Golf Cart Greg Update

Wednesday, May 18th


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She now. Or why it's so excited about this I can't believe I forgot to talk about it more time to get more people listen right now because. This distracted by the giant piece of plastic in my mouth. Brag is that guy whose car I bumped with a golf cart. I didn't know visible damage but he wants me to pay him either 350. Bucks to have the car taken apart and look that. Or he wants me to pay him a thousand dollars and we'll cannot consider a case closed and settled people pointed out that could be considered extortion. Well. When he left a message forming the other day that said hey I'm. I've got lawyers. Plural I realized useful craft that in my hundred messages from people involved in the legal profession saying he has the Natalee stand. So if they called the police they would lack surge and ahead the greatest idea ever is replaying voicemail. Jane say you've got a certain leaving him messages like your phone's cutting out because it'll drive and message and that's it. And you I've seen you do that before like in. Reenacting a phone conversation you actually did. They're dropouts. So it's. It's it really I mean it's a scale but mainly just involves not talking percent yeah what you're gonna like picking back up the conversation like where it would have been later. I was so glad all of our matching it out right so yeah just. In and it's done right got. I. I mean I'm impressed the impressive that. So this is the for and this is James brilliant ideas if she gets all the credit for this. This is the first message I left for him. Yesterday afternoon out couple things. And I recorded myself. Leaving him the messages OK we have to ease your way. He has his voicemail greeting to injuries we've smiled he had this thing and yes that. Saying it's Greg you know what to do it years. And. And tech so that's his way out the you have to hear that every time you call tank so. That rate there that's kind of setting the stage again just. I've just put a background color on my campus you know somebody on our FaceBook page actually posted she thinks this is her cousin yes did you see that our alliance announced just I can't I'm gonna messenger and dividends and caddie and I said so the this is the first message I left for amusing james' theory you have to be tenure and execute them. Hey Greg what's going on its Jeff dollar calling. Just wanna discuss the settlement. I think what I've decided. It is that I well. Tears. That's okay we view let me know either way you have my number of so then a few minutes later I get this back. Hey got your message for your phone cut out. Please call me back when you got a second. Thank you. Tenth time I can't imagine you and your house just jumping for joy every time your phone rings of his number calling you back. Yeah and then I say column back and now this is the sentiments of hey Greg sorry about that bad area. Just trying to lay you know. Why I'm gonna do are gone forward is basically. So hopefully that'll work. Thanks a lot of nice. We did. Every few minutes and and I get this. I heard the first part of your package put up a lot part of your records so can you comment back. Thank you. You guys. Are both just going forth violently is now all of its LA he's not picking up because he wants a court here we'll see but that gathering evidence yet he's scan yeah actually answered a couple of times an hour ahead to hang up and and then the call that immediately. Is he straight seasons table person and he's says hello for about apple ninety seconds before it realizes. That nobody's there so so public and so he did leave me on this massive ones I think you're right it just call me. Maybe the phone cut out what I absurd book called me back you look at. So then so that's his and I called him back in this is when I exit and hey Greg I am really sorry I use that Sam Sam wants settled about about you know. Dead year average he stepped up about. The world. Can wrong. At. Note that segment them. If you hadn't. What an opposite owner some bone. Should be bad reception. How might be better may be called me from that but hold me back you. So I thought he's be polite if he thinks you're going to offer him some money why he thinks he's got to cash in here. Then that even this message. Makes total sense. There is a restaurant called mountain biscuits. They hand make these giant can head biscuit the putt what everyone that sausage eggs would every want. On top of that they sell you ready for this buddy they sell. Deep fried cinnamon rolls haunt you did ever mum all these frogs cinnamon roll. I. It's like wait this guy's hot. Shots. And and. I think I'm confused but alas it is. How are not really sure I understand there were David noted Betemit. Call you back. A column check real cheery. You know that there are some money to Canada. Now understanding of port because I'd really surprise east Oakland so. There is a restaurant called bare bottom it says. Mrs. Sun and really the world and has wall. Where it went. They're just having fun. Just fiance is out of town by the way so he's at home by myself just the dogs yesterday afternoon going back employed as I Anderson thank you like a little kid. I can't so it's. I think line. I called and read the lyrics dials hello to him. And he responded with. There is a restaurant called now. Oh you are right now trying to sedan he responds to my doubt one of this are. If you could please send me an email. This great. Hotmail dot com of course is yes that disaster on Casey. And then this is my final my system. Sun really the world that has walls and those walls have to be guarded by Maine that we've guns. Who's gonna do you won't you Greg I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly add them. You wheat freer car. You encouraged that golf cart you have that luxury you have the luxury of not knowing what I know. Finally got it. I think this is my favorite one. Hey Greg I am really sorry eight years have Sam Sam wants out of about about. About that dead year average he stood up about. Wu. I literally carry you back to town it's. She now.