marry guys. I was just saying and what matters is that all day. Highly intelligent animal captivity and they have performed a relationship. Whitney at a mall and not war. That man and hey hey we need that they. They can bring the baby doll and which are some sort. It there that Corel that. The relationship ormat Robin Williams. And what she found out that rotten blame pat pat she cry. So in order to add creature be that intelligent they should credit relationships strong enough. What that creature to be able to separate him from. Let me let me ask you this in a crisis situation like that they have to make split second decisions. Do you think had they brought in a baby doll and tried to make the exchange and something happened that child. Do you think we'd be having this same conversation. We'd be calling the zoo idiots for not making it smarter split second decision on behalf of the child. If it is unfortunate situation hammy you say that and it this situation is if you would have made a choice the other way without. So build it's it it's a it's different than hostage. Situation it's not like that Guerrero is like. Trying to trade the baby for some snacks war. A helicopter. And a million dollars and small unmarked bills it all right. So if their guerrilla want it to harm the child that gorilla could and but it would dairy in very obvious that railway. What the child because they've. Let it creature. Way. Are now. Can't we all do respects. Like I approved bite you don't know what their rallies. Thinking I mean in the end of the day it's a wild animal. Sure at the end of the day the wild animals that impact. Got an okay failure issues we've zoos. In general. And different and very logical and outline. I just think in that crisis situation I think the Cincinnati zoo did the right Mary and Mary Ann when he got. I act normal pain that this could have been avoided that occur and pretty sure this is the first time and effort. Went inside that endangered species area it is the first and then in the four year old who apparently paying attention. So I think they had better protocol like hey I think it should be decide that it series grade guerrilla. Area. And I think. That would a lot of it has been a lot of people would be understandable that eight city teacher heard an interpret I get. In that. You have that something you absolutely. It. I have phones aren't easing up 404741. And 9400. We would love to hear you arguments on both sides and we haven't even touched on the fact. That that parents are they or their mom the mom who is there. Each sheet of blame in she's she be somehow held. Personally accountable for the loss of this girl. 4047419400. It's darn 841.